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Add Status is a recurring ability in the series. It add status effects to a character's physical attack.




Final Fantasy VII

Add Status can appear in the form of the Added Effect materia when paired with specific materia in a linked slot in a character's weapon. This enables the character to attack with various statuses, depending on the level of the paired materia.

List of Materia Combinations:

Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-

Status Strike appears as a support materia, which allows for statuses to be added to attacks, varying on the paired materia equipped with Status Strike.

Final Fantasy VIII

ST-Atk-J enable the player to junction status magic into a character's attack, which will inflict the status at random percentages (1% for every stock of the spell junctioned). Pain is the only spell to inflict multiple statuses. ST-Atk-J can be learned from the GFs Siren, Carbuncle, Cerberus, and Doomtrain for 160 AP, or can be taught to any GF by using the item Status Atk.

Final Fantasy IX

When equipped, there is a small chance when attacking with certain weapons that a status will be added on with the attack. It can be learned by Zidane, Vivi, Steiner, Freya, Quina Quen and Amarant. It is learned from the Bone Wrist, Chimera Armlet, Bracer, Feather Hat, Twist Headband, Glass Buckle and Thunder Gloves for 20 AP.

A List of Weapons' Statuses

Weapon Status
Dagger None
Mage Masher Silence
Mythril Dagger None
Butterfly Sword Silence
The Ogre Darkness
Gladius Slow
Exploda Trouble
Rune Tooth Poison
Zorlin Shape None
Angel Bless Confuse
Sargatanas Petrify
Masamune Doom
Orichalcon None
The Tower Mini
Ultima Weapon Sleep
Weapon Status
Broadsword None
Iron Sword None
Mythril Sword None
Blood Sword Drain
Ice Brand Freeze
Coral Sword None
Diamond Sword None
Flame Saber Heat
Rune Blade Blind
Defender None
Ultima Sword Sleep
Excalibur None
Ragnarok Slow
Excalibur II None
Weapon Status
Mage Staff None
Flame Staff None
Ice Staff None
Lightning Staff None
Oak Staff Slow
Cypress Pile Confuse
Octagon Rod Trouble
High Mage Staff Silence
Mace Of Zeus Mini
Weapon Status
Javelin None
Mythril Spear None
Partisan None
Ice Lance Freeze
Trident Darkness
Heavy Lance Stop
Obelisk Petrify
Holy Lance None
Kain's Lance Confuse
Dragon's Hair None
Weapon Status
Fork None
Needle Fork Petrify
Mythril Fork None
Silver Fork Slow
Bistro Fork Sleep
Gastro Fork Stop
Fist Weapons
Weapon Status
Cat's Claws None
Poison Knuckles Poison
Mythril Claws None
Scissor Fangs Venom
Dragon's Claws None
Tiger Fangs None
Avenger Instant Death
Kaiser Knuckles Trouble
Duel Claws Berserk
Rune Claws Darkness

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