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Adams Air Force Base

other exits: Adams Storage Facility
Air Control Tower
Mobile Base Crawler
factions: Enclave
quests: Who Dares Wins

A hangar at the base.

Adams Air Force Base is a heavily fortified Enclave settlement outside the Capital Wasteland, available in the Broken Steel add-on for Fallout 3. The base can only be accessed through the Presidential Metro and is not accessible before you have reached the appropriate point in the quest line. The base is a separate, new area outside of the Capital Wasteland. It appears to be as big as the locations from the previous add-ons The Pitt and Operation: Anchorage.


Related quest: Who Dares Wins

Main article: Who Dares Wins

During the Who Dares Wins quest the player is sent to wipe out the remaining Enclave soldiers in the Capital Wasteland at Adams Air Force Base. The base contains a mass of Enclave soldiers, as well as standard defenses such as Sentry Bots and Automated Turrets.



Adams Storage Facility

Air Control Tower

Main article: Air Control Tower

Mobile Base Crawler

Main article: Mobile Base Crawler

Notable loot

  • There is a Mini-Nuke, First aid box and some Microfusion cells located in a nook above an awning that is reachable from the roof with a walkway covered in steel colored pipes. During the quest Who Dares Wins this roof will overlook a large number of Vertibirds. When coming from the Presidential Metro, keep moving right, and up some stairs. They are on a green tin awning at the far side of this roof. From the metal housing (with the computer and first aid kits) look right, towards the Vertibirds. The Mini-Nuke and Microfusion cells might not appear after completing the quest Who Dares Wins (Need confirmation PS3).
  • 400x Flamethrower Fuel - There is a holotape regarding flamer fuel that can be found on an Enclave Scientist in the southeast research hanger. The message says that the fuel is located behind the small building due west of the Air Control Tower, beneath a pile of tires and barrels. It's behind the building, near the northwestern-most corner of the area, in a Very Hard locked crate. The scientist with the holotape also carries the key to the stash. The barrels are on top of the crate and you will have to pull 1-2 of them off by pressing down the right controller stick.
  • There is a Mini-Nuke on the double-stacked large crates in Hanger 2B (the one with the covered catwalk patrolled by the Sentry Bot). It is highly recommended to clear out all Enclave personnel in and around the Hanger and catwalk before retrieving it. Then hop onto the roof while walking up the South end of the covered catwalk, enter through the NW hole in the roof and make a running jump (while standing) from the top of the cage to the stacked crates.
  • 2x Mini-Nuke in a corridor of the aircraft hanger with three derelict jet planes inside. One is hidden under a desk, the other is hidden behind a filing cabinet.
  • Lots of Scrap Metal (30+ pieces). It is possible to find more than 100 pieces over the course of the Who Dares Wins quest in and around the base, altogether worth in excess of 1000 caps and at least 500 experience points if you sell them to Walter in Megaton for the Walter's Scrap Metal quest.
  • Lots of medical supplies including Stimpaks and Blood Packs.
  • Enclave Soldier Log #1- located on a small platform behind a large machine, in the alley directly west of the rooftop where the Sector 2 Artillery Note is located. When in the alley and looking northward, turn left (west) and enter the opening between the walls. Following the alley, then climbing the stairs, there is a large machine. A dead Enclave Soldier, a Ripper, 2 Psychos, a couple first aid boxes are all behind the machine, with the Holotape on the Enclave Soldier's body.
  • Lots of weapons in the armory including: an Alien Blaster (and ammo), a Gattling Laser, a Heavy Incinerator (and ammo), a Combat Shotgun among a few others.

After the end of "Who Dares, Wins"


There is an unowned bed in Hangar 2B.


Adams Air Force Base appears in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.

Behind the scenes

  • This location is based on the real-life Andrews Air Force Base and indeed, originally was to be named as such. Evidence of this can be seen in the game files: the architecture meshes are in a folder named andrewsbase.


  • An exploit for unlimited BoS armor, holotags, Enclave armor, ammo, and weapons (including the occasional BoS Paladin equipped with a Tesla Cannon) during the initial assault on Adams AFB. Just before you cross onto the runway after the deathclaw cages, BoS and Enclave troops are seen battling behind the blue pulse repulsion field. You can then cross onto the runway and either kill (bad karma) or wait for the Enclave to kill the BoS troops to collect their items. However, the fallen bodies disappear after about 10 seconds. The troops will respawn when you cross through the wrecked hangar back towards the deathclaw cages. This can be repeated as much as needed. (Xbox 360, Confirmed PC)
  • Sometimes wrecked vertibird pieces hang in midair then drop out of the sky when approached (Xbox 360, Confirmed PC)
  • In the alley that leads to the dead Enclave soldier with the Enclave Soldier Log #1, it is possible to become stuck behind the stairs, requiring either a reload of an earlier save or the use of console commands. (PC)
  • After exiting the Presidential Metro to Adams Air Force Base it is possible to drop underneath the map somewhat and explore outside and underneath the entire Adams Air Force Base. To do this, walk up the cement staircase and turn right imediately after. Then walk on the right side of the wall, near the corner in the middle, which surrounded the previous platform, eventually falling through it. (Xbox 360)
  • Sometimes after saving and exiting outside of the Mobile Base Crawler, upon reloading, The Enclave and BoS soldiers previously killed will come back to life wearing nothing. Killing and searching these soldiers will net more armor and weapons.(Confirmed Xbox360-3 times, Confirmed PC)
  • The "Vault 101 Emergency Frequency (The signal that initiates the "Trouble on the homefront") can be heard from Adams Air Force Base, however it is just dead air.(Xbox 360)
  • Enclave soldiers spawned not wearing their armor, although with it in their inventory. (Xbox 360, PC)
  • Occasionally while attacked by 4 or more Enclave Soldiers the game lags and crashes after a while. (Confirmed on Xbox 360, twice in the first area where you release the Deathclaws)
Broken Steel (add-on)
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