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Final Fantasy IX Enemy
Japanese アダマンタイマイ
Romaji Adamantaimai
Location Forgotten Continent, Lanar Island, Uaho Island
Class N/A
Steal Tent, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down
Item Dropped Potion, Hi-Potion, Echo Screen, Ether
Card Dropped Gargant
Abilities Heave, Thundara, Earth Shake, Limit Glove
Eat Earth Shake
Status Immunity Confuse, Vanish

The Adamantoise is an enemy from Final Fantasy IX. It can use Limit Glove to destroy its opponent in one blow. It is highly recommended to strike its weakness to Lightning-elemental attacks by using Vivi's Thundara spell, as well as keeping the party's HP up at all times to avoid its Earth Shake attack, which Quina can learn by eating the enemy.

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