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This comic, the first of the five DC Comics' Masters of the Universe series, introduces Prince Adam as a brawling, womanizing youth and Teela as the newest member of the Royal Guard. Prince Adam is at a tavern with Cringer when a huge man approaches him, picking a fight. Adam readily accepts this challenge, but Teela breaks it up before it gets serious. Hearing the cry of a falcon, Adam and Cringer bolt off to the Cave of Power, where they meet with the Sorceress in her snake outfit and become He-Man and Battle Cat. Meanwhile, Skeletor inadvertently causes a dimensional rift between Earth and Eternia while trying to open Grayskull, and Superman is sucked through. Superman ends up taking on Skeletor and Beast Man until He-Man, Battle Cat, and Man-At-Arms arrive, where Skeletor then puts a spell on Superman to fight with He-Man. Superman barely disables He-Man temporarily, then stops Skeletor. Afterward, Supes returns to Earth via a space warp.

As a side note, it turns out Adam had already heard about Superman because his mother had mentioned him many times before in telling him about Earth.

Quest for the talismans.

During a festival celebrating the coming of Marlena from Earth 25 years ago, Adam encounters demons sent by Skeletor. Rushing to the Cave of Power, he discovers that Skeletor, not the Goddess, waits for him. He-Man learns that Skeletor has captured the Goddess and in exchange requires three magic amulets representing the sea, the sky, and the cosmos. He intends to use these three amulets to find both halves of the Sword of Power (as He-Man doesn't yet have it). They soon discover that another is on the trail, as demons attacked the wizard Tarrak, taking the cosmos talisman. Meanwhile, the beastmen attack the city of Avion, searching for Stratos. He escapes into the air, only to be followed by the beastmen on dragons, but Tarrak causes him to become invisible and he escapes. Once Stratos lands, He-Man notices his necklace -- the sky amulet!

He-Man's quest for the three talismans continues as he heads into the forest to search for the cosmos talisman that was taken by demons. He comes across his old tribesman friend, Ceril, and then goes on to explain to Battle Cat how he came to know him. It seems that one day Prince Adam was walking through the forest when he came across Damon, a powerful sorcerer, enslaving Ceril's town. During their battle, Zoar appeared and Adam was changed for the first time to He-Man. Subsequently, He-Man defeated Damon and freed Ceril's village. Ceril informs He-Man that he has seen the cosmos amulet and begins to lead him to it. Unfortunately, demons once again appear to stop them, but He-Man makes it to the talisman and secures it, teleporting him to an unknown place. Meanwhile, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Stratos are after the sea amulet. They end up underwater in the Sea of Blackness, only to come across Mer-Man and his people. After a battle, Stratos gains the amulet and the three are transported to the same place as He-Man. Once again, demons attack in the magical realm, but Zodac intervenes just in time and puts an end to the battle. (DC was making a half-hearted effort at unifying the original four minicomics with the "new" He-Man, by telling of his relation to the jungle via Ceril.)

It turns out Damon is still with us, and he was the one causing all the competition for the swords. Meanwhile, Zodac uses the three talismans to teleport the heroes inside Grayskull. At the same time, Skeletor and Damon battle for dominance. Their battle only combines their collective power and opens a portal directly to, coincidentally, Castle Grayskull. Skeletor goes through it, but only after finishing off Damon. Inside the castle, the heroes are presented with several doors, and each leads to dead ends or traps. Teela, arriving in a maze, finally decides to blow open a hole in the floor with her blaster and drops down, finding Skeletor in the process of joining the two halves of the Power Sword. He-Man and Battle Cat also arrive, and a battle ensues. Meanwhile, Zoar rescues the Goddess, only to steal the Power Sword from Skeletor at a key moment. The Goddess appears to the heroes and condemns Skeletor to the same fate he subjected her to, and afterword helps his friends out of some awkward situations.

The stars have ordained to Zodac, the rider of the solar winds, that he must save the life of Skeletor by destroying He-Man. So with that in mind, he appears to the royal court in his sun chariot to appeal to the hero (whom he knows is Adam) to either come to him or be responsible for the destruction of Eternia by way of Zodac's cosmic power. Adam exits from the palace with Cringer by his side to hear the cry of the falcon, whereupon he enters the Cave of Power and transforms into He-Man. There, the Sorceress tells him of Skeletor's search for the other half of the Power Sword (as He-Man does not have it...yet). Meanwhile, Superman is flying near Metropolis harbor when a giant sea creature attacks him. This turns out to be because of a warp at the bottom of both Earth's and Eternia's ocean. After disposing of the monster, Supes follows three glowing spheres to the bottom of the ocean, only to be caught in a vortex and emerge, once again, in Eternia. He-Man has begun to battle with Zodac, who easily matches him. Skeletor recovers the second half of the Power Sword (from its secret location on Earth) and is about to join the two when Superman flies over and grabs both. Skeletor attacks Supes with magic, and Superman gets rid of the two halves by throwing one to He-Man and one at Skeletor. He-Man throws his half into Skeletor's chest as Skeletor electrocutes He-Man and both die. But Skeletor's power enters into He-Man and he rises again, whereupon Zodac tells him that he has cheated his fate.

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  • Although the Masters of the Universe originated from a planet in another universe, possibly even another dimension, they still existed as part of the Earth-One reality. The Masters of the Universe and all of their supporting cast were erased from existence following the 1985-86 Crisis on Infinite Earths limited series and are no longer considered part of canon continuity.
  • DC Comics has since lost the rights to He-Man, but the Superman in this story was the real Superman from the Pre-Crisis DC Universe.

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