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Adam Mitchell
Also known as:
Race: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Home Era: 2010s
Actor: Bruno Langley

Adam Mitchell was a young English researcher in the employ of the American GeoComTex billionaire Henry van Statten in the year 2012. He was very briefly a companion to the the Doctor.



Adam was a genius, having successfully hacked into the United States Department of Defense computers when he was eight years old, nearly causing, in his own words, World War III. He was recruited by Van Statten. The Doctor and Rose Tyler first met Adam in his early twenties. He worked at the time in Van Statten's Vault in Utah where Adam cataloged extraterrestrial artefacts for his employer. When the Dalek Van Statten had "collected" got loose and went on a rampage, Adam found himself running from it along with Rose. At the end of this adventure, Rose asked the Doctor to take Adam along with them in the Doctor's TARDIS as Adam had told her earlier that he had always wanted to see the stars. Rose also found Adam attractive. Despite the Doctor's scepticism about Adam as a potential fellow-traveller, he agreed (DW: Dalek).

Adam's travels with the Doctor and Rose would not last long. Visiting the year 200,000, Adam was overwhelmed by the wealth of information and technology available to him and ultimately gave in to temptation and greed, desperate to gain all the information that the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire had collected, but discovered that only those with the infospike implant could access the data. He had a top-of-the-line computer interface port known as an infospike installed in his head. Unfortunately for 21st century sensibilities, when the implant activated, his head opened up, revealing part of his brain. The implant activated by a snap of the fingers so he could access the future's computer systems and attempted to transmit information back to 21st century Earth using Rose's "Superphone". (Along with the interface port he also got the Vomit-O-Matic for free.)

When he discovered this breach of his trust, the Doctor angrily returned Adam to his home despite much apologetic pleading and destroyed the answering machine which had received the information. The Doctor observed that Adam would have to live a quiet life from now on, lest someone discover the implant in his head and dissect him to find out where it came from. (DW: The Long Game)

At home
After he arrives back home he is met by his mother who, when talking to him, clicks her fingers. When his head opens up she has a look of shock and horror on her face. It is unknown what Adam's fate is after that, but, as the Doctor predicted, he would probably have been discovered and turned over to the authorities sooner or later, due to the vast amount of finger-clicking in modern culture, which is practically unavoidable unless one lives away from other humans until death, not to mention that his secret has already been exposed in his first few minutes back on Earth.

Reference on website

In 2005, the website "Who is Doctor Who?" announced that 14 year old Adam Mitchell had won a competition arranged by Van Statten the previous week. Adam's winning essay on "Why I Want To Meet An Alien" focuses on acquiring advanced knowledge from them ("I don't think it's cheating, really. It's just a shortcut"), foreshadowing both his work for Van Statten and his actions later.

Behind the Scenes

  • Disregarding one-off companions, Adam Mitchell is the only companion from the revived series not included in DW: Journey's End the finale to Series 4 of Doctor Who. Adam is also the only companion of the Ninth Doctor not also to be a companion of the Tenth Doctor. He is also the only companion to be kicked off the TARDIS just one episode after joining the Doctor.
  • Adam is the only known companion to be actually expelled from the TARDIS crew due to bad behaviour.

External links

  • Adam's essay on "Who Is Doctor Who?"
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