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Adam Cunningham was a Human male who lived during the 24th century, working as a journalist and writer. In the late 2370s, Cunningham worked as a junior report for Giles Kilgarriff's Spotlight news agency, operating in the Scorpius Reach. (Star Trek: Daedalus)

Cunningham's career as a journalist began in childhood when he wrote several articles for his town's local paper about the world famous Irish Harp Festival and about the anniversary celebrations of Irish Reunification in 2364. However, it was while reading articles from renowned journalists such as Jefferson Montana, that he decided that he wanted to become a full-time journalist when he was older.

He finally had his opportunity in 2372 when he was offered free-lance work for the Federation News Service. Following the outbreak of the Dominion War a year later, Cunningham found himself appointed as a junior war correspondent working alongside his "hero", Jefferson Montana. Most notably, Cunningham accompanied Montana on his report on Operation Return which was conducted from the USS Crusader. Both reporters survived the Crusader's destruction, but this incident led to Montana's retirement from the service, and Cunningham had to undergo a series of counseling sessions to cope with the trauma.

Following the war's end in late 2375, Cunningham spent the next year traveling to various Federation worlds, including Betazed and Coridan, reporting on the reconstruction efforts and examined the emotional and personal cost of the conflict. His work attracted the attention of Giles Kilgarriff, chief editor of the Spotlight agency on Pharos Station, who offered him a position as a junior reporter on staff. ("Into the Reach", "Hearts and Minds")




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