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3,956 BBY (assumed)

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Old Republic era


Black Vulkars

"Please don't hurt me – I just serve the food here, that's all! I'm not like these others – I'm not even a Black Vulkar."
―Ada to Revan

Ada was a slave girl in the Black Vulkar base on Taris.


Ada's father owed money to Davik Kang. As he was unable to make ends meet Davik had him killed and sold Ada into slavery to cover the debt. She ended up in servitude to the Black Vulkars. She was gravely mistreated by them. She described being "pawed and groped and kicked and spit on" to Revan when he fought his way through the Vulkar base in search of Bastila, encountered Ada, and declared her free. Delighted but nonetheless frightened, Ada fled the compound into the streets. Her good fortune was cut short, however, when Darth Malak gave his order to bombard Taris. Her subsequent fate is unknown but it is a fair assumption that she too died in the destruction.

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Behind the scenes

The player can ask Ada about Bastila Shan and the prototype accelerator, however, she has information that the player probably already knows.

If the player follows the dark side, they can kill Ada, saying it's too risky to leave her alive—although if Carth Onasi is in the party, he will stay the players hand.


  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (First appearance)

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