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An Action Duel is a Duel on the Duel Terminal machines. This Duel is a normal Duel (unlike the Speed Duel), including the Deck Zone, a Removed from Play area, 5 Monster Card Zones and Spell and Trap Card Zones, and a Graveyard. You also may use your scannable Duel Terminal cards.

Action Duel (TCG Version)

An Action Duel mode in the TCG Duel Terminals is not your traditional duel format. You may scan up to 3 Duel Terminal monster cards, or have the computer choose for you, and then "Duel" against a computer player that will use three monsters from their deck.

Both players summon monsters and then play mini games to fill a attack bar consisting of 2 colors. The better you do in the mini game, the easier it is for you to perform a powerful attack.

Once the mini game is complete, your score is added to your bar. This bar is filled with a red and yellow bar, starting from the center and expanding out. You then determine how strong your attack is. A line will move back and forth across the bar, and pressing A will stop it. If it lands on red, you make a successful attack, yellow, a powerful attack, and if you land in the unfilled portions, a miss. This is repeated until you get 5 results, with each time your red and yellow bar becomes thinner and the line becomes faster.

As for the actual "Duel", the results will be compared one at a time, with the monster with the best out of 5 being the victor. This process is repeated until a player wins 2 out of 3.

List of Mini Games

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