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Series: The Original Series, No. 88
Author(s): Pamela Sargent & George Zebrowski
Publication information
Published: Paperback - October 1999
Pages: 217
ISBN: ISBN 0671019899
Date: 2267


Introduction (blurb)

The Hawking left Earth during the 21st century on a one-way mission to colonize a distant world. Due to the relativistic effects of pre-warp travel, its crew has aged only thirty years while two centuries have passed outside the ship. When the Starship Enterprise comes to the rescue of the malfunctioning Hawking, the colonists find themselves thrust into a universe and an era that has left them behind.

Captain Kirk intends to help the colonists adjust as best he can, but the task is not a simple one. The newcomers are survivors of a more violent, more paranoid time -- and they have brought old suspicions, and an ancient weapon of mass destruction, into a world of unexpected challenges and dangers.


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Christine Chapel; Pavel Chekov; James T. Kirk; John Kyle; Leonard McCoy; Montgomery Scott; Spock; Hikaru Sulu; Nyota Uhura


Muhammad Alagbe; Teressa Allis; Nasser al-Aswari; Leander Cortés; Ivan Darmer; Dmitri Glakov; Farley Longstreet; Trent Ojuremi; Ruchi Padma; Isaiah Ritchard; Ilsa Soong; Emo Tannan; Geraldine Tinko; Laure Vidor; Dawn Voth; Messanga Watson; Rachel Zlatopolsky


Banta; Matthew Decker; Dostoyevsky; Albert Einstein; Mikhail Glakov; El Greco; Tabib Hanse; Marla McGivers; Galvin O'Shea; Nguyen; Xavier Rodriguez; Khan Noonien Singh; Shirley Spencer; Anthony Tikriti; Kembo Turner


Starships and vehicles

Aleksandr Lebed; SS Botany Bay; Columbus; USS Enterprise (Constitution-class); Doomsday Machine; USS Hoyle; Victoria; Stephen Hawking


Bakundi; Canada; Ceti Alpha V; Earth; Gombé; Gorky Street; Kainji Mountains; Jalinga; Merope IV; Moscow; New Biafra; New Ibadan; New Niger; New Yoruba; OK Corral; River Nile; Russia; Shaku; Temba River; Yakuro Plaza; Zagorsk

Races and cultures

Human; Meropean; Vulcan

States and organizations

Alim al-Reyham Primary School; Federation; Federation Council; Ibadan City Council; Starfleet; Starfleet Academy


2038; 2227; 2231; 2257; Africa; automobile; biobed; biomass; captain; cat; chess; chief medical officer; colony; commander; commanding officer; commodore; communicator; doctor; engineer; ensign; First Citizen of Merope IV; first officer; gymnasium; hangar deck; infirmary; Kainji nightingale; lieutenant; lieutenant commander; limousine; medical tricorder; nightingale; ornithology; phaser; physician; pine tree; planet; quantum gravitational-impulse power drive; radio; science officer; Scotch; shuttlebay; shuttlecraft; sickbay; star; star system; tank; tea; thermonuclear bomb; tractor beam; transporter; tricorder; truck; trumpeter swan; uniform; university; viewscreen; wine; World War III


Related Stories

"The Doomsday Machine"

The star system that the Stephen Hawking was originally heading toward was destroyed by the Doomsday Machine either during, or before, this episode. Commodore Matthew Decker's sacrifice was also seen in this episode.

"Space Seed"

The USS Enterprise's discovery of the Botany Bay and first encounter with Khan Noonien Singh was chronicled in this episode.


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  • Also published as DC Universe: The Stories Of Alan Moore.
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