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Ackbar Slash

The Ackbar Slash was a space warfare tactical maneuver devised by Admiral Ackbar. It involved a fleet's ships forcing their way into the middle of an enemy formation. The desired result was that, with enemy gunners running a high risk of shooting their own forces, they would be hesitant to fire. The other side would have no such risk, and be able to cause higher damage to their enemy. If the enemy ships did choose to fire, the risk of them hitting each other still worked to the advantage of the attacking fleet. In addition, the enemy ships in this situation could usually bring no more than half of their weapons to bear, while nearly all of the weapons on the ships executing the Ackbar Slash could be used, as there would be enemies on both sides to target.

There also have been instances whereby starfighters have used the same tactic when outnumbered.

Behind the scenes

This tactic bears a striking resemblance to real-world Admiral Horatio Nelson's actions at the Battle of Trafalgar.


  • X-wing: Wraith Squadron (Mentioned only)


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