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Real Name
Helmut Halfing
Current Alias




Agamemnon (Father)
Unnamed wife (deceased)
Unnamed son (deceased)
unnamed daughter (deceased)
unnamed daughter (deceased)
Unnamed foster parents (mentioned only)


Base Of Operations





Marital Status

Pantheon Operative

Place of Birth

First appearance
Last appearance

Incredible Hulk #379
(March, 1991)
Incredible Hulk #425
(January, 1995)



Helmut was a son of Agamemnon, Born in Germany, 1909, a Jew and a survivor of the Holocaust. He was recruited by Agamemnon to serve as an operative for the Pantheon. Helmut and his family were captured by the Nazi's. When they tried to tattoo Helmut the needle broke. Helmut's wife and three children were gassed in the German concentration camp Dachau. Achilles realized he was immortal when he was gassed and thrown into a mass grave containing the corpses of the other victims of the camp. Agamemnon recruited Helmut near the end of World War II while Agamemnon was on one of his hiatuses from the Pantheon which he usually takes every 50 years or so. Helmut took the name Achilles due to his powers, Helmut became a member of the Pantheon's elite fighting team, often participating in field missions.

Achilles was the one who recruited Walter Charles into the Pantheon becoming his mentor. Agamemnon had ordered Jason to murder the original Ulysses. Achilles took the job instead and arranged for Ulysses and Walter Charles to find Nathan Taylor (Paris) during the Watts Riots in 1959. Achilles used a Pantheon weapon to kill Ulysses. Achilles then ensured that Walter would take Ulysses's codename and place within the Pantheon.

Achilles resented Agamemnon inviting the Hulk to join the Pantheon. Achilles weakness turned out to be low level gamma rays. Achilles began a romance with fellow Pantheon member Atalanta. Paris ensured that Achilles and Atalanta would be caught by the mentally disabled Ajax who had feelings for Atalanta.

When it was discovered that Agamemnon had betrayed the Pantheon only Achilles stayed loyal to Agamemnon. Agamemnon died during a duel with Ulysses.

Powers and Abilities



Helmut possesses a high degree of invulnerability. Helmut's skin, soft tissue, and skeletal structure is more dense than normal and provides him with increased protection from physical damage, allows him to heal faster than normal, and retards the effects of aging.


Helmut is sensitive to a specific low-level gamma radiation, such as was found in the body of the Hulk, which breaks down his invulnerability.



Often, he wears a personal combat suit made of an unknown metal, increasing his strength.


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