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This article is about the Imperial Star Destroyer. You may be looking for Emancipator, the CR90 corvette, or Accuser, the Class 720 freighter.
Accuser / Emancipator
Production information

Kuat Drive Yards


Imperial II-class Star Destroyer[1]

Technical specifications
Modified systems

1,600 meters


10 ABY

Present for battles/events

Tycho Celchu[3]


Firmus Piett

Originally named the Accuser, this warship was one of two Imperial-class Star Destroyers captured by the Rebel Alliance after the Battle of Endor, when it was boarded by Rebel forces under the command of Han Solo and Judder Page.

Renamed the Emancipator, this ship went on to serve in the Rebel fleet, and later the New Republic fleet.




Imperial service

Before its capture, the Accuser worked as a patrol ship in the Imperial Starfleet. It was extensively modified in order to operate at optimal speed during a crisis, and also fitted with a proton beam cannon.[2] Accuser was captained by a crew experienced in monitoring the shipping lanes and port traffic of the Empire. Tycho Celchu served as a TIE Fighter pilot aboard the Accuser prior to his defection following the destruction of Alderaan.

During the blockade of Yavin 4, it was captained by Firmus Piett under the command of Admiral Griff. Following the Battle of Hoth, Piett returned to Accuser, but now as Fleet Admiral, as he was briefly reassigned there to lead the fleet while the Executor, under the command of Captain Kallic, escorted Lord Vader back to Coruscant. When Bothan operatives gathering information on the second Death Star returned from the Endor construction site hidden aboard civilian cargo vessels, Accuser and the Interdictor cruiser Grappler pulled the convoy out of hyperspace in search of the spies. A quick deployment of X-Wings launched from the cruiser Liberty was able to neutralize the Interdictor, and in desperation, Accuser began firing on the civilians, in an attempt to get them to halt. However, Accuser was unable to prevent the information the Bothans carried from reaching the Alliance.[4]

New Republic service

The Accuser participated in the Battle of Endor, where it was captured by Rebel forces, along with the Adjudicator.[5] Planning to use these ships to infiltrate Imperial territory and instigate conflict between the various feuding Imperial factions, the Rebels sent their two captured Star Destroyers to the Hast Shipyards for refitting.

Before the refit began however, the ship, renamed Emancipator, was placed under the command of Admiral Ragab, and led the New Republic forces at the First Battle of Borleias. At Borleias, the Emancipator attempted to use its turbolasers to knock out the Imperial base's shields. However, this plan was foiled when General Evir Derricote reinforced the shields with the use of an Alderaan Biotics facility. Emancipator was hit by an ion bolt during the battle, but was able to withdraw. The ship later served in the Republic fleet that liberated Coruscant later the same year.

After this, the ship was being upgraded to be used in the Borderland campaign between Republic and Imperial space. However, an attack on the shipyards, and later Grand Admiral Thrawn's campaign against the New Republic, delayed the activation of this ship for five years. When the Emancipator was finally put back into service, it boasted a number of improvements, including six proton torpedo launchers, improved sensors, a faster Class 1.5 hyperdrive, and reduced crew and gunnery requirements.

In 10 ABY it fought at the Battle of Coruscant (where it carried Rogue Wing) and led the New Republic fleet at the First Battle of Mon Calamari. Kane Griggs served as its navigator and Zev Veers was its chief gunner. At Mon Calamari, Emancipator destroyed the Super Star Destroyer Allegiance and launched an X-wing and V-wing attack upon the Empire's World Devastators. This attack failed, and one of the World Devastators, Silencer-7, consumed Emancipator.[6]

Behind the scenes

Star Wars: X-wing Alliance and X-wing: Isard's Revenge both classify the Accuser as an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer, while Star Wars: Behind the Magic describes the vessel as a "standard Imperial Star Destroyer."


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