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The options screen.

Accept Aid is a button within the Options screen that lets other players aid the player especially with Magic spells, and allows certain actions that require the player's consent.


Magic spells

Accept Aid allows Magic spells such as Tele-other, Cure Group (from the Lunar spellbook) and any other group spells to work on the player. If this is turned off, the spells will not work for the particular player who has Accept Aid turned off.

However, with Accept Aid on, players may be distracted by Tele-other attempts during awkward times, such as during a difficult combat. Therefore, it is safer to leave Accept Aid off unless the player is with trusted friends. Also, Tele-other spells can be used for luring, which is a reportable action.

Barbarian Assault

Main article: Barbarian Assault

Accept Aid is also used in the Barbarian Assault minigame. While in the waiting room, players may request to recruit another player to join their team. However, only those with Accept Aid will be able to be recruited.

Gnomeball and Cabbage


Cabbage - 4/1/09

If a player had accept aid on, another player may have thrown a cabbage to that one player. Although, if that player had decided to turn his/her accept aid off, the other player could not have thrown the cabbage, and the player would receive a message stating they have accept aid turned off. Hands must be free to throw cabbages.


The gnomeball would react the same way.

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