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Series: Deep Space Nine
Miniseries: Section 31
Author(s): Jeffrey Lang & David Weddle
Publication information
Published: Paperback - 26 June 2001
Pages: 292
ISBN: ISBN 0671774832
Omnibus: Twist of Faith
Date: 2376

Cover of the German re-release in 2010
For other uses, see Abyss (disambiguation).

Bashir is contacted by Section 31 once again, and leads Ro, Ezri and Taran'atar on a dangerous mission to stop a fellow "superman" who has installed himself as the Khan-like leader of a group of Jem'Hadar.



SECTION 31™ They are the self-appointed protectors of the Federation. Amoral, shrouded in secrecy, answerable to no one, Section 31 is the mysterious covert operations division of Starfleet, a rogue shadow group commited to safeguarding the Federation at any cost.

Mere days after the startling events of AVATAR, Dr. Julian Bashir faces his darkest nightmare when Section 31 compels him to undertake a mission to stop one of their own. But this renegade is no ordinary agent. Like Bashir, Dr. Ethan Locken is genetically enhanced, a human superior in body and mind. But Locken dreams of remaking the galaxy in his own image -- and creating a new human empire based on the example of the infamous Khan Noonien Singh.

And as he begins to understand the terrifying truth about his opposite number, Bashir will learn more about himself than he ever wanted.




Following the disastrous assault on space station Deep Space Nine by the renegade Jem'Hadar vessels, Lieutenant Nog has Empok Nor towed to the Bajor system in order to obtain its fusion cores to replace DS9's own. The dangerous procedure prompts Colonel Kira Nerys to order an evacuation of all but the most essential personnel.

Doctor Julian Bashir and Ezri Dax decide to leave for Earth during their forced time off. After checking in with Ezri, Bashir returns to his quarters to obtain his travel bag, and finds Section 31 operative Cole awaiting him with a secret mission on their behalf. Cole outlines the backstory of a fellow genetically enhanced Starfleet officer, who became a Section 31 operative but betrayed them in the closing days of the Dominion War.

Section 31 discovered a Jem'Hadar hatchery that was never fully brought online on the world of Sindorin in the Badlands, and believed they could resequence their DNA to create soldiers loyal to the Federation, believing that the next major conflict would not be long in coming. Ten weeks prior, Locken was dispatched, and initial reports indicated he had been able to bring the machinery online and produce hundreds of soldiers. Bashir is tasked with stopping Locken's plans before they are set into action.

After his meeting with Cole is complete, Bashir briefs the other senior staff of the station. Lieutenant Ro Laren confirms that the Maquis were interested in Sindorin due to an unusual mineral in the soil and flora which naturally blocks sensor scans. Ezri insists on going with Bashir, and Kira assigns Ro and Taran'atar to join them. Commander Vaughn seems them off, and warns Bashir to just perform the mission, and not look for information to try to take down 31.

The team takes the runabout USS Euphrates and winds an indirect route into the Badlands, finding a derelict Romulan N'renix class starship whose crew was brutally murdered and left as a warning to those who would follow. A prerecorded message from Locken insists they are trespassing on sovereign territory of the New Federation. After setting the core to overload to destroy it and prevent the Romulans from suspecting Federation involvement, the runabout enters the Badlands and approaches Sindorin, where it is engaged by a vessel of mixed technology and shot down. Ro and Taran'atar are able to escape via transporter before the vessel crash lands on the surface.

Ro and Taran'atar are able to make contact with the Ingavi, a transplanted species Ro and the Maquis met many years ago. Taran'atar scouts the enemy Jem'Hadar and finds them weak and improperly trained; the Ingavi agree to join an assault on the Dominion base. As they form ranks and make their way through the forest, Ro is shown what used to be an Ingavi sacred space, and now unholy ground, as Locken slowly and meticulously killed their children by nailing them to trees and watching clinically. They are able to find the runabout, still in reasonable shape, and plan to use it. Ro is able to get the runabout off the ground, but Taran'atar is captured.

In the base itself, Bashir and Ezri awake in a holding cell, where Locken meets them and invites them to dinner, where he attempts to show off all he has accomplished - synthesizing a version of ketracel white, advances in cloning technology including steps towards memory transfers, and manufacturing his loyal Jem'Hadar soldiers. After dinner, Bashir plays the part of being interested in Locken's work in order to gain his confidence. Once away from Ezri, Locken is overconfident in his swaying of the Doctor, and shows off his other work - genetically engineering a prion which can infect any organism with a central nervous system. He plans to shoot a missile at a Romulan world, then several more later, his calculations suggesting that the entire population will be infected. The Romulans will believe the Federation behind the attack, and the two will enter a conflict, drawing in the other quadrant powers to severely weaken them.

With Locken distracted, Ezri is able to escape her cell with a combadge circuit that Bashir was able to salvage and hide until he could pass it to her. Once out of the cell and into the ventilation system, she makes her way through the compound and finds the ketracel white plant, where she attempts to make modifications to the formula to placidate them. Locken finds the modified behavior and suspects Bashir; returning to his personal quarters where he left the Doctor, he finds Bashir hunched over the computer, working frantically.

Locken is furious, and launches the first missile at the Romulans ahead of schedule. Unable to break the encryption around the launch controls, Bashir had instead altered the orbit of the weapons platform, which the missile explodes against harmlessly. Bashir also points out that Locken's trusted companion at his previous posting was none other than Cole, who has orchestrated this entire event. The main assault against his facility continues on outside, the Ingavi having moderate success against the drugged Jem'Hadar. However, the modifications have altered more than Ezri expected; their loyalty to Locken has faltered, and he is killed at their hands. Their First has Taran'atar seal a set of doors, trapping them all inside, where they will kill each other.

The mission complete, Bashir expects to be able to try to locate information to implicate Section 31 and finally take them down. However, a night cleaning crew from Section 31 arrives, led by Cole himself. The data is lost completely, and the compound is destroyed as the runabout escapes. Back at Deep Space Nine, Bashir confronts Vaughn, beliving him to be aware of Section 31's actions. Vaughn reveals he's been attempting to fight them, the same as Bashir, for many years now. Through his connections, he was able to steal the holoship, and works to re-transplant the Ingavi back to their homeworld, now a Federation protectorate.





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Referenced: USS Aldebaran | USS Defiant | USS Enterprise | USS Enterprise | USS Gryphon | USS Rubicon | USS T'Kumbra | Venture | Wayfarer | USS Yangtzee Kiang

Starship classes

Referenced: Akira-class | Excelsior-class | Nebula-class


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States and Organisations

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"... but, people die all the time. It's simply a question of how many, who they are, and, sometimes, how they died. That's what my colleagues and I try to do: keep the numbers as small as possible, make sure the right ones don't die, and keep the suffering to a minimum."

-Cole explaining Section 31's goals

"Most Jem'Hadar go their entire lives without ever seeing a Founder, but the Vorta are there every day - watching, prying, sneering. You all look like Vorta to us: humans, Klingons, Romulans, Bajorans, Vulcans - some of the Jem'Hadar who fought in the war said it made killing you more satisfying."


Steppoing close, putting his face in Taran'atar's, the First hissed, "I am not a soldier. I am not a servant. I am a slave, but at least I know it. Why don't you?"

-Jem'Hadar first, questioning Taran'atar's blind obedience to the Founders

"It's hard to measure such things, but, yes, I believe my faith is very strong."
"How did it get to be so strong?" Taran'atar asked. "How can you... not doubt?"
"I do doubt. Every day, I doubt everything. I doubt that I'm doing this job right. I doubt that I'm a good and decent person. I even doubt that we'll all be here tomorrow. I doubt, and doubt, and doubt. But through it all, I draw strength from the idea that the Prophets are weaving a tapestry in which my life is a thread, and that my faith helps bring me closer to understanding my part in the whole. It's become my belief of late that the Prophets have no use for blind devotion. They want us - their people - to question our beliefs every day, because the only way our faith can grow stronger is by having it challenged." Kira stopped then, slightly embarrassed. "Does any of that make sense?" she asked.
Taran'atar mulled it over. "This," he said at length, "is all very paradoxical."
Kira shrugged. "At best," she said, "it's paradoxical. On bad days, it's just complete nonsense."

-Kira and Taran'atar, discussing faith

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Final Fantasy

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Abyss may refer to:

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Image of Abyss
Billing information
Ring name(s)
Height 6 ft 5 in
Weight 350 lb
Born October 4, 1973
Hometown Parts Unknown
Theme music "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour
Federation(s) Wrestling Society X
Brand(s) Smackdown
Previous federations
Wrestling information
Role {{{role}}}
Gimmick Psychotic monster
Alignment Heel
Wrestling style
Finisher(s) Black Hole Slam
Shock Treatment

Chris Parks (born October 4, 1973) is an American professional wrestler. He currently wrestles on the Smackdown brand of Wrestling Society X (WSX) as Abyss.

Wrestling details

  • Primary Finisher
    • Black Hole Slam (180°, 270°, or a 360° spinning side slam - sometimes onto weapons)
  • Secondary Finisher
    • Shock Treatment (Sitout backbreaker rack drop)
  • Signature Moveset
    • Chokeslam
    • Superbomb
    • Big boot
    • Military press dropped into a flapjack
    • Overhead belly to belly suplex
    • Running corner body splash
    • Running hip attack to the head of an opponent seated and leaning against the bottom turnbuckle
    • Sidewalk slam
    • Spear
    • Twisting chinlock
  • Nicknames
    • The Monster
    • The Immovable Force
    • The Weapon of Mass Destruction
  • Theme Music
Wrestling Society X<span/> roster
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Female wrestlers Abbey Rose
Other talent HornswoggleJack SparrowJohn StabMulletTim SydalTraci Brooks
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Female wrestlers Awesome KongTaylor Swift
Other talent Joey RamoneKing HarryMr FujiLilian GarciaShane McMahonTazmaniac

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This article describes the Abyss location. For the related miniquest, see Abyss (miniquest). For the separate area reached by Fairy rings, see Abyssal Area.

The Abyss is a special region that provides access to all the Runecrafting altars, besides the Soul and Astral altars. The Abyss consists of two rings, a dangerous outer ring in a multiway combat zone and a safe inner ring with rifts leading to the Runecrafting altars. The Abyss is also dangerous because players who enter the Abyss are skulled, unless they are wearing a Forinthry brace. Furthermore, upon entering the Abyss, players will have their Prayer points drained to 0, unless they have an Abyssal Summoning familiar summoned. Abyssal familiars slow down the rate that prayer is drained by, but do not totally prevent it.


Abyss miniquest

See main article: Abyss (miniquest).

To begin Runecrafting through the Abyss, you need to complete the Abyss miniquest. Once finished, a player will have access to the Abyss via the Zamorak Mage who wanders about in levels 4-7 Wilderness (see below), as well as their first runecrafting pouch.

Lost & Found office

The Lost and Found office.

Among the random events that were not discontinued, the Lost & Found office is one of them. It could be triggered while you were teleporting, at least by teleport spells of your own or the teleport spells of the Wizards to the secluded Rune essence mine. You would slip into the Abyssal plane due to an error in the Gielinorian teleportation matrix, and only by pulling the correct switches could you escape and proceed with the spell. You would be compensated for the inconvenience, through either runes or rune essence, depending on the nature of the teleport. During this time, you could not access the other areas of the Abyss. It should be noted that, according to the Abyssal book, this event was what caused the Abyss to be accessed by the Mage of Zamorak and his organisation in the first place.

This random event has since then been changed and players now receive a mystery box just like all other random events. This event is now not only triggered by teleportation but also by regular game play.


The different paths to the Abyss.

To enter the Abyss located north of Edgeville, the player needs to complete the Abyss miniquest. Once players have done the Abyss miniquest, use the 'Teleport' option on the Mage of Zamorak north of Edgeville in level 4 to 7 Wilderness to enter the Abyss.


  • Once in the Wilderness, players should run until they reach the Zamorak Mage.
  • The fastest way to reach the Abyss is to use the red track.
  • As revenant ghosts (see below) may wander near the Zamorak Mage, the yellow track can be used as another way to reach the Abyss, although it will slow down the Runecrafting process.


Other notes:

  • Inside the Abyss, a player is not in the Wilderness any more, and can't be attacked by revenants. However, if a revenant attacks immediately before a player enters the Abyss, the attack can hit after the player has been teleported inside, due to lag. Also note that if teleblocked by a revenant before entering, using the 'Teleport' option on the Zamorak Mage will still take you to the Abyss; this will also clear your teleblock.
  • Wearing a Forinthry bracelet when entering the Abyss allows a player not to be skulled, though the player's prayer is still drained to zero.
  • When attacking monsters in the Abyss, a player receives half of the experience that she/he would receive when fighting outside of it, making it a very inefficient place to train.
  • After being in the Abyss for quite some time, your skull disappears.

Inside the Abyss

The interior of the Abyss is roughly circular, with an 'inner' and 'outer' ring. After the player is teleported by the mage into the outside ring, they will have to find a way through to the 'inner' ring where the rifts leading to the runecrafting altars are.

The Dark Mage, deep in concentration!

Outer Ring

The outer ring is a multi-combat zone where there are a lot of Abyssal monsters:

These monsters can hit over 10 (with the exception of the leeches, which hit a maximum of 2), although they most often miss as long as the player has some decent defence (65+) and wears some basic armour like Dragonhide armour, or armour from the 'strategy' section. However, they should still not be underestimated because, due to their high number, a player in the Abyss may take several hits per second. It should be noted that, failed or not, no damage is taken from these monsters during an attempt to pass through to the inner ring. Minimising time between attempts can increase the chances of survival.

Access to the inner ring is gained by using different skills to bypass different obstacles:

Upon entering the Abyss one always appears near the mining obstacle or the agility obstacle. With a high mining or agility level, this can be used to one's advantage to train more efficiently. An alternative to the agility obstacle is to proceed past the agility obstacle and pass via the thieving obstacle. An alternative to the mining obstacle is to proceed past the mining obstacle and pass via the woodcutting obstacle.

These obstacles have their location generated upon arriving in the abyss and can be in different locations for different players at the same time. Passing them gives 25 xp in the required skill. The higher the level of the player in the corresponding skill, the higher the chances of passing the obstacle (the chances of passing are approximately skill level/99).

The inner ring of the Abyss.

Inner Ring

There are no monsters in the inner ring of the Abyss. There are rifts leading to every Runecrafting altar (except the Astral altar) there, which makes the Abyss useful for crafting a lot of different types of runes very quickly. Talismans, Tiaras or Staves are not needed to access the altars via the rifts. The following restrictions still apply:

  • The Cosmic rift cannot be accessed until the Lost City quest has been completed.
  • No weapons or armour can be taken through to the rift to the Law altar, as it's located on Entrana. This includes pickaxes, hatchets, any Explorer's Ring, familiars, and scrolls!
  • The Death altar requires the quest Mourning's Ends Part II to be completed.
  • The Blood altar requires the quest Legacy of Seergaze to be completed.

There is an unusable rift for the as-yet undiscovered Soul altar, implying that this rune will be craftable in the future. The official RuneScape Knowledge Base has stated that the rift cannot "be used as of yet."

There is a Dark mage standing at the centre of the inner ring (yellow spot on the minimap), maintaining the rift so the ZMI can use the Abyss to craft runes. He will repair players' Runecrafting Pouches for free.


Main article: Pouch (Runecrafting)

Pouches come in four types - Small, Medium, Large, and Giant. The small pouch will be obtained from the Zamorak Mage upon completion of the Abyss mini-quest and you can always get the small pouch from him later on if you drop it or lose it. All the pouches are dropped by the creatures in the Abyss and the Alternate Abyss as well. Since the release of the Runecrafting Guild, you can now also obtain some pouches from the Wizard Korvak. He can replace lost medium pouches for free and will repair any others that need it though his repairs will cost a fee (It is suggested that players visit the dark mage to repair pouches, as he will repair your pouches for free). The Wizard Korvak's repair costs are: Large pouches for 9000 coins & Giant pouches for 12000 coins. He also sells Large pouches for 25000 coins & Giant pouches for 50000 coins. No matter where you choose to obtain your pouches, you can ONLY get one of each size and all the pouches are untradeable. If you try to pick up another pouch, the message: You do not need another small/medium/large/giant pouch. In addition, all pouches will automatically be destroyed on death (they have a white outline in the 'Items kept on death' interface). For this reason, if a player finds him/herself teleblocked and entangled by a revenant and losing hitpoints fast, they should immediately drop all the pouches they are carrying. This way, when you die, you can bank, grab your Amulet of Glory, teleport to Edgeville and pick up your pouches before they disappear.

Image Type Level Req'd Capacity
File:Small pouch.png Small pouch 1 3
File:Medium pouch.png Medium pouch 25 6
File:Large pouch.png Large pouch 50 9
File:Giant pouch.png Giant pouch 75 12

Pouches degrade with use. The biggest pouch will degrade first. If a giant pouch is being used, 11 trips may be done with the Giant pouch at full capacity before it degrades on the 12th trip . More specifically, the Giant Pouch will degrade after 135 essence have passed through it. Clicking on the pouch when it is already full of essence does not degrade the pouch, contrary to what many people believe.

When any pouch degrades, the result is that the pouch will carry fewer essence than before. After the first degrade, the giant pouch will hold 9 essence instead of 12. If a degraded pouch continues to be used, the pouch will degrade further, further reducing the number of essence that can be held in it. Eventually the pouch will not be able to hold any essence and will degrade completely.

When a pouch degrades it will darken in colour, and the player will receive a message in their chatbox alerting them to the fact that their pouch degraded. Pouches can be repaired by speaking to the Dark Mage in the centre of the Abyss. He will repair pouches whether they have visibly degraded or not. It is possible to visit the Dark Mage every 11th trip to repair pouches so that the pouches may always be used at full capacity. However, it may be difficult to remember to keep track of which trip is the 11th trip, so it is common for players to just go to the Dark Mage after the Giant pouch has visibly degraded, crafting 3 fewer essence on that trip.

Pouches can also be repaired even when they are stored in a bank, so they don't have to be carried in the inventory when talking to the Dark Mage.

Any pouch that gets dropped may be picked up by the player who dropped it (within three minutes), however, all the essence that was contained within the dropped pouch will be gone forever.



The following items should be taken on every runecrafting run:

Due to the inherent nature of the Wilderness, players should find the right balance for their level of weight versus defensive stats and convenience.

With the right equipment, it is possible to have good cheap defence or even exceptional defence if you are willing to risk items of value, and still weigh 0 kg.



Weapon slot:

  • Talisman staff (distracting the eyes in the Abyss to help you sneak past - note this is a "weapon" and cannot be used if crafting law runes [Unless of course using the law staff; The omni-staff, while theoretically could be used to craft law runes, is banned on Entrana])
  • Pickaxe and/or hatchet; the Inferno adze would seem like the most convenient (because of its ability to both mine and chop) but it weighs 2.5kg, compared to 1.8kg of mithril pickaxes, and since you always spawn by either the mining or the agility obstacle, its uses are limited to the mining component. All of these items are not usable while crafting law runes since they are also considered weapons.


  • Ring of duelling (optional, in case of forgetting charged Amulet of glory)
  • Explorer's ring (restore run energy three times per day, though you wont need it if your weight is zero and your agility is 68 or higher; good emergency teleport out of the Abyss)
  • Ring of life (Players with a 80+ defence and a good set-up will find the ring of life quite useless)


  • Penance gloves (-7 kg to run longer)
  • Combat bracelet provides a defensive bonus plus a teleport to the Monastery (just a short run N,NE back to Edgeville) should you forget to swap your Amulet of glory.
  • Dragon gauntlets provide good defence bonuses and weigh 0 kg
  • Forinthry brace prevents the player from being skulled in the abyss, although it only works for 5 runs (assuming you don't get teleport blocked, in which case you will lose one charge for entering the abyss and one charge from the teleblock.)

Body and legs:


Shield slot:

  • Crystal Shield Has very nice defence bonuses, (better than those of a spirit shield besides magic defence, in which the difference is negligible), while weighing very little.
  • Holy book has slight defence bonuses and low weight
  • Spirit shields have very nice defence bonuses and only weigh very little

Alternative: If you are a high-levelled player with experience at the abyss who already has a set of full armadyl, consider using this instead of the top choices for each of the slots listed above (replace chestplate for varrock armour, helmet for bearhead, and skirt for hunter legs/sacred clay legs). This will provide you with the same melee defence bonuses, as well as a hefty chunk of Magic defence rivalling Karil's armour. You can wear all this and still weigh zero, as long as you have all 3 weight reducing items (boots of lightness, penance gloves and spottier cape). If you have a high magic and defence level, you wont have to worry about dying to a revenant, since the very high magic defence will make most attacks splash. Note, however, that it's not really worth spending 30m+ on a set if you don't already have it, unless you are going to be doing long-term runecrafting in the Abyss or ZMI altar.

One run, step by step

  1. Teleport (glory) to Edgeville.
  2. Bank, get essences, fill pouches and familiar (if applicable), bank again, fill remaining space.
  3. Run to mage, right click and choose the 'teleport' option.
  4. Find white rocks to mine or a gap to squeeze through.
  5. Enter chosen rift.
  6. Runecraft essence, empty pouches and familiar, runecraft essence.
  7. Teleport back to Edgeville.
  8. Check glory for charges and exchange if needed.
  9. Repeat from step 2.



  • If a player forgets to recharge their Amulet of Glory, he/she simply has to home teleport (best if you have Ancient Magicks) and run to the bank then restart from step 2.
  • Banked games necklaces (or combat bracelets) are recommended to recharge amulets of glory (requires completion of Heroes Quest). However, if your POH is in Taverley, it is recommended you teleport there with the House teleport spell as it is closer to the guild than the Burthorpe Games Room (or Warriors' Guild).
  • Banked food is recommended to restore a player's health if needed.
  • If a player wishes to runecraft Laws, he/she must not wear any armour nor wield a weapon (for example, a pickaxe). However, Law crafting can still be done by wielding a new bronze pickaxe/hatchet every run, then dropping it once inside the inner ring.
  • One should try to reduce the settings as much as possible, as well as opening at most two browsers, to reduce the possibility of a serious lag, if one's computer is slow (such as keeping the Graphics Setting to Fixed). Experienced players have been known to die and lose all their items in the Abyss from simply this. The best option would be to use a computer with a fast connection, if for only this activity alone.
  • It is strongly recommended to be at least wary if taking Runecrafting pouches into the Abyss, as they are not easy to replace and is not one of the items kept upon death, even should you possess no other item besides. However, it is acknowledged that these pouches can considerably increase Runecrafting experience anywhere.
  • It is highly unlikely for even the fastest player to run to the Abyss and retrieve their items, whether their respawn point be Lumbridge or Falador. Thus, at least one charged Amulet of Glory should be kept in the bank at a convenient and easily reached spot, for this greatly saves time and is instrumental to salvaging items. Additionally, players who have completed Nomad's Requiem can set their respawn point to Soul Wars and respawn seconds from Edgeville, lessening the need for a spare amulet.
  • Using the Abyss also holds other advantages. For example, using the Abyss means you do not have to have a talisman in your inventory, because the abyss teleports you directly into the respective altar.

Unlimited running

  • After the As a First Resort... quest, runecrafting at the abyss can be aided by bathing in the pools at the Oo'glog spa. Despite the fact that its nice to not have to stop at all to walk/rest/drink energy potions/use Terrorbird scrolls, in terms of time lost actually going to the spa and back, its not worth it financially. Even more so after the recent agility update (and the crash of super energy potions), at about 65 agility you don't need anything to restore your run energy, unless you complete runs extremely quickly. However, if you don't have this level, the spa can be very useful in saving some resting time or potions if you're only going to be Runecrafting on a short term basis.


  1. Teleport to Edgeville with Amulet of Glory.
  2. Use Fairy Rings AKS to Feldip and run south until you get into Oo'glog. (see alternate methods below)
  3. Jump in the thermal spring, then the salt-water spring.
  4. Teleport to Edgeville
  5. Run to the abyss.
  6. Repeat every 10-15 runs, depending on when the salt-water effects wears off.

If a player is unable to use the Fairy Rings, teleporting to Camelot or to the cabbage patch and taking the Charter ships in Catherby or Port Sarim, respectively, to get to Oo'glog. The charter system costs money, but the price can be lowered by completing the Cabin Fever quest and wearing the Ring of charos.

Summoning Familiars

There are several different summoning familiars that you can use to aid you in the Abyss.

The following familiars will carry 7 pure or rune essence for you, and fight for you in the abyss:

  1. Abyssal parasite: The abyssal familiar requiring the lowest summoning level (54), it lasts for 30 minutes, will carry 7 unnoted essence and will fight the monsters that are attacking you in the abyss. It also will slow the rate of the abyss' prayer drain.
  2. Abyssal lurker: The abyssal familiar requiring the second-lowest summoning level (62), it lasts for 41 minutes, will carry 7 unnoted essence and will fight the monsters that are attacking you in the abyss. It also will slow the rate of the abyss' prayer drain.
  3. Abyssal titan: The abyssal familiar requiring the highest summoning level (93), it lasts for 32 minutes, will carry 7 unnoted essence and will fight the monsters that are attacking you in the abyss. With a combat level of 215 and a max hit of 22, it can and will kill anything it sets its eyes on in the Abyss. It also will slow the rate of the abyss' prayer drain.

The following familiars will help you in different ways, and can't carry pure essence:

  1. Bull Ant: This familiar requires 40 summoning, holds 9 slots (can't store essence) that you could use for food or another glory in case you forgot yours, and its scroll will restore your run energy in a very similar way to the spirit terrorbird. Although players with 65 agility or higher using equipment that has 0kg weight will find this unhelpful, many lower levelled players with 40 summoning but low agility will benefit from this.
  2. Spirit Terrorbird: This familiar requires 52 summoning, holds 12 slots (can't store essence) that you could use for food or another glory in case you forgot yours, and its scroll will restore your run energy in a very similar way to the bull ant. Although players with 65 agility or higher using equipment that has 0kg weight will find this unhelpful, many lower levelled players with 52 summoning but low agility will benefit from this.
  3. Geyser Titan: Although the required level (89) is quite high, this familiar is very useful as you can use amulets of glory on it, and they will become charged. This means you never have to spend time swapping out your glory or forgetting to swap it out! This familiar is also quite powerful, with a combat level of 200 and a maximum hit of 21, and will fight for you in the abyss.
  4. Fire, ice, or moss titans will fight for you in the abyss, and their scroll will boost hitpoints by 8 and defence level by 12.5%, which makes it useful for players with lower defence levels or players not using any armour in the abyss.

Revenant ghosts

Revenants are far more dangerous than their combat level(s) suggests, as they can attack from all three points of the combat triangle. They can also freeze the player, teleblock the player, travel in packs and even 'steal' the player from combat that they may have initiated with another creature. Beyond that, they can heal themselves, cure themselves of poison and are very aggressive. However, because the entrance to the Abyss is only in level 4-7 Wilderness, the chances of encountering a revenant around your level is pretty low, but you should still be very cautious around them.

Players of combat level 112 to 113 are immune to revanents unless they enter level 7 wilderness (which is uncommon).

Among revenant ghosts' attacks, two are very dangerous:

  • Teleportation block will still let a player use the Mage of Zamorak's teleportation into the Abyss, but will prevent the use of any teleport initiated by the player. This effect, however, can be negated if the player is wearing a forinthry bracelet, depleting the bracelet of one of its charges. The teleblock effect will vanish after 5 minutes or when leaving the Wilderness (ie, once in the Abyss).
  • Entangle. It won't let a player move for a period of time of about 10-15 seconds. For the player's safety, carrying a one-click teleport is recommended for lower levels, but not needed, since the revenants attacks are so slow that the player would have time to operate their amulet of glory and teleport back to Edgeville, unless teleblocked.

Using the Abyss as a method of transportation

Because the altars are located throughout the world, it is possible to use the Abyss as a method of teleportation. Some useful (and free) teleports include:

To use a teleport, simply enter the Abyss, find and enter the altar, then leave via the portal. No tiaras or talismans are necessary when entering the portals to go to the various altars via the abyss.

External links

  • Global RuneScape Abyssal Runecrafting guide - contains excellent tips and pictures, although comments on pk-ing are now obsolete
  • Tip.it "The Abyss" - includes map of outer ring


  • When the Abyss was released, it was possible to attack other players inside the abyss by using Ancient Magicks multi-target spells on a monster near the player. Because of the relative obscurity of the recently-released Abyss, many people explored the Abyss with expensive armour, and were a target for the bug abusers. The glitch was later fixed, however, the people who profited from it were not banned.
  • After the update on 10 December 2007, Abyss runecrafting was made much safer due to the fact that there are no player killers around and revenants only occasionally wander close to the Zamorak Mage.
  • With the release of Summoning, a player that originally had 126 combat can gain another 7 combat levels by training Summoning to 57. As the highest level revenant is level 126, this would have prevented the player from being killed by revenant knights and below, due to the Zamorak Mage being located below level 6 wilderness. However, with the addition of the revenant dragon, those players may actually be at a higher risk than before.
  • The name 'Abyss' is a Greek reference to the great deepness of ocean, later used as a metaphor to describe Christian Hell.
  • Players who have a combat level of 112 or 113 can Runecraft in the Abyss without being attacked by Revenants, since the closest Revenants to their combat level are more than 6 combat levels away.
  • According to the game's background, whenever a person is teleported with magic, they are in the abyss for a split second. Hence the Lost & Found office random event.
  • The Inferno Adze is not useful when Abyssal runecrafting because the mining obstacle always comes before the woodcutting obstacle. You always appear next to two agility obstacles, two mining obstacles, or an agility obstacle and a mining obstacle.
  • When trying to exit via the Law rift in the Abyss with weaponry and armour, a message will show "The power of Saradomin prevents you from taking weaponry and armour to Entrana".
  • When trying to exit via the Soul rift in the Abyss, a message will show "A strange power blocks your exit".
  • After the emote update, players distracting eyes in the abyss would use the old emotes, rather than the new ones.
  • On 6 June 2009 with the new update of the Hunt for Red Raktuber the thieving obstacle did an emote even if you failed to pass.
  • The dark mage lost his concentration, and almost destroyed the universe in a cutscene of The Temple at Senntisten quest.
  • The dark mage is seen wearing the Beads of the Dead necklace, from the Shilo Village Quest.


Music Unlocked:

  • Into the Abyss

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ST Expanded

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Name: Abyss
Affiliation: Terran Empire
Type: shuttlecraft

The Abyss was a shuttlecraft "acquired" by Tom Calaway from his once "business" partner. The ship was meant to be occupied by a maximum of three people.

Matt Calling and George Katting were Calaway's partners. George was killed in a fire fight eight years before Calaway joined the ISS Descent crew. Calling tried turning Calaway into the authorities on Setlik III after Calaway robbed a deposit of Alliance credits. Calaway caught wind of this and shot him in the head. Calling survived the shooting but was confined to a bed for the rest of his life.

The shuttle's standard weapon complement was 2 forward type-10 phaser arrays and 1 aft type-10 phaser array, and 2 forward and 1 aft torpedo tube with 15 photon torpedoes. Over time Calaway made several improvements. (Star Trek: Shattered Universe)

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From Wookieepedia, the Star Wars wiki.

This article is about the star. You may be looking for another use of the term.

Abyss was a binary star with Byss in the Byss/Abyss system of the Outer Rim. The planet Byss[1] orbited the star in a unique figure-eight pattern.

The planet Byss had a hot and arid climate with unbearable temperatures that reached their apex when the planet passed between its two suns.

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  • Star Wars: Rebellion (Mentioned only)


Notes and references

  1. This refers to the homeworld of the Abyssin, not the reborn Emperor's stronghold also called Byss.

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Star Wars Fanon

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The Abyss was a black hole located in the Empslu Region of the Grand Cluster. Four stars known as the Four Kings orbited it. It could only be seen when lit from the stars of the surrounding cluster.

The Abyss was known to have pulled at least one hundred spacecraft, mostly freighters into its gaping maw. Coupled with the gases of the region and the proximity to stars, it was said that this made the Abyss a terrifying conclusion to an already horrific trip through the region.

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From Traveller Wiki - Science-Fiction Adventure in the Far future

The Abyss Rift is an area of space within the Lanth Subsector.

It has been the site of several notable ship disappearances over the last half-millennium and has built up a substantial amount of lore associated with them. Curious jump related phenomena have been reported in the rift for centuries, often by reliable witnesses. Scouts plying the x-boat rout report events such as receiving radio signals in jump-space to reports of "someone on the hull, trying to get in". This is, of course, impossible.

Only seven systems lie within the Abyss' boundaries. The presence of 3 Red Zone worlds in the rift is taken as further evidence by locals that the rift is a bad place where strange and awful things happen. The worlds are Victoria, Ylavin and Sonthert

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MegaTraveller Journal 1
The Spinward Marches

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City of Heroes

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From City of Heroes Wiki

This article is about the villain contact Abyss. For the Rogue Isles zone, see The Abyss.



Hero Bounty Hunter
Zone Grandville
Coordinates (2711.8, -65.9, 760.5)
Level Range 45-50
Introduced by Shadow Spider
Introduces Operative Grillo
Enemy groups Council

Paragon Police Department

Abyss is a City of Villains contact located in the The Tangle neighborhood of Grandville at coordinates (2711.8, -65.9, 760.5). Her level range is 45-50.



Contact Introduced By

Shadow Spider

Tavish Bell

New Contact(s)

Operative Grillo

Operative Grillo is a true product of Arachnos propaganda, believing in Lord Recluse's utopian future.

Have you met Operative Grillo? He's a rather driven man, coordinating SciTech projects for Arachnos. I know he's looking for a few Arachnos loyalists to aid him.


A new hero bounty hunter calling herself Abyss has arrived in Grandville. Supposedly she has taken out a couple of pesky heroes,and now Lord Recluse lets her do whatever it is she does. She’s put the word out that she is looking for a few villains to pick up some of the lesser bounties she’s been offered. Seems everyone wants someone taken out for some reason or another, and one bounty hunter alone can’t do the job.

Hero Bounty Hunter

Who Abyss really is remains a mystery. She showed up recently with costume pieces and gadgets belonging to several heroes who recently went missing. Heroes that Arachnos had put bounties out on. Impressed with her tenacity and obvious skill, Lord Recluse has let her run free in Grandville, doing whatever she pleases. Abyss gets results, and expects the same of you.

Initial Contact


Abyss sells the following items:

  • Inspirations
  • Level 50 Technology Single-Origin Enhancements at 200% cost
  • Level 50 Magic Single-Origin Enhancements at 200% cost
  • Level 50 Science Single-Origin Enhancements at 200% cost
  • Level 50 Mutation Single-Origin Enhancements at 200% cost
  • Level 50 Natural Single-Origin Enhancements at 200% cost

Badge Mission

Story Arc


Abyss offered you a job defending a Crey lab from an attacking hero. You entered not knowing what to expect, but Ms. Liberty was certainly not on the agenda. After a brutal battle you defeated her, but her emergency Medicom teleporter took her away before you could truly finish the job.

Crey was pleased with how well you took care of Ms. Liberty but they wanted to strike back at the Vindicators for daring to interfere with their plans. They asked Abyss specifically to sub-contract you to take on the Vindicators, and you began by stealing the location and passcodes to their base from a Longbow base near the Rogue Isles.

With the location and passcodes in hand, you took an Arachnos Flier to Paragon City and entered their base. Each battle was brutal, but in the end Luminary, Valkyrie, Mynx and Ms. Liberty fell to your blows. Word spread quickly that you were a force to be reckoned with.

Souvenir: Vindication

Light and Darkness

You agreed to help Abyss out by recovering a crate left for her by Dr. Forrester. Abyss said the crate was marked with the codeword 'Dark Matter' and even though the Council, and their Nictus Hunters, were looking for it, you found it first. It contained two Void Hunter rifles, and four power cells.

Abyss then had a list of four Kheldian targets in the Rogue Isles that needed to be eliminated. With two rifles, you agreed to split the duty and the bounty. You took out Detective Kyros and his cadre of PPD officers. Abyss dealt with her target, and warned you the next one might not be as easy.

Abyss had tracked down where Sunstorm had holed himself up, and gave you the location while she tracked down the last Kheldian. Arriving at the underwater Longbow base you found Sunstorm and put the hurt down on him with the help of the Void Hunter rifle you had. When you arrived back Abyss told you that her target had simply disappeared and thus the reward to split was going to be less than anticipated.

Souvenir: Light and Darkness


Take the job defending the Crey lab

(Story Arc: Vindication: Mission 1 of 3)


I just got a call from my Crey contact. They have a lab in Paragon City that's under attack. They wanted to hire me to take out the hero that's attacking them, but since they don't know which of the fifty thousand heroes in Paragon City it is, I told them I'd have to pass the job on to someone else. That someone is you. If you want this job, just say so and I will make the arragements for you.

If it truly is a hero attacking them, you may want to bring along some associates to help you.

Mission Objective(s)

This Crey facility seems to be secured by Freedom Corp forces.

  • Save Crey lab
    • Defeat Hero

You have secured the Crey facility.



Notable NPCs


Ms. Liberty was there you say? I almost regret not taking the job myself. I'm impressed you were able to take care of her, she can be a handful for even the best of us.


Steal passcodes from Longbow base

(Story Arc: Vindication: Mission 2 of 3)


I don't know what you did to please Crey so much, but they asked if I could sub-contract you to take care of this next job. They want to strike back at the Vindicators, Ms. Liberty's supergroup, and they want you to lead the charge. First things first, you will have to get the location and passcodes from a Longbow base to the Vindicators' base.

Once you have the passcodes, Crey wants you to check back in with me.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Steal passcodes
    • Find Vindicators' Base Location

Vindicator Passcode
This passcode should allow you entry into the Vindicators' bse.
Vindicators' Base Location
This is the super-secret location of the Vindicators' base.




Abyss looks you up and down

Hmph. I didn't think you had it in you.

Color me impressed.

Take out the Vindicators

(Story Arc: Vindication: Mission 3 of 3)


Crey is impressed, and I must say that I am a little bit myself. Now that you have the codes and location of the Vindicators' base, you can attack it at your leisure. Most likely you'll be facing the Vindicators themselves, so you'd be wise to bring along some allies.

Good luck... You're going to need it.

Mission Objective(s)

This is it. The base of the Vindicators

  • Take out the Vindicators
    • 4 Vindicators remaining

You defeated the Vidicators!



Notable NPC's


You certainly proved your worth. The Vindicators are second only to the Freedom Phalanx.

Get Void Hunter rifles for Abyss

(Story Arc: Light and Darkness: Mission 1 of 3)


I've been told to trust this Dr. Forrester guy, but I have my doubts. That's why I am going to send you to pick up a shipment he has for me. A couple of Void Hunter rifles stolen from the Council should help me take out a few of those pesky Kheldian heroes that have been harrassing the Rogues Isles recently.

If I were the Council, I'd want those rifles back. I had Dr. Forrester mark the correct crate with the codeword 'Dark Matter', so you shouldn't need to open every single crate looking for them.

Mission Objective(s)

This is a big warehouse. If the Council is here, it may take them a while to find the exact crate.

  • Retrieve Void Hunter Rifles
    • Locate the Rifle Crate

You found the rifles!



Notable NPCs


Excellent. I hope having the crate marked made things easier on you in finding it. Sounds like the Dr. Forrester guy is trustworthy after all.

Coordinate with Abyss and take out a Kheldian Cop

(Story Arc: Light and Darkness: Mission 2 of 3)


Now that I have these rifles I can start taking out those Kheldians. Tell you what, since there's two rifles here, why don't you help me out. These four Khelds are scattered, and once word gets out that I'm after them they will be a lot harder to track. If we coordinate, we can take the first two by surprise.

Your target is a PPD cop named Detective Kyros who's way outside his jurisdiction pursuing an escaped villain from the Zig prison in Paragon City. Kyros is a Peacebringer and causing a lot of trouble. The Void Rifle should make short work of him though. He and his PPD team are hiding out in the sewers planning their next attack.

Mission Objective(s)

These sewers look like they have been heavily traveled recently.

  • Take out Kyros
    • Defeat Kyros

You made short work of Kyros!


Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

  • Boss Kyros

Temporary Power:

Upon accepting this mission, you will earn a Void Hunter Rifle temporary power.

Image:Temp_Ranged_Moderate.png Void Hunter Rifle Ranged Foe -Recharge, -Speed
This sleek rifle was taken from a Void Hunter, those mysterious beings that hunt the Kheldians and Nictus. The rifle has 10 shots before it runs out of ammo.


Great work. The other Kheldians might be a bit better prepared now, but I think you can handle it.

Take out Sunstorm

(Story Arc: Light and Darkness: Mission 3 of 3)


With us taking out two of those Kheldians, the other two are running scared. I found the location of Sunstorm, so you should take him down while I track down the other Peacebringer.

Sunstorm is going to be tough to take down, so you should consider looking for some backup. I don't care how you split up your share of the loot with your buddies, but that's not my problem.

Sunstorm is an experienced Peacebringer, so don't expect the exact same tactics that Kyros used. The Void Hunter rifle has only the one power pack left, so don't waste it.

Mission Objective(s)

  • Take out Kheldian
    • Defeat Sunstorm

You have defeated Sunstorm!


Paragon Police Department

Notable NPCs

Temporary Power:

Upon accepting this mission, you will earn a Void Hunter Rifle temporary power.

Image:Temp_Ranged_Moderate.png Void Hunter Rifle Ranged Foe -Recharge, -Speed
This sleek rifle was taken from a Void Hunter, those mysterious beings that hunt the Kheldians and Nictus. The rifle has 10 shots before it runs out of ammo.


Well, my target escaped. No clue left where she went. Good to see you took yours down, but the fact that the job wasn't 100% complete means the payout was cut in half. Here's your cut.

External Links

  • Abyss at Dread Tomax's Guide to City of Villains

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