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Absorb MP, also known as Absorb Used MP, is a recurring ability in the Final Fantasy series. It restores MP to the user.



Final Fantasy VI

Celes Chere can use Runic, which negates a single spell cast and restores MP to her equal to the MP cost of the spell.


Final Fantasy VII

The MP Absorb Materia is a Support Materia. When the linked Magic Materia is used, 1% of the damage inflicted is added to the user's MP.

Final Fantasy X-2

Absorb MP is an ability used by the Black Mage Dressphere, which requires Focus to be learned and 10 AP to master. It drains MP from the target, and is used as a Command ability.

Final Fantasy Tactics

Absorb MP is a Reaction ability, the Mystic class learns it for 250 JP. It functions by restoring the character's MP with the same amount the enemy has used to cast a spell on the character.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Absorb MP acts in the same way as it did in Tactics, restoring MP to a unit equal to the spell just used on it. The Elementalist and the Illusionist can learn Absorb MP from the Lordly Robe.

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