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Abigail Boylen

Real Name
Abigail Boylen
Cloud Nine



Freedom Force, Initiative


Base Of Operations





Marital Status


Discovered by aircraft pilots while she was out on a joyride of her newly-developed powers.

Place of Birth

First appearance

Avengers: The Initiative #1
(June, 2007)



Abigail was a very shy girl. One day, Abigail was taking her new powers out for a spin, when she was detected by aircraft pilots, and stopped by War Machine. She was taken to Camp Hammond to be trained on the use her powers and given a license as a member of the Initiative, despite havining no interest in superhuman heroics.

"I'm only here because I want to fly. Man, this blows.".

Once at the base, she was immediately self-conscious about her body, comparing it to the other girls' bodies there who she felt looked like they came right out of Vogue magazine. During a uniform exchange, Abigail accidentally slipped into the boys' showers and was found by fellow new hero MVP. He took a liking to Abigail and watched her train. However, when the training with another new hero, Armory, went wrong, MVP was shot by one of Armory's blasts while he was trying to protect Abigail from harm. Armory was grounded from "superhero-ing" and expelled out of the base.[1]

Abigail was one of the cadets sent on an emergency mission to protect the President from an assassination attempt by HYDRA. Being the top marksman among the Initiative cadets, and she shot down a HYDRA fighter with a pulse rifle.[2]

Abigail later learned that the Initiative had secretly made clones of MVP, and that one of them, who dubbed himself KIA, had gone on a rampage. She and a group of fellow Initiative members traveled to the Van Patrick's home, attempting to convince the first MVP clone to download his memories into a device that would transmit them into KIA's brain, essentially reprogramming KIA, but possibly leaving the first clone mindless. Cloud 9 managed to distract KIA by playing on the latent memories of the original MVP, and kissing him, allowing her to fill his lungs with her vapor. The MVP clone, rather than wipe his own mind, instead placed the helmet on KIA, leaving him an empty shell. Abby and the clone decided to start things over, with Abby acknowledging that the clone was not the MVP she knew.

When Cloud 9 completed her Initiative training, she was assigned to Freedom Force, the Montana team, alongside Challenger, Think Tank, Equinox, and Spinner.[3] When Equinox was exposed as Skrull infiltrator, it was Cloud 9 who killed Equinox.[4]

Initiative instructor Tigra expressed concerns about Cloud 9 having developed an outwardly cold attitude towards killing in the line of duty after graduating to active service. Believing that Cloud 9 was merely bottling up her emotions rather than dealing with them, Tigra worried about the psychological trauma that may result if Cloud 9 was forced to confront those feelings.

Powers and Abilities



Flight ability possibly due to gas manipulation. She has been shown forcing her gas down the throat of an opponent, thereby keeping him from breathing.

Strength level



Abigail thinks she isn't as attractive as most of the other female trainees, and was partially responsible for the death of MVP, a fellow trainee.


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