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Aberrant spectres are Slayer monsters that require level 60 Slayer to kill. They frequently drop large amounts of high level herbs and herb seeds and as a result are killed often for money. They are also known for their higher chance in dropping level 3 clue scrolls. Due to the short distance from a bank (when killing them at the Slayer Tower) and their drops, killing Aberrant spectres is often used to make money. A Macaw Summoning familiar is helpful as they will improve herb drops (requires level 41 Summoning), as will herb gloves (reward from the Fist of Guthix minigame).

Another way to get herbs for a very long time without banking when killing them in the Slayer Tower, is to use the prayer bonus method, and when the inventory is stocked with herbs you run out of the tower and use all of the herbs with the nearby Tool Leprechaun. Using this method the herbs will be noted, and then it is just to go back into the tower, fight more and there you have it.



Strengths and Weaknesses

Players must equip either a nose peg or a Slayer helmet when fighting Aberrant spectres, or the player's stats (including hitpoints) will be rapidly reduced due to the Aberrant Spectre's smell. Spectres use a very accurate Magic-based attack with a max hit of 12, which will hit fairly often even with a high magic defence. This can be especially hard on combative familiars like the ever-popular Spirit Terrorbird, to the point that one's stay is usually limited by the familiar's lifespan, rather than by one's own.

Aberrant spectres seem to be weak to Ranged attacks, although a weapon with a Slash attack work just fine. In addition, if using melee, wearing a Salve amulet(e) will give a large advantage, since they are classified as undead. For players on Slayer assigns, however, note that the effects of a Salve amulet does not stack with those of a Black mask or a Slayer helmet.

Recommended player armour depends on one's approach. If using the magical defence approach, wear dragonhide (preferably black) or Karil's; an elemental shield, mind shield or Holy book, with other high magic defence armour. One can use Armadyl armour instead, since it has a very high magic defence, but is not recommended for meleeing due to its negative melee attack bonuses. Alternatively, take the prayer booster approach by using gear like Proselyte armour, Falador shield 3, White boots, the Ardougne cloaks, etc. and use the Protect from Magic prayer. Having a Holy wrench in your inventory recovers more Prayer points per sip of the Prayer potion, but takes up an inventory slot; it is an optional item.

During a trip the Spectres should drop enough Ranarr weeds to recoup or even make a profit over the cost of the Prayer potions used. On average, a Ranarr weed is dropped every 10-20 kills. Aberrant spectres also drop high-value seeds, which can make prayer-using trips profitable even if the ranarr weeds are not sold.

The only non-aggressive Aberrant spectres are in the Pollnivneach Slayer Dungeon. Players cannot kill them safely until the player makes the Slayer helmet because both the nose peg and facemask are needed to fight them without suffering the effects of the spectres or the smoke. The smoke, however, will only damage players down to 1 hitpoint, so it is possible to use a nose peg, with the Protect from magic prayer, to avoid damage from the spectres and remain at 1 hitpoint. This is very risky, as if the player's prayer runs out, or is otherwise turned off, for just a second, there is a very high chance that the player will die, and hence is not recommended. In the Desert Slayer Dungeon, there is also the option to use a cannon, preferably in combination with the prayer-boosting set-up described above, as very many Spectres will be attacking.

Guthan's set could be used to heal on Bloodvelds if you are in the slayer tower. This could extend your trip long enough to fill your inventory with herbs, forcing you to bank.

Players with a Player-owned house that has a Chapel and a Portal Chamber with a Kharyrll (Canifis) portal have a fast way to handle the spectres. By taking a Teleport to House teletablet, players can slay spectres until their inventories are full. They can then teleport to their house, recharge prayer at the altar in the chapel, use the portal to teleport to Canifis, bank there, and then return to the nearby slayer tower. Players who use Summoning familiars can recharge their summoning points at the obelisk on the way to the tower. (Players with a Menagerie at their house can also recharge summoning there.) For an even faster method, the trip from Canifis to the tower can be skipped if the teleport ability of a Ring of slaying is used.

Recommended Armour

If you are using prayer:

If using magic defence:

After the release of the extreme defence potion with the large Herblore update, a common high level strategy is simply using armour of high magic defence, as the defence bonus of the potion is large enough to make this option cheap and effective.

Champions' Challenge

Aberrant spectres are one of the 'races' who have lesser champions in the Champions' Challenge minigame. To fight the Aberrant Spectre Champion, the player must kill aberrant spectres until one drops a Champion scroll, which is a very rare drop.



Charm drop percentages
No Charm


12 - 13%


8 - 9%

4 - 5%

Represents 90% confidence range, based on a sample of 18,074 kills.
1 charm is dropped at once.

Please add to the log (only if fifty or more creatures killed)


Herbs (1-3 common)





  • Aberrant means absurd or abnormal, and spectre means ghost.
  • Some players prefer to use Prayer-Flashing, to extend their trip without using any supplies. A skilled Prayer-Flasher can stay until he/she is forced to bank his/her herbs.

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