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Real Name
Abdul Qamar
Current Alias



Former reluctant member of Desert Sword, Pantheon, associate of SHIELD

Maya, Rana, Almira (wives), Faisal, Hassim (son)


Base Of Operations
Mobile; region of Saudi Arabia and Ahmet, Egypt


5' 10"

170 lbs (77 kg)




Marital Status

Bedouin chieftain

Seeking shelter in an underground tomb in the eastern desert of Egypt, Abdul Qamar discovered a magic scimitar and flying carpet that had belonged to a Thirteenth Century ancestor who had been a champion of his people. Qamar decided to carry on his ancestor's tradition battling evil as the Arabian Knight.

Place of Birth
Aqabah, Saudi Arabia

First appearance
Appearance of Death

Incredible Hulk #257
(March, 1981)
Thunderbolts #55
(October, 2001)



The Bedouin prince Abdul Qamar quickly rose to power over his nomadic family, but would often leave to trade goods in the cities. After one such trading run, while seeking shelter in an underground tomb, Qamar discovered a magical scimitar and flying carpet that had belonged to a thirteenth-century ancestor who had been a champion of his nomadic people. Qamar decided to carry on his ancestor's tradition by battling evil as the Arabian Knight.

One of the first known activities of the Arabian Knight occurred when Qamar was abducted along with most of Earth's heroes during the so-called first Contest of Champions, but he returned to his people soon after.[1]

Later, a desert demon had possessed Qamar's family, including the newest born, hoping that Qamar would kill his son, inadvertently setting the demon free. When Qamar did not, the demon was banished, leaving his son alive but killing his wives and family. Qamar fled into the desert with his son, swearing vengeance.

Under circumstances yet to be revealed, Qamar became a special operative for the international espionage organization, SHIELD, and one of his first assignments was infiltrating the superhuman agents working on behalf of Iraq during the Iraqi infiltration of Kuwait. The super villains, calling themselves Desert Sword, operated under the pretense of threatening Qamar's (presumed) family in order to impress him into service. During this time, the Arabian Knight fought members of the American subversive super-team, Freedom Force.

Qamar later stopped the altered soldier known as Sandstorm.

Qamar returned to Saudi Arabia after the Iraqi invasion and continued to serve as the Arabian Knight.

The Arabian Knight was killed when the being known as Humus Sapien awoke and drained a random persons' lifeforce with every use of his powers.[2]

Powers and Abilities



  • The Arabian Knight's power derived from his three magical weapons. Qamar's powers derived from his magical equipment. He wielded a magical scimitar of an extremely durable magically-honed metal. The sword could fire blasts of pure force, and would do so against anyone who tried to wield the sword without Qamar's permission.
  • Qamar's magic carpet was also made of extremely durable material, and was capable of levitation and flight at moderate speed. Qamar could mentally control the carpet, and could command it to perform such feats as wrapping around an object or person or rolling itself into a cylinder and acting as a battering ram or whip.
  • Qamar also possessed a belt-sash of the same material as the carpet, and could mentally manipulate it to magically extend its length to almost ten times its original 8 in. by 4 ft. size. Qamar could animate the material to serve as bonds, lariat, whip, bridge, or climbing rope.
  • The magic scimitar and sash seemed to possess anti-magic capabilities, causing massive damage to magical beings, for example, or exorcising demon-possessed people by wrapping them with the sash.

    Strength level

The Arabian Knight possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build, who engages in moderate regular exercise.



  • The Arabian Knight wielded a "magic carpet" that responded solely to his mental commands. The carpet could levitate off the ground and propel itself through the air at any speed that the Knight commanded. The Arabian Knight seldom had it fly beyond the speed at which he could breathe, approximately 90 miles per hour. The carpet could levitate to any height the Knight commanded it, although he hadn't attempted to fly higher than 20,000 feet, the point at which the atmosphere became too thin to breathe. Besides its use as transportation, the carpet could be commanded to perform such feats as wrapping around an object or person, or rolling itself into a cylinder and striking like a whip or battering ram. The carpet, empowered by unknown magical forces, was virtually impervious to harm.
  • The Arabian Knight also wielded a golden scimitar, which was capable of emitting beams of concussive magical force. The maximum amount of concussive force the sword could emit at one time was not known, nor how long (if at all) it took the sword to "recharge" in between discharges. The Arabian Knight could mentally control the amount of force the sword emits. The sword possessed an enchantment that caused it to discharge magical energy against anyone other than the Knight who touched it. The Knight could also use the scimitar for scimitar and stabbing. It could cut through steel, stone and other hard materials.
  • The belt-sash at the Arabian Knight's waist could also be animated by mental command, to serve as bonds, lariat, whip or climbing rope. It was made of the same substance as the flying carpet and was similarly indestructible. It could magically extend in length to almost ten times its ordinary length of four feet.


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  1. Contest of Champions
  2. Thunderbolts #55

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