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For the place mentioned in Point Lookout, see Abbey of the Road.

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The Abbey is a monastery located north of Gecko, where the monks preserve knowledge in the form of books, blueprints, and items, and they tried to preserve technical knowledge mainly. Unlike the Brotherhood of Steel, who hoard their technology and used it to stay superior, the abbey is open to anyone as long as they do not damage anything. All they have to offer was knowledge, because not a single preserved item functions.

The monks do not understand the knowledge in the books they preserve. They treat them like holy materials, to be read and copied and cared for, but not acted upon[1].


The Abbey was to appear in Fallout 2 but was eventually cut from the final game. The fan-made Fallout 2 Restoration Project has returned the Abbey to the world.

Behind the scenes

The book A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller was the inspiration for the abbey.

Much like the medieval monks of old, the monks in the abbey preserve the knowledge of a lost civilization (in the case of their forbears, Ancient Greece and Rome) in the form of books, by taking care of them as best as possible and recopying if necessary. Neither of them would truly comprehend the contents of the books, but simply copied them, word for word.


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Locations in Fallout 2

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