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Abandoned Apartments

World map: The Pitt
inside: Uptown (The Pitt)
map marker: none

The Abandoned Apartments is an apartment in The Pitt Uptown, it's medium sized, and is infested with Trogs.





A door in a alley way, opposite of Haven.


  • Ground Floor, a few rooms and a kitchen.
  • 2nd Floor, just hotel rooms.
  • 3rd Floor (very small), One hotel room which is really hard to get to.

Notable loot

  • 3 Nuka Cola Quantums. 2 on the first floor - one on top of the counter, one beneath it. 1 in that third-floor nook if you continue up the rubble slope from the second floor, near where the three trogs wait/appear.
  • Hat of the People on the second floor, southwest bedroom, in a floor safe.


  • In the same area as the Hat of the People, there is a room with a hole in the floor. Across the hole is a bathtub with an Intact Garden Gnome.
  • Also in the area of the Hat of the People, a newspaper cut-out of a doll lies next to the nuka-cola truck on the counter with the Pre-War Bonnet.
  • In the room that contains the Hat of the People, there is a picture frame with a complete picture without any smudges in it. This may be one of the only complete pictures in the game that is in the Wasteland that is not viewed while in some sort of flashback. (2 complete paintings in room up rubble slope, as well.)
  • The flat where the Hat of the People, Chinese Assault Rifles and Chinese Pistols are found gives hints that it was occupied by Chinese Spies acting as a family, given the nature of the loot found therein, and the working Ham Radio.


Abandoned Apartments appears in the Fallout 3 add-on The Pitt.

Behind the scenes

  • The Ham Radio is looping a morse code message that reads, "Der Abgrund blickt auch in dich hinein," which is the tail end of a famous quotation from Friedrich Nietzsche: "He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you." Perhaps this is to caution the player regarding the morally ambiguous choices soon to be faced.
  • In the apartment, there is a rather blurry picture of what appears to be the father of Timmy Neusbaum, George Neusbaum standing in Tranquility Lane.
The Pitt (add-on)

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