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A Wretched Hive is the second adventure in the Dawn of Defiance campaign. It was written by Rodney Thompson and released on December 20, 2007.

Plot summary

Freed by the heroes from the Imperial prison facility, Admiral Varth once again begins revealing valuable information on clandestine activities of the Empire. In particular, he mentions that he was responsible for funneling money and resources to something called the “Sarlacc Project.” Among those he sent funds to was a Hutt crime lord named Darga, who operates out of a ruined city on Cato Neimoidia.

Traveling to the Neimoidian colony world, the heroes manage to infiltrate Darga’s palace and step into a den of vile debauchery. While in the palace, the heroes attempt to obtain more information on the Sarlacc Project while avoiding the wrath of the Hutt gangster. The heroes’ searches lead them to a startling discovery: Darga has been keeping the Jedi Master Denia and veteran of the Clone Wars in a coma in the dungeons of his palace. After the heroes free Master Denia, she helps them deal with the Hutt’s majordomo, a Force-sensitive criminal who has been using the Force to rise in power within Darga’s organization. The heroes overhear a conversation between the majordomo and Imperial Inquisitor Draco, which introduces them to one of the main villains of the campaign. By the time they handle the majordomo, the Hutt has fled (not wanting to engage in direct conflict with a Jedi Master), and the heroes leave Cato Neimoidia.


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