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Series: The Next Generation
Miniseries: Slings and Arrows, No. 5
Author(s): Robert Greenberger
Publication information
Published: eBook - February 2008

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A new six-part epic covering the first year of service of the USS Enterprise-E, leading up to the events of the hit movie Star Trek: First Contact.

A team from the Enterprise -- Riker, La Forge, and Daniels -- are sent to deal with the latest threat from the Maquis. For La Forge and Daniels, it's just another mission, but Riker must face the spectre of his transporter twin Tom Riker, who left Starfleet to join the Maquis.

When the Enterprise team is caught between the Maquis and the Cardassians, Riker finds himself with an important decision to make -- one that may affect his future in Starfleet...

A new eBook from the author of A Time to Love and A Time to Hate!



Banek | Padraig Daniels | Data | Gavron | Jeremiah Hayes | Indira | Kalita | Geordi La Forge | Maass | Malames | Mesit | Jean-Luc Picard | William T. Riker | Tregaar | Deanna Troi


Referenced only

Linda Addison | Amitra | Koll Azernal | Siobhan Bryn | Jackson Carter (aka "Squibby") | Beverly Crusher | Dukat | Gowron | Eric Hahn | Calvin Hudson | Althea Huff | Jaresh-Inyo | Kira Nerys | James Leyton | Odo | Oswind | Thomas Riker | Ro Laren | Benjamin Sisko | Ishmael Snowden | Taliana | Tamal | Travec chim Var | Tasha Yar | Min Zife


Starships and vehicles

Anaximenes | Liberté | USS Defiant | USS Enterprise-D | USS Enterprise-E | USS Gandhi | USS Stargazer


Alaska | Badlands | Bajor sector | Betazed | Canopus Planet | Deep Space Nine | Demilitarized Zone | Dorvan V | Gamma Quadrant | Helena | Lazon II | Marva IV | Nervala IV | Orias sector | Palais de la Concorde | Quark's | Salva system | Salva II | Salva IV | Sol Arion | Starbase 19 | Starbase 310 | Starbase 375 | Tellar | Valan III | Xepolite

Races and cultures

Bolian | Borg | Breen | Cardassian | Deltan | Human | Klingon | Orion | Romulan | Tellarite

States and organisations

Cardassian Central Command | Cardassian Ministry of Justice | Federation Council | Klingon Empire | Maquis | Obsidian Order | Starfleet Academy | Starfleet Strategic Command


antilepton | imzadi | lepton | neutrino | sensor shield | spiral-wave disruptors | tongo


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