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A Terrible Beauty
Series: Deep Space Nine
Miniseries: Mirror Universe
Author(s): Jim Johnson
Publication information
Printed: Shards and Shadows
Date: 2376 (2358, 2361, 2365 2372 & 2375)



The story of Keiko Ishikawa's life from working in the Alliance mines, to escaping to Terok Nor and meeting Miles O'Brien.


Keiko IshikawaMiles O'BrienMichael EddingtonLuther SloanLeeta • Sam Bowers • Zarale • Tasha Yar • Broca • Chu'lak • Thirishar ch'Thane • Kozak • Tiron
Referenced only 
Julian BashirSpockT'Lara • Zek




Bajor • Korvat • Terok NorWardroom
Referenced only 
Badlands • Empok Nor


AndorianBajoran • Bolian • Cardassian • Human • KlingonVulcan
Referenced only 

Starship classes

States and Organizations

Klingon-Cardassian Alliance • Memory Omega • Terran Rebellion


Bloodwine • Comfort woman • Delta • Gamma • Obachan • OverseerSarium krellide • Soporific • Sto-vo-korTerran • Theta • Vulcan salute


  • Robert Lyons of named "A Terrible Beauty" as the best story in the Shards and Shadows in his review. [1]

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  • Saturn's Children - The 2376 portions of A Terrible Beauty begin two weeks after Saturn's Children.
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