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A Sticky Situation
location: Little Lamplight
end location: Big Town
given by: Sticky
reward: Red Party Hat

Location of Big Town

related: Big Trouble in Big Town

A Sticky Situation is an unmarked Fallout 3 quest.


Little Lamplight

Once given clearance to enter Little Lamplight by Mayor MacCready, the gate opens to display several child NPCs gathered around a teenaged NPC wearing a red birthday hat.

Sticky has just turned 18 (he mentions that all who turned 18 must leave during one of the dialogues) - and at this age, it's time for him to leave the Little Lamplight. When you speak to him he tells you he wants to go to Big Town, where all the grownups go.


Once Sticky joins your party, you may give him weapons and/or armor (even power armor) which he will then use to defend himself.

During the trip, Sticky talks quite a bit, sometimes making up stories presumably chosen at random. His stories follow a Mad-Lib template; similar stories repeat, with only about half the words changed. You can choose to put up with it, you can tell him to shut up, or you can kill him with impunity (no Karma loss).

This quest is completed once crossing the bridge to enter Big Town.


  • So long as the PC has not reached Big Town, Sticky will remain a constant companion. With a set of Tesla Armor, he can act as a quite decent pack mule (and comic relief). Be aware that he will NOT heal himself after each battle, so supplying him with stimpaks is a good idea.
  • If, prior to this escort, the player has already completed Big Trouble in Big Town and taught the townsfolk how to plant mines for protection, the mines will NOT recognize Sticky as "friendly." Note that the quest completes when Sticky yells excitedly about seeing Big Town, and he cannot be told to "Wait" after this point. He will rush across the bridge and be blown sky high. If the player wants to see Sticky safely into Big Town, they must tell Sticky to wait well back from the road that approaches Big Town and disarm the multitude of mines the townspeople have laid down around the bridge.
  • There is an option to tell Sticky to shut up, but even with 100 speech, the chance of it working is 84%. Should you fail the speech check, he will say that he doesn't have to take your crap and resort to the childish game of repeating every 'stop talking' remark you say (i.e. should you say "You zip it!" he will say "No, you zip it!" This will continue with various phrases until you choose the "I'm not playing this game." option. Should this amuse you, you can resume the game upon talking to him at any point until you reach Big Town).
  • No caps are awarded, despite Sticky's promises otherwise.
  • If you plan to escort him, do so quickly. Sticky has a bad habit of showing up dead and dismembered just inside the entrance of the caves if you ignore him.
  • If you have failed Big Trouble in Big Town (killing Red) , Sticky will not be there.
  • It is also possible to fast travel to Big Town via the Pip Boy, making the journey very short. this method is also a great way to avoid the mines as you will appear directly inside Big Town.
  • If you do take Sticky to Big Town before doing the quest Big Trouble in Big Town you won't be able to talk to him for a period of time (from one hour to a full day in-game) he will just say to you "Where's Red?" and if you talk to any NPCs in Big Town about him needing to pay you with Red's money they will tell you not to tell Sticky she's missing, sadly you can't tell him at all.
  • Sticky says that everyone in Little Lamplight has to leave when they are 18 but Bittercup, through dialog, will say that she left at 16.


The quest will sometimes complete itself if he gets too close to the edges of big town's walls on the outside; rather than once you have him cross the bridge.

Little Lamplight
Big Town

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