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A Spoonful of Whiskey
(Point Lookout add-on)
location: Marguerite's Shack
given by: Marguerite
reward: 300-500 caps
6 Moonshine
base id: xx003f70

A Spoonful of Whiskey is a Fallout 3 quest that is added to the game with the Point Lookout add-on.



Marguerite will try and convince you that she is sick, and she needs these items to get better. With Medicine and Speech she will admit she makes Moonshine and ask you to gather these items for caps as well as a share of the Moonshine.

You need

It is a wise idea to travel light and find a way to get the fission batteries and punga fruit to Marguerite. The required items will total a massive 70 lbs., or 80 if you're carrying wild punga; if you're also carrying the required 12 pounds of Yeast, that's 82 or even 92 pounds on top of your other equipment.

It is possible to bring the items per batch to Marguerite; this may be a more weight-efficient way of completing this quest. You can also drop the items in her kitchen and retrieve them later once you have them all.

A good place to find both the Yeast and the Fission Batteries is Blackhall Manor (if you haven't already taken the items). The Yeast is all around upstairs and down and the Fission Batteries are upstairs. Look everywhere, there are 6. There are also another six Fission Batteries and also 3 yeast below the batteries in the Calvert Mansion panic room if the house has been destroyed. Yeast and Batteries can also be found in the Trapper's Shack. You can get the Refined Punga Fruit from the Ark & Dove Cathedral after you have completed the Walking with Spirits quest. There are at least four Fission Batteries in the Lighthouse.

Haley usually stocks multiple Batteries.


  • You can do this over and over, getting more Moonshine and caps
  • Then again, is it worth it? If you truly value the effects moonshine gives you when consumed, or if you're in it for the +50 XP gained for each batch of moonshine collected, then repeat this task as often as you like. But if you're just trying to turn a profit, do not repeat this task if you have a barter higher than 63. The collective sale value of the ingredients may be greater than the sum of the 300 cap reward and sale value of the resulting moonshine.
    • Total reward (not counting the one-time repair job) is 600 caps [300 straight + 300 worth of Moonshine].
    • Cost in raw materials is 713 caps using Wild Punga Fruit, or 813 caps using Refined Punga Fruit!

At 59% price (30 Barter, without perks or merchant-specific discounts), completing the quest using Refined Punga Fruit becomes unprofitable. Completing the quest using Wild Punga becomes unprofitable at 73%price (63 Barter, without perks or merchant-specific discounts).

  • If you do this quest after Thought Control you will have access to Desmond's Panic Room in Calvert Mansion which is a very good place to pick up the quest items quickly. On the shelves in the very back, there are 6 fission batteries and 3 bags of yeast. Just grab some Refined Punga Fruit from The Ark & Dove Cathedral and you're all set.


You will receive 300 caps and six Moonshine. You can also repair her still for good karma or an additional 100 caps (200 with a speech check).

Behind the scenes

The title of this quest may refer to the practice of using small quantities of high-proof spirits as a 'cure-all' folk remedy, especially in and around Appalachia where the production of home-brewed grain alcohols have been a part of the local culture since the arrival of European settlers in America.

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