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A Manhandled Manservant

Argyle's corpse
location: Rockopolis
end location: Tenpenny Tower
given by: Argyle's corpse
other npcs: Herbert Dashwood
reward: Mini-Nuke
Schematics - Bottlecap Mine

A Manhandled Manservant is an unmarked Fallout 3 quest.


Receiving and completing the quest

Argyle has not been seen since he was separated from Herbert "Daring" Dashwood on their escape from Rockopolis. The retired adventurer refuses to believe his manservant died in that battle though, instead believing he is still out there somewhere. Upon visiting Rockopolis and finding Argyle's corpse, the player may return the news to Herbert Dashwood at Tenpenny Tower for a reward.

Dashwood, sad to hear of Argyle's demise (he always thought Argyle would outlast him by at least 100 years), tells the player that his days of adventuring are over and gives the player the key to his safe.


Inside the safe are Bottle caps, Mentats, a Mini-Nuke, Rad-X, Schematics - Bottlecap Mine, a Stealth Boy and Stimpaks.

Taking the Bottle caps will result in negative karma and he will become hostile. If you leave the bottle caps, he will not become hostile.


  • If you decide to kill Roy Phillips and his ghouls in the Tenpenny Tower quest, then this unmarked quest must be started before doing so. To start the quest, you must first talk to Phillips about a possible peaceful negotiation, then bring the proposal to Allistair Tenpenny himself, then side with the ghouls when talking to Dashwood. If the ghouls are killed before talking to Dashwood, he won't reminisce about Argyle and instead the only option to get into his safe is killing him, pickpocketing him or using the console (PC version only) to unlock his safe.
  • If human residents of the Tenpenny Tower are massacred by the ghouls, Dashwood will be found dead in the basement. Even if resurrected by console, he won't be able to talk about his ghoul servant. Moreover, his body contains no items (and no key), so the only option to open his safe is the console. Keep that in mind before finishing the Tenpenny Tower quest in a diplomatic way, because the next visit to the tower might be after the massacre.
  • While listening to "The Adventures of Herbert Dashwood" on the last episode, Daring says this could be the end of... They do sound like they're grunting. If you look above Argyle's body, there's a small hole which they probably tried to escape but Argyle fell and was killed by slavers.


  • You can take all the caps in the safe and Dashwood will not become hostile, provided he has given you the key. (Confirmed on Xbox 360 and PS3)
  • Even after receiving the key, taking any items from Dashwood's safe may be considered stealing, resulting in Dashwood taking the items back if he sees you use the safe. This can be avoided by waiting for him to leave the room, though it will still affect karma. (Confirmed all platforms)
Tenpenny Tower

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A Manhandled Manservant is the unmarked quest in which you must go to Rockopolis to find Argyle's dead body and tell Herbert Dashwood in Tenpenny Tower that Argyle is dead.

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