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AX-235 in the Cron Drift.

AX-235 was a Rebel outpost hidden in the asteroids of Cron Drift to monitor Imperial transmissions detected by some communications satellites, stolen from Orron III. It was the very outpost that intercepted an Imperial transmission with the schematics of the Death Star. Due to the importance of what had been discovered, Biggs Darklighter was sent to personally courier the schematics out of AX-235, taking them to the Mon Calamari Star Cruiser Independence.

Behind the scenes

The control room on AX-235.

The scenario of the X-Wing is inconsistent with the A New Hope opening crawl, according to which the plans were taken during a battle which was also 'the first victory' against the Empire. According to the game, the Rebels had many victories before that event, whereas the opening crawl stated that they only had one major victory.

This can be explained by retconning that the outpost did not actually get the final plans, but only learned about their existence. The plans carried to Tantive IV in a later mission of the game, although implied to be the same ones taken from the outpost, are retconned now to be those taken during the Battle of Danuta and Battle of Toprawa.


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