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The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
race: Giant robot
affiliation: ODYSSEUS
role: Robotic juggernaut
location: Tibbets Facility
appearances: Van Buren

ARGOS uncreatively, the robotic juggernaut controlled by ODYSSEUS, the central computer of the prison. It's an enormous (building-sized) multi-legged rover armed with missiles, extremely accurate long-range laser weapons, and an advanced array of sophisticated sensors used for communicating with ODYSSEUS and tracking prisoners via their Lil' Pip 3000s (small mini-Pip Boys locked onto their wrists).

In the game/story, ARGOS was damaged on its release from the prison. This weakened it slightly (moved more slowly) and made it impossible for ODYSSEUS to command. ARGOS ceaselessly attempts to retrieve the prisoners no matter what ODYSSEUS tells it to do. This is bad because ODYSSEUS needs ARGOS to seal an enormous breach in the prison through which the PCs can repeatedly walk right out of. Further, Cell Block 13 is completely blasted open, so there's absolutely no barrier for the PCs if they get re-captured. At least the other cell blocks can hold the prisoners that the Prisoner/ARGOS recover.


ARGOS appears only in Van Buren.


  • Correspondence with Van Buren developers

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