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Alf, center, with Garfield and Baby Kermit in Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue

ALF, an acronym for Alien Life Form, was the name of an NBC sitcom, which ran from 1986 until 1990, and of its title character. ALF was a wise-cracking, cat-eating puppet alien, stranded on Earth. In 1987, he received a spin-off, an animated series based on the character's life on his home planet of Melmac, under his given name of Gordon Shumway. A second series, Alf Tales, followed in 1989, adapting fairy tales and classic literature featuring the alien characters. The puppet version would later be revived, in the 1996 TV movie Project: ALF and the 2004 TV Land series Alf's Hit Talk Show.



ALF appeared with the Muppet Babies in the 1990 animated television special Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue. Amongst other contributions, ALF threatened to eat Garfield and startled Baby Gonzo by demolishing the Berlin Wall.

Muppet Mentions

CTW's acknowledgement in the pilot episode
  • In the first episode of the live-action series, which aired on September 22, 1986, Alf and young Brian Tanner are watching Sesame Street; a variation of "One of These Things" can be heard. ALF is rather critical of the series.
Brian: Do you get Sesame Street where you live?
ALF: No, and frankly I don't get it here either.
TV Voice: If you said it was the cow riding on the subway, you're absolutely right!
ALF: Brilliant. This and the letter I in one day.


Several crew members and performers associated with the Muppets and Henson worked on the series and its spin-offs.

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