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AK-112 Assault Rifle
damage: 8 - 16
damage type: Normal
attack modes:
Single (AP: 5, R: 45)
Burst (AP: 6, R: 38)
burst rounds: 8
ammo Type 5mm
ammo capacity: 24
min. Strength: 5
hands req.: 2
weight: 7 pounds
value: $1300
prototype id: 23
An AK-112 5mm Assault Rifle. An old military model, out of use around the time of the war. Can fire single-shot or burst, using the high velocity 5mm rounds.

The AK-112 Assault Rifle is an old military model that was in service during the early 21st century. Chambered for 5mm ammunition, it utilizes a 24-round magazine and is capable of firing single-shot or in bursts. This weapon was eventually considered aged and was scheduled to be replaced, just prior to the Great War.

In Fallout 2, the AK-112 can be upgraded with an extended magazine, increasing the magazine capacity to 100 rounds. Several other weapons can also be upgraded for free in the basement of New Reno Arms.

The weapon was originally named Colt Rifle in the beta version of Fallout.[1]


  • Fallout:
    • Sold by Jake in The Hub - Old Town.
    • You can find the AK-112 in Boneyard. It's in the second house on the right side, in the Adytum district of Boneyard.
    • In Set's house in Necropolis there is an Assault Rifle (on the right side of the house).
    • In Necropolis one AK-112 rifle could be found in building, housing the passage to Vault-12 (and guarded by supermutants headed by sergeant Harry) - the rifle is in one of the containers
    • Morpheus carries one.
    • Zack sells them along with its ammo.
    • Each of the Brotherhood of Steel Knights in the training room on the first level of the Brotherhood of Steel bunker have one that can be pickpocketed. They also do not become hostile if caught in the act.
    • One can be found on a corpse on the first level of the Glow.
  • Fallout 2:
    • You are awarded with this weapon if you help establish a truce between the Slags and the farmers of Modoc .
    • In the NCR, if officer Jack dies, you can find an assault rifle on his corpse.

In Fallout 2, The 5mm ammunition is quite easy to come by. It can be found on many NPCs and in many containers. In many raider encounters, the male raiders will carry 5mm ammunition. However, they will stop appearing if the secret raider base is destroyed. Since an upgraded AK-112 will automatically come with 100 5mm JHP rounds, upgrading any AK-112's you come across is an effective way of generating additional ammunition.


The AK-112 Assault Rifle is a Fallout and Fallout 2 weapon. It appears there simply as "Assault Rifle". In Fallout 3, it was replaced by the R91 Assault Rifle and the Chinese Assault Rifle.


  1. Screenshot featuring the original rifle's name
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