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race: Computer
affiliation: Brotherhood of Steel
role: Medical computer
location: San Francisco
appearances: Fallout 2
dialogue file: fsface.msg

ACE is the Brotherhood of Steel's advanced medical computer located in the lower level of its San Francisco bunker. The computer is capable of comprehensive medical care and biomedical modification and reconstruction. Though the computers memory is incomplete memory modules for strength, intelligence, charisma and perception enhancements can be found. These red, yellow, blue, and green chips can be found in a Vault 8 locker, the Sierra Army Depot, Navarro, and the Mariposa Military Base respectively.

After visiting the bunker for the first time, the Chosen One can check ACE's security records to find out what happened to Matt. Also, in ACE's dialogue it is revealed that the medical computer might have achieved self-awareness since it told the Chosen One that sometimes it 'feels lonely'. Also, ACE suggests that some of other self-aware AIs may have altered data in the real world for amusement that may have helped the world towards the conclusion of the Great War.


ACE appears only in Fallout 2.

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