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AC1 surveillance droid ("Spy-eye")
Production information

Cybot Galactica


AC1 surveillance droid


security droid

Technical specifications

.7 meters


.7 meters

Sensor color



light blaster (optional)

Chronological and political information

Rebellion era


AC1 surveillance droids, also called "Spy-eyes," Surveillance remote droids, or security remotes, essentially mobile, semi-intelligent surveillance holocams. They were equipped with a repulsorlift engine, a visual-range holocam (on a 180-degree swivel mount) with simultaneous holotransmitter, and a holo receiver unit. The model moved about as fast as a human and was very silent, able to move in zig-zag patterns so rapidly that most species would not be able to see them. Within a range of 500 meters, the holotransmitter could continuously feed live images to a security officer's holo display, and within that range the security officer could remotely control the droid by joystick if needed. The droids were not very intelligent and lacked personality. They would record suspects and relay the visual recordings, along with locational information, to a central surveillance station, then hide until they received further instruction or were taken over by remote control. Some at Battle of Hoth were equipped with a light blaster.

a security remote on the Death Star I

They were deployed by the Empire on the Death Star I and at the Battle of Hoth; they were also used as advance scouts by the Alliance. They were also deployed by the Imperial agent known as Blackhole; he used a host of them to track Luke Skywalker in 1 ABY on Vorzyd V without Luke knowing it. They were eventually destroyed by agents of the Vorzydiak President.

an AC1 on Vorzyd V


  • Star Wars Annual 1: The Long Hunt (Mentioned only)
  • Gambler's World (First appearance)
  • Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back



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