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Alternate Advancements, or AAs, are an alternate form of character advancement beyond the adventuring level cap. They extend or augment the player's existing skills and add some new abilities. See Alternate Advancement for more general info, including level caps.

Fighter (Shadows)
Warrior (Shadows)
 - Berserker (Shadows)
 - Guardian (Shadows)
Brawler (Shadows)
 - Bruiser (Shadows)
 - Monk (Shadows)
Crusader (Shadows)
 - Paladin (Shadows)
 - Shadowknight (Shadows)
Mage (Shadows)
Sorcerer (Shadows)
 - Warlock (Shadows)
 - Wizard (Shadows)
Enchanter (Shadows)
 - Coercer (Shadows)
 - Illusionist (Shadows)
Summoner (Shadows)
 - Conjuror (Shadows)
 - Necromancer (Shadows)
Priest (Shadows)
Druid (Shadows)
 - Fury (Shadows)
 - Warden (Shadows)
Cleric (Shadows)
 - Inquisitor (Shadows)
 - Templar (Shadows)
Shaman (Shadows)
 - Defiler (Shadows)
 - Mystic (Shadows)
Scout (Shadows)
Bard (Shadows)
 - Dirge (Shadows)
 - Troubador (Shadows)
Predator (Shadows)
 - Assassin (Shadows)
 - Ranger (Shadows)
Rogue (Shadows)
 - Brigand (Shadows)
 - Swashbuckler (Shadows)


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  • Eagle Intelligence
  • Eagle Spin
  • Eagle's Fury
  • Eagle's Shriek
  • Eagle's Talon (AA)
  • Empathic Aura
  • Empathic Soothing
  • Empathic's Stamina
  • Empathy for the Master
  • Empower Servant
  • Energy Vortex
  • Enhance Jab: Five Rings
  • Enhance Jab: Morning Star
  • Enhance Jab: Stifling Palm
  • Enhance Kick: Horse Kick
  • Enhance Kick: Rising Dragon
  • Enhance Kick: Rising Phoenix
  • Enhance Punch: Biting Cobra
  • Enhance Punch: Velium Palm
  • Enhance Punch: Velium Talon
  • Enhance: Abomination
  • Enhance: Absolute Corruption
  • Enhance: Absolution
  • Enhance: Acid
  • Enhance: Act of War
  • Enhance: Adhorrent Seal
  • Enhance: Aggravated Assault
  • Enhance: Air Pet
  • Enhance: Allay
  • Enhance: Amazing Reflexes
  • Enhance: Ancestral Avenger
  • Enhance: Ancestral Balm
  • Enhance: Ancient Terror
  • Enhance: Ancillary Poison
  • Enhance: Anguish
  • Enhance: Apocalypse
  • Enhance: Apply Poison
  • Enhance: Aqueous Serpents
  • Enhance: Arcane Tempo
  • Enhance: Aria of Magic
  • Enhance: Armor of Nature
  • Enhance: Aspect of the Bat
  • Enhance: Asylum
  • Enhance: Atrophy
  • Enhance: Attribute Poison
  • Enhance: Avoid
  • Enhance: Awestruck
  • Enhance: Ball of Magma
  • Enhance: Bane of Warding
  • Enhance: Battery and Assault
  • Enhance: Bayle's Leadership

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