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For an overview of plasma rifle models, see Plasma Rifle.
A3-21's Plasma Rifle
Attack statistics
dmg/attack: 50
DPS: 200
attacks/sec: 4
# of projectiles: 1
spread: 0.2
crit dmg: 50
crit chance: x 2.5
ammo type: MFC
ammo per shot: 1
ammo capacity: 12
shots/reload: 12
skill: Energy Weapons
AP: 25
item HP: 1200
repair: Enclave Plasma Rifles
weight: 8
value: 2200
quests: The Replicated Man
base id: 0006B539

A3-21's Plasma Rifle is an upgraded version of the normal Plasma Rifle. It is one of the strongest weapons in the game, and can be obtained very early on.



  • It does 5 more damage at max energy weapons and condition.
  • This Weapon has a critical % multiplier of 2.5, compared to the standard version's 2.
  • It can be repaired with normal plasma rifles, although it is very durable and will not need to be repaired often.
  • It has a 33% higher max condition value.

Related quests

Quest Notes

  • It is carried by Harkness, and can be received by the player character through two of the endings of The Replicated Man quest.
  • The Player can still get this and the Wired Reflexes perk if he reveals Harkness' identity to himself then he will give you the weapon even if you convince him to leave with Zimmer. The player gets +200 Karma for talking to Harkness if you tell him that you'll keep this a secret (and if you convince him to leave with Zimmer you won't gain or lose karma.) you'll get -200 Karma for revealing Harkness' identity to Zimmer, equaling no change in overall Karma. If the player does not reveal Harkness' identity to him it is impossible to achieve the gun otherwise as Harkness is considered "important to the plot" and will fall unconscious if you try to kill him. See the The Replicated Man page for details.

Appearances in games

A3-21's Plasma Rifle appears only in Fallout 3.


  • The ammo for A3-21's Plasma Rifle (Microfusion Cell) can be purchased in abundance from just about any merchant (albeit rather expensive per shot) and is commonly found on both Enclave Soldiers and Talon Company Mercs. However repairing the rifle itself can be difficult until the Lone Wanderer has begun to encounter Enclave Soldiers.
  • This weapon is best acquired early on in the game, as the means of obtaining it are very simple.
  • It is generally considered a top-end energy weapon; without the Operation: Anchorage or Broken Steel add-on it is probably only second to the Alien Blaster and Firelance, which both degrade extremely quickly & are unique items with severely limited ammunition. With The Pitt and Mothership Zeta add-ons, A3-21's Plasma Rifle could be considered to be weaker than both the Metal Blaster and MPLX Novasurge, but both are harder to acquire and require purchasing the respective add-on.
  • Even though the weapon has minor spread, the shots will fire straight for most of a magazine. There might be one or two shots per magazine that will be completely inaccurate.
  • Though the Scoped Gauss Rifle does more damage per shot, the Plasma Rifle has a distinct advantage of a greater rate of fire, and easier handling in close quarters combat.
  • When Broken Steel is downloaded, the number of Enclave Soldiers carrying plasma rifles increases greatly, making it far easier to maintain.


  • When changing the in-game HUD and Pip-Boy to blue, the rifle may fire blue instead of green plasma (Observed on PS3).
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