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The 7th Heaven is a bar owned and run by Tifa Lockhart in the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII videogames, serving as a homebase for many of the main characters in the games, specifically Final Fantasy VII onwards.
Despite the singlular title it is actually the name of two seperate businesses; the original in Midgar's Sector 7, which was destroyed, and one in the city of Edge built after the fall of Meteor.



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The original 7th Heaven in Midgar.

Located in the slums of Sector 7 in Midgar the original 7th Heaven bar was built by an unnamed carpenter during the events of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, and tenderly named "7th Heaven" by Zack Fair during a conversation.
Intended to house an anti-Shinra base from the start; in Final Fantasy VII it served as the base of operations for the AVALANCHE terrorist organization. By using a secret elevator disguised as a pinball machine, AVALANCHE members could reach their secret headquarters below the bar's main floor. To most of the organization's members, the bar was also their only known home. The familial ties in the business was at such an extent that, when Tifa once joined Cloud Strife and Barret Wallace on an AVALANCHE mission, the bar was left in the trusted care of Marlene Wallace, Barret's four-year-old adoptive daughter.

However, this bar was destroyed when President Shinra ordered the destruction of the Sector 7 pillar, dropping the plate upon the slums and crushing the entire area underneath it. The AVALANCHE members who were not on a mission at the time were killed inside the bar. Marlene was not in the bar at the time, having been saved by Aerith Gainsborough, another citizen of the slums, before the plate fell.

After Meteorfall and the destruction of Midgar the 7th Heaven bar is rebuilt in the new city, Edge. During Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children it housed Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockheart, Denzel, and Marlene Wallace, and acted as a central office for Cloud and Tifa's new transportation business, the Strife Delivery Service.
In Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII-, Shelke and Red XIII also seems to have moved in.

Musical Themes

"Tifa's Theme" from Final Fantasy VII''
Image:FFVII - Tifa's Theme.ogg
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Before setting out to destroy the Sector 5 Reactor, the background music to the 7th Heaven is "Tifa's Theme" (ティファのテーマ Tifa no Tēma). However, after Cloud decides to take up one more job and destroy the Sector 5 Reator, "Barret's Theme" (バレットのテーマ Baretto no Tēma) replaces Tifa's as the 7th Heaven's theme.



Zack suggesting the bar's name to a carpenter in the Spanish version of Crisis Core.
  • In Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, when gathering materials to create a flower cart, Zack Fair meets a carpenter looking to build a bar. When voicing his intentions for the bar the carpenter states "Maybe there'll be a young girl tending the bar... Yes, yes, with a big bosom and long legs! Just a killer figure!" An intention that would come true through Tifa Lockhart.
  • The carpenter also mentions enthusiastically that it should have a secret anti-Shinra base (causing Zack to mention that he works for Shinra).
  • It is possible to enter the abandoned ruins of the original 7th Heaven as Vincent Valentine explores the ruins of Sector 7 during the later chapters of Dirge of Cerberus -Final Fantasy VII- .
  • There is a bow in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift named Seventh Heaven, presumably after the bar. It grants the Ultima Shot ability.
  • In Final Fantasy VII the sign at the top of the bar says TEXAS.

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