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7 is a number in the Arabic Numeral System—the most widely used numeral system in the world. It has sponsored many episodes of Sesame Street beginning with episode 0011.

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"Some of you may be wondering - "What's up with this unhealthy obsession with the number 7?" This page offers some insights."
Luke Smith, linking to this very page[1]
"Cause that's the best number. It's like rock. Nothing beats rock or 7."
Michael Wu

Bungie Studios has long enjoyed using the number Seven (7) in its games in many prominent ways[2]. Ensemble Studios and authors also have certain obvious seven references in their works about Halo. While almost anything can be made into a reference to something with effort or construed accidentally through pareidolia, the following attempts to list the intentional references Bungie placed into Halo for the fans to find. As such, not all of these references may be fully accurate, and many of them may be proven to be false at any time.


Halo Series

Halo: The Fall of Reach

  • On October 7, 2525, three UNSC vessels were sent to investigate why the Colonial Administration Authority had lost contact with the Harvest system. 2+5=7[3]
  • Jericho VII. VII = 7 in Roman Numerals.
  • A UNSC Destroyer was only 7 meters longer than a Frigate.[4]
  • Lieutenant Hall has written 7 physics papers on Slipspace communications.[5]
  • Four Covenant frigate ships are an even match with 7 UNSC destroyers.[6]
  • Hall reports a collision in 7 seconds.[7]
  • After the UNSC Cradle sacrificed itself, the rest of the Fleet destroyed seven Covenant ships with their MAC volley fire.[8]
  • Jacob Keyes could only count 7 UNSC vessels still intact after the battle of Sigma Octanus.[9]
  • Deja showed the children a hologram of a meadow with 7 wolves hunting a moose.[10]
  • Master Chief is surrounded by 7 soldiers.[11]
  • The Pillar of Autumn carried 7 C709 Longsword-class Starfighters.
  • 7 Covenant frigates were pursuing the Pillar of Autumn[12].
  • When the SPARTANs test the MJOLNIR suit with shields, when John gets ready to go outside there are 7 ODSTs standing outside around the tent.[13]

The Pillar of Autumn is 43 years old 4+3=7 Page 238 of Halo:Fall of Reach

Halo: Combat Evolved (and Halo: The Flood)

七, the Chinese character for 7, is visible on the M6D Pistol's ejection port.
  • When the Chief's shield is down, it takes fourteen seconds to fully recharge - seven seconds while the shield flash red, and seven seconds while recharging.[14]
  • In the first level, the Master Chief escapes the Pillar of Autumn via Airlock 61. (6+1=7)
  • At the beginning of the second level, there are seven dead bodies around you (six marines and the lifeboat pilot).
  • On the level "The Silent Cartographer," at Bravo 022's crash site, there is a fully loaded rocket launcher (the first in the game) and 7 spare rockets.
  • 343 Guilty Spark: derived from the value 343 is 73.
  • "Twelve shots rang out, and seven Grunts fell."[15]
  • In Halo: The Flood, Silva wishes he had 7 Lt. McKay's.[16]
  • You need at least seven needles from the Needler to make an explosion.
  • After destroying the fusion core on the Pillar of Autumn, Master Chief drives a Warthog through a Class 7 service corridor.
  • The last Longsword on the Pillar of Autumn was in launch bay 7.
  • On the third page of the manual explaining the HUD (pg. 15), a screenshot with an explanation of the scope shows 7 extra bullets in the sniper rifle.
  • The Proto Gravemind has 7 tentacles.
  • A multiplayer map is named Chiron TL-34. (3+4=7).
  • There are 7 blast doors leading to the Index in the Library.
  • Installation 04's range is 25,000 light years. (2+5=7)
  • Chapter 7 of Halo: The Flood has the mission time listed as 7 cycles (49 units) Covenant time.
  • Carol Rawley (aka Foehammer) is part of a group of 7 people (3 pilots, 3 ground crew, and herself) who fled the Pillar of Autumn by retrieving their Pelicans rather than taking lifepods.[17]
  • The Master Chief says seven words at the end of the game to Cortana "No, I think we're just getting started." (this assumes that "we're" counts as one word).

Halo: First Strike

  • There are 7 Covenant ships in the system after Halo's destruction.[18]
  • The Covenant flagship Ascendant Justice has seven plasma turrets.[19]
  • There are seven doors leading to adjacent offices and surgical bays when Dr. Halsey first enters the medical wing of CASTLE Base.[20]
  • As she is deleting Araquiel, Dr. Halsey taps the level seven security barriers.[21]
  • Ascendant Justice exits Slipspace seven hundred thousand kilometers from the Epsilon Eridani System center.[22]
  • CPO Mendez was scheduled to meet the Spartans 0700 hours after they captured the flag from Tango Company.[23]
  • When John enters the Pelican captured from Tango Company he sees a contact on its radar 14 km out.[24] 14/2=7
  • There were seven service drones aboard the Gettysburg.[25]
  • The dead crew of the Gettysburg is placed in cargo bay seven.[26]
  • The Master Chief sets his Lotus Anti Tank Mine detonator for seven seconds. [27]
  • After Fred and Kelly steal two Wraiths, they destroy seven other Wraiths.[28]
  • Cortana describes subsection seven of the Cole Protocol as the reason they cannot immediately return to Earth aboard Ascendant Justice[29]
  • After Corporal Locklear brings the ammo up from the Pelican, there are seven grenades in the crate.[30]
  • After exiting slipspace in a captured Covenant dropship, the Spartans find themselves near two hundred forty-seven Covenant ships. As they are watching, seven more appear.[31]
  • C-7 foaming explosive is used by the Spartans and Locklear.[32],
  • Admiral Danforth Whitcomb bluffs Governor Jacob Jiles by saying they had 7 working plasma turrets.[33]
  • After John-117 leaves the medical room Dr. Halsey is in, she instructs Cortana to lock the door and "boost counter-intrusion measures to level seven." [34]

Halo: Ghosts of Onyx

  • The Spartan IIIs of Beta Company had been launched from Slipspace seven hours previous.[35]
  • Seven Covenant cruisers appear during Operation TORPEDO.[36]
  • Semi Powered Infiltration Armor has 7 minutes of breathable air.
  • "Seven other men sat at a card table, shaking off the effects of the flash-bangs."[37]
  • Operation PROMETHEUS was an assault on asteroid K7-49. 49=7*7[38]
  • "Three hundred Spartans hit the dirt at 0700"[39]
  • After two days the Spartan-III's of Alpha Company had managed to disable 7 of the reactors on the surface of K7-49.[40]
  • "On day seven," the Admiral said, "additional Covenant reinforcements arrived."[41]
  • Kurt trained the Spartan-III's of Alpha Company for 7 years."[42]
  • "We are presently seven kilometers over the planet's surface," the AI said.[43]
  • Before casualties, there were 7 active Spartan-III's on Onyx (Tom, Lucy, and Team Saber).
  • "What Sangheili Major would dare disobey a Ship Master who had led seven glorious campaigns against their enemies?"[44]
  • After boarding Bloodied Spirit Fred's MJOLNIR suit has only seven minutes of air remaining.[45]
  • When Bloodied Spirit is attacked by Onyx Sentinels, the Sentinels move into lines of seven. Seven of these lines then combine into an elongated triangle and fire.[46]
  • Chapter 27 begins at the seventh cycle, 49 units, Covenant time. 49/7=7
  • The Unggoy Kwassass had served seven years in the Covenant.[47]
  • The structure where the Spartans land is a seven-sided faceted dome with seven arches.[48] Inside are seven flat surfaces, each the size of carrier landing decks.[49]
  • "It will take seven minutes in this orbit to cover that area."[50]
  • "Seven MAC rounds struck the two lead destroyers in the Covenant line..."[51]
  • "The bulbous hull of a Covenant Seraph single ship appeared, then another Seraph appeared, then seven more..."[52]
  • The teleportation pads around Onyx are seven-sided.[53]
  • "The seven Sentinels adjusted their aim and their spheres glowed red, amber, and then glistening gold."[54]
  • "Shockwave from surface detonation impacting far side of the moon in seven seconds," Durrono said."[55]
  • The Battle of Pegasi Delta started on July 3, the Seventh month of the year.

Halo 2

  • The symbol on the Banshees' wings is made up of 7 red blocks.
  • In Halo 2 there are 7 Covenant races seen: Grunts, Jackals, Drones, Hunters, Brutes, Elites, and Prophets.
  • The phone booths on Terminal are all numbered 7.
  • If you look closely at the Master Chief's helmet, you can see a faint 7 (This is best viewed in the 1st cut scene on Metropolis).
  • 2401 Penitent Tangent: 2401 is 74. It can also be read as 2+4+0+1=7.
  • The Gravemind speaks mostly in heptameter, a poetic style with 7 meters per line.
  • On Outskirts, in the small dark room where the IWHBYD skull is located, there is a number 7 on the wall.
  • At the end of the credits the "t" is replaced with a 7 in the sentence "And a whole load of people we didn't get time to 7hank"
  • To obtain the IWHBYD skull, one must face 7 waves of Ultra Elites, with 7 Elites in the 7th wave.
  • In Outskirts on your way to the Blind Skull there is a sign bearing the number 7 nailed into the wall.
  • There are currently 7 Covenant vehicles. Wraith, Ghost, Spectre, Scarab, Banshee, Phantom and the Shadow.
  • There are only 7 drivable vehicles in the game: the Scorpion, Wraith, Spectre, Warthog, Gauss Hog, Ghost, and Banshee.
  • In a deleted scene, a longer version of the cut scene at the start of "Sacred Icon", Truth and the Arbiter were viewing 7 murals that showed how the Covenant had grown.
  • There is a clearly visible 7 scratched into the cheek of Miranda Keyes.
  • The ODSTs seen in-game belong to the 7th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Division.
  • The player fights in 7 levels as the Master Chief: Cairo Station, Outskirts, Metropolis, Delta Halo, Regret, Gravemind and High Charity .
  • In Metropolis, near the end of the level where you have to destroy the Scarab, Sergeant Banks carries a communicator. On the back of this communicator is the Hindi word for 7, written in the Hindi script.
  • Firing the Plasma Rifle until it overheats will drain 7 power units, assuming it is not burst fire.
  • On Headlong near the bridge which connects to the Needler Building, there is a piece of paper with the number 7 pinned on the wall.
  • The multiplayer map Terminal has a large 7 on the station building.
  • There is a 7 on the lower part of a Pelican's ramp.
  • You face 7 pairs of Hunters in the level Gravemind.
  • In Headlong the number 7 is nailed by the side of the door on the building that has the Energy Sword
  • When the UNSC ship In Amber Clad was in the Battle of Earth numerous units from the 17th and 77th Marine Regiments are on board.
  • There are 7 levels of caskets in the Mausoleum of the Arbiter.
  • In the level The Great Journey there are 7 large plasma cannons.
  • If you count the total of Phantoms in all of the Human levels such as Metropolis and Outskirts you will get a total of 7 Phantoms.
  • The Broadcasting station for Terminal is Channel 7.
  • It took 7 seconds for the bomb to detonate in the last cutscene on Cairo station.
  • 7 hexagons make up the zoomed targeting reticule of the Covenant Carbine.
  • On the level Metropolis Segment 02: Ladies Like Armor Plating if you look towards the end of the bridge a building is labeled B32 B= 2 ( the second letter of the alphabet) plus two plus three 2+2+3=7
  • In the trailer for Halo 2, when Master Chief walks in to the hanger and launches himself into space (which his BR55 is replaced with the Covenant bomb in the game's cut scene), above the door to the hanger is "A-07".

Halo 3

  • On Crow's Nest on the walkway above the barracks there is a box with a large red 7 written on it.
  • There are 7 structures coming out of the bottom of Epitaph.
  • Cold Storage is the seventh downloadable Halo 3 map, and was released on Bungie Day (7/7).
  • In the Cold Storage Transmission the time elapsed since an outside agent accessed the delta site has an approximate seven year margin of error.
  • On matchmaking there's a playlist called "7 on the 7th" which is featured on the 7th of every month.
  • Miranda Keyes has a seven engraved in her cheek (you can see it clearly on Crow's Nest).
  • In one of the Terminals, it is revealed that Mendicant Bias made contact and studied the Gravemind for 379,807 hours (3+7+9+8+7=34, 3+4=7).
  • The UNSC Forward Unto Dawn has the number 7 on the front of it.
  • There are 7 pairs of monoliths around the Portal.
  • “The casing is constructed of an unusual porous metallic compound. Shrapnel from the Spike Grenade reaches a temperature of approximately 270 to 315ºC and retains that heat for upwards of seven seconds. By design.” Taken from on Spike Grenades.
  • In the mission Crow's Nest, a rocket has the number 7 on each side.
  • At the beginning of Crow's Nest, some of the monitors have "Sector 331" written in a corner. 3+3+1=7.
  • Last Resort is Zanzibar Municipal Turbine 7.
  • The SMG has a scratch in the shape of a 7 (easier to see if weapon is aimed at sky or near a light source).
  • It takes 7 seconds of Hornet Chain Guns to destroy a Warthog.
  • It takes 7 seconds for 343 Guilty Spark to explode after being dealt the fatal shot in the level Halo.
  • It takes 7 seconds from being infected by an Infection Form to turn into a Combat Form.
  • In the level Cortana, in the beginning of the cut scene where you rescue Cortana, there is 7 seconds of silence before she says "You found me".
  • The seventh level of the game (The Ark) is the first level of the series (chronologically) where you first see the Installation that developes the Halo Rings.
  • On the side of the Warthog, below where the driver and passenger get in, just above the side skirts, there are 7 dashes.
  • In the level Crow's Nest, when you first take control of the Master Chief, the emergency power generators on the far side of the room, where you need to go to get the Black Eye Skull, have the writing "EPG 2401". 74 = 2401.
  • The Magnum has a Korean Hangul symbols on the barrel, and the very bottom of the mag. When reflected, it translates to the number 7.
  • In Tsavo Highway the doors at the start of the level all have the number 7 on them.
  • In the multi-player level Sandtrap, the UNSC frigate, Aegis Fate, has a number 7 surrounded in a star on the side.
  • In the Level The Covenant, there are 7 Elites that help you (not including the Arbiter or the other Elites in Co-op).
  • There are 7 levels that the Cortana and Gravemind Moments occur.
  • There are 7 lists of objects to put on a map in Forge. Weapons, Vehicles, Equipment, Scenery, Teleporters, Respawn Points, and Goals.
  • There are 7 usable vehicles on the level the Ark, the seventh level of the game, including Arrival.
  • There are 7 Chieftains in the level 'The Covenant'.
  • In the multi-player map "Foundry", at the wide end of the map there are 14 full squares in between the walls, 7 on each side.
  • It takes 7 shots from the Magnum to destroy the Gravity Lift object.
  • A Power Drain lasts for 7 seconds.
  • The center screen in the sword room on The Pit features the name sector 331. 3+3+1=7.
  • It takes 7 seconds for the screens in The Pit Ops Center to scroll through all of the visuals.
  • In the room with the Silent Cartographer, there are 7 trapezoids above the doors.
  • There are seven pieces of grating involved with the missile launcher scenery on High Ground (including the one placed under the aiming machine).
  • On the 'fire point' sign on High Ground there are 7 licks of flame coming from the white triangle.
  • There are 7 lines of text on the screen of the gate switch on High Ground.
  • Deaths that do not require two people have a seven second respawn when no other penalties are active.
  • There are two sevens on the side of Grunt Minor armor.
  • There are seven plates of metal grinding on the cranes used to board your first scarab, including the elevators.
  • There are seven pallets on the pathway with the missile pods on the storm.
  • The are seven pipes you can walk into on the lake bed where you fight your first scarab.
  • There are seven symbols on each end of the handle on the Energy Sword.
  • On Sandtrap there are 7 standing angled pillars on the long indoor walkway.
  • The Multiplayer map Epitaph has 7 hologram projectors, 6 minor ones and a Guardian Sentinel resembling projector.
  • You can get 7 Objective Sprees in Halo 3.
  • There are 7 scoped weapons: Battle Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Beam Rifle, Carbine, Rocket Launcher, Fuel Rod Gun, and Spartan Laser.
  • In the credits, Bungie frequently replaces the letter 't' with the number '7'.
  • There are 7 Vidmaster achievements; 4 achievements can be found in Halo 3 while the other 3 are in Halo 3: ODST.
  • There are 7 Gravemind moments on Cortana.
  • On the mission Halo there are 7 vehicles other than the Warthog: 4 Ghosts, 1 Mongoose and 2 Choppers.
  • There are 7 bellows of smoke on the horizon in Rat's Nest.
  • On the level Tsavo Highway you exit the base through door number 7.
  • On Sandbox the Golf Club is called a 7-wood.
  • The blue lights that shoot out of the towers on Valhalla appear every 49 seconds. 7*7=49
  • The Human-Covenant war had begun 2525 and ended 2553, approximately 28 years. 28 divided by 4 = 7
  • In matchmaking, there are 7 pieces of equipment that can be used.
  • At the bottom of the 'pit of death' on Orbital, there are 7 purple lights randomly scattered (not including the ring of 6 lights, which have a darker shade of purple)
  • There are 7 terminals in total within the game.

Cortana Letters and Transmissions

  • There are 14 transmissions. 14/2 = 7
  • Cortana signs one letter with seven 'X's and 'O's.
  • Cortana sends eight emails. But Letter Three was likely never intended, so seven messages were planned.

I Love Bees

While Ilovebees was technically created by 4orty2wo Entertainment rather than Bungie, it is highly probable they were aware of and continued the tradition.

  • When the Apocalypso crashes, all communications in the solar system are disabled for about seven seconds.
  • When players unlocked 777 axons, a voice-actor playing Melissa joined the game.
  • When Kamal Zaman accesses his voice mail, he has seven old messages.
  • Hiro, reading a how-to book on dating, tells Kamal to skip to chapter seven.
  • A part of the game had players guiding the Sleeping Princess out of her "glass coffin", a prison in her mind appearing as a story-tale world. Players would have to guide her down various paths marked by signs with unusual markings. The correct paths are Deadly Sins (there are seven), Waves (seven seas), and Skinny Cow and Fat Cow (in the Bible, the Pharaoh had a dream about seven skinny cows that ate seven fat cows).[56]
  • When Rani tries to start a chatter business with a friend Trevor, their equipment only manages to produce 49. 49/7=7
    • Rani leaves with 14. 14/2=7
    • Trevor planned to make chatters for 7% of what they cost in convenience stores.
  • As of 2004, Aunt Margaret had been beekeeping for seven years.
  • Yasmine Zaman's augmentations are performed in Lab 7.
  • Yasmine Zaman washed out of the Spartan II program at age 14. 14/2=7
  • Margaret Efendi's email address, later hijacked by the AIs, is
  • Durga has George Shebura arrested on 14 charges of counterfeit. 14/2=7
  • Later, George Shebura recieved "7 more parking tickets" in one week.
  • Hiro says "that's like the seventh time today you've refused to answer your chatter."
  • Durga analyzed Jersey's food-buying habits over the last 7 months.

Halo: Contact Harvest

  • There were seven space elevators of the Tiara.
  • Seven main maglev train lines led out from each base of the space elevators.[57]
  • Prophet Senior Ministry staffers could manage to travel in their gravity thrones in groups as small as seven.[58]
  • The first space elevator to collapse was the seventh elevator.
  • Later Loki changed the five minute interval for the containers to seven minutes.
  • When Staff Sergeant A.J. Johnson offers his hand to Byrne, he hesitated, enough for Jenkins to count from push-ups 38-45. (45 - 38 = 7)
  • Sif's electronics were stored in seven towers in the Tiara's control room.

Halo: The Cole Protocol

  • Commander Dmitri Zheng's homeworld was glassed 7 years before the book events, while he was out on patrol.[59]
  • As the A.I. aboard the Petya talked to the Spartans, Mike held 7 fingers to his thigh as a sign for Jai, indicating the standard AI 7 year lifespan.[60]
  • Seven ODST's were killed during the attack on the Redoubt.

Halo Wars

  • In Halo Wars, both the UNSC Firebase and Covenant Citadel possess 7 expansion sockets.
  • There are 7 Elites deactivating camouflage in the first Halo Wars Trailer
  • There are 7 types of buildings for each UNSC and Covenant.
  • There are 7 power nodes that you can destroy to make the super scarab's searchlight move slower.
  • In the final cutscene "The End", after Anders is put into cryo-sleep, you can see the the numbers, 3 and 4 behind Cutter. This is possibly another 7 reference (3+4=7).
  • There are 7 barrels on the front left part of a firebase.
  • The technology levels for the Humans and Covenant could serve as a reference, Humans=4, Covenant=3, 4+3=7

Halo 3: ODST

  • The Superintendent has 7 faces for his monitors. (if you include no expression)
  • In the trailer, there are seven Brutes in the Covenant patrol.
  • In the trailer, the song that plays is 77 seconds long or 1:17 minutes long, a seven/SPARTAN-117 reference.
  • At approximately 10 seconds into the ODST trailer there are 7 HEVs burning in the atmosphere.
  • The Superintendent will change his face 7 times during the trailer (including its beginning emotion).
  • The Rookie's enlistment date is 07/07/2547. (07/07) This is also a reference to Bungie Day.
  • In Firefight, you start out with 7 lives.
  • 7 Playable characters in Firefight (If you included Sgt. Johnson).
  • 7 Protagonists in ODST (counting the Superintendent)
  • In the first cutscene there are 7 ODST calls, or beeps.
  • When you successfully arm all the bolts in your pod, you will hit the ground 7 seconds later.
  • It takes the Superintendent 7 camera views to chronicle the Rookie's HEV pod crashing.
  • When the player arrives in the mission Data Hive, the Rookie is on Sub-Level 07.
  • In the cutscene after completing Coastal Highway there are 7 Covenant cruisers glassing New Mombasa.
  • At 00:39 onwards of the Legendary Epilogue cutscene, there are 7 Engineers looking down into the Forerunner structure.
  • In Sadie's Story Dr. Endesha sees 7 Engineers who escaped the Brutes.
  • The watchtower of the bridge inside the ONI Alpha Site's compound is number 07.
  • In Firefight mode, you have 7 skulls.
  • The Number of the Oliphant used by Dare and Vergil is 49, or 72.
  • There are 7 Olifants in the game (including the destroyed ones).

Halo: Reach

  • Jorge-052 is another reference to the number 7. 5+2=7
  • The Halo: Reach Announcement trailer was 1:17 minutes long, or in seconds, 77.
  • The number 7 is visible in the Halo: Reach VGA Trailer.[61]
  • In the VGA trailer, Carter doesn't talk until 1:17 minutes into the video, or in seconds 77.

Halo Legends

  • There are 7 episodes.


  • Most family names of Sangheili have 7 letters, including the 'ee' suffix for military service (e.g., Vadumee, Zamamee, Vadamee).
  • There are a total of 7 variants of the Warthog: The Rocket Hog in Halo: CE, the normal variant, the Gauss Hog, the Troop transport hog, the Flatbed Warthog, the Warthog APC, and the Civilian Hog, as seen on Headlong.
  • Seventh Column is the name given to Bungie's official fan club.
  • The Master Chief stands 7' tall.
  • There are seven remaining Spartan-IIs still able to fight: John, Fred, Kelly, Linda, and Gray Team, the three missing at the start of the mission beyond UNSC-controlled space.
  • The Ascii Master Chief in a Bungie Weekly Update was made with 7s.
  • Smart AIs (such as Cortana) go rampant after seven years of activation.
  • There are 7 Halo rings.
  • In the Cortana Letters "... In my palace deep, Lyca lies asleep ..." is mentioned on the 7th letter and is believed to be from the poem "The Little Girl Found-By William Blake". One section says:

pre "Arm in arm, seven days They traced the desert ways. seven nights they sleep Among shadows deep, And dream they see their child Starved in desert wild." </pre>

  • In the preview of Halo 3 featured at the Seattle IMAX theatre, Bungie gave away a prize to the person sitting in seat G7. (Note that G is the seventh letter of the alphabet, so it is essentially 77.)
  • The Legendary Map Pack banner on the official There is a sentence saying: Tru7h. Carnage. Bungie.
  • All of the "Monitor" Forerunner A.I.'s have I.d. numbers that are powers of seven.
  • The Forerunner Dreadnought has 14 x 14 x 14 dimensions. 14 = 7+7.
  • In the background of the Limited Edition of Halo 3, the door behind the Chief has a 7 written on it.
  • In an ad for the Halo 3 guide that occasionally shows up on, "07" is stenciled in white on the Pelican behind the Master Chief.
  • Bungie has Seven Steps to World Domination.
  • In the Bungie weekly update, 6/27/08, this message is posted:


  • /C!#4x---^&-$x%^^p3@
48hr0x0ABFFFFF [ERR 5929]


Out of 5929, 5+9+2+9=25 2+5=7

Also, with "93% packet corruption", 7% was left uncorrupted.

  • There are 7 levels in the Halo games that the Arbiter is featured in that you encounter Flood. Oracle, Sacred Icon, Quarantine Zone, Floodgate, The Covenant, Cortana, and Halo.
  • In the Halo series there are 7 levels named after a Halo character: 343 Guilty Spark, Keyes, The Arbiter, Regret, Gravemind, Sierra 117 and Cortana.
  • Bungie broke off from Microsoft July 7, 2007 7/7/07
  • There are seven syllables in Orbital Drop Shock Troopers.
  • Bungie's The Art of Halo 3 was released on November 25th, 2008 (2+5= 7).
  • There are 7 vidmaster achievements.
  • In Dead or Alive 4, Spartan-458 has 7 different costumes in total.
  • Most of The Halo Series is set in years beginning with the number 25. 2+5=7 The vast majority of the game trilogy is set in 2552. 5 and 2 is the exact same equation, per order of operations.
  • In many cultures, 7 is considered to be lucky, and Master Chief is seen by Cortana to be "luckier" then the other Spartans, in both The Fall of Reach and the beginning of Halo 3.


117 is Master Chief's SPARTAN tag number, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this number, including many religious and historical references.

  • 1x1x7=7
  • Yayap determines that the Master Chief will need to flee the Pillar of Autumn via hatch E-117. Likely a reference to his Spartan number.[62]
  • Dr Halsey points out that there is only one hour and 17 minutes (1:17) left before the portal closes.[63]

Biblical Reference

  • In the year 117, the 7th Pope of the Catholic Church was named, Sixtus I, as well as John 1 becoming 7th bishop of Jerusalem.
  • The Gospel of John speaks of the 7 miracles of Jesus, the last one, John claims, culminating in his death and resurection.
  • Bungie Studios is known to have placed many biblical references in their earlier Marathon video game series, and many other such references have been found in the Halo series.
  • Here are passages from the Book of Revelation (more formally known as The Revelation of St. John the Divine). Revelation in Greek is called "The Apocalypse", a title possibly shortened from "The Apocalypse of John."
"And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as dead. And he laid his right hand upon me, saying unto me, Fear not; I am the first and the last: I am he that liveth, and was dead; and, behold, I am alive for evermore, Amen; and have the keys of hell and of death."
Book of Revelation, KJV. Chapter 1 - verses 17 and 18.
"And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascended out of the pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them."
Revelation. 11:7
  • And here are passages from the Gospel of John. These are thought less likely to be references:
"Then after that saith he to his disciples, Let us go into Judea again."
Gospel of John, 11:7
"For the law was given by Moses, [but] grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."
Gospel of John, 1:17
"There came a man who was sent from God; his name was John. He came as a witness to testify concerning that light, so that through him all men might believe."
Gospel of John, 1:1-7
(Out of all of these, perhaps the most likely to be a reference to Spartan-117 would be the last verse.)
  • Leviticus 25:9 (Sierra 259 in the Halo Reach trailer) is a conversation between Moses and God about the year of jubilee, and the past Harvest(!?!):

Leviticus 25:8 "Count off seven sabbaths of years—seven times seven years—so that the seven sabbaths of years amount to a period of forty-nine years."

Leviticus 25:9 "Then have the trumpet sounded everywhere on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement sound the trumpet throughout your land."

  • Halo 3's plot also resembles the story of Noah's Ark. Because the Forerunners kept a few of every sentient species in the galaxy in the Ark because the parasitic life-forms known as the Flood were coming, much like in the bible story of Noah's Ark. The flood was coming and Noah put two of every animal in the Ark to save them from the water flood, much like the Forerunners did before they activated the Halos to keep the other lesser sentient species from extinction.

Site 117

Alternatively, others believe the number to be a reference to "Site 117", an archaeological site containing the first evidence of a human battle. The site is near Jebel Sahaba, Nubia and dates from between 12,000-10,000 BC. The site contains 59 human remains of men, women and children who were clearly killed with primitive hunting implements.

117 and 7

It is conjectured that the numbering system for Halo installations' Monitors is, where math is the number of their installation, math. With this in mind, it is reasonable to assume that the number of the Monitor of Installation 07 is math. As well as including the number 117 when it is written in base-10 (decimal), it also includes 649. math.

The number 819 appears numerous times in the Marathon series. math. This tradition started in Marathon Infinity, with two secret terminals on the first and last levels of campaign mode. At first sight, these terminals seemed to contain nonsense. However, if the data from both terminals was copied into ResEdit (the classic Mac OS's hexadecimal editor), converted into text format, then expanded twice with Stuffit Expander, a map file would be revealed which could then be loaded in Infinity. The 819 was a reference to Hamish Sinclair, a prominent member of the community at (the sister site of as if one assigned letters to numbers sequentially (math) then Sinclair's initials, H.S., would be 8.19.[64]


  • The music for Marathon 2: Durandal and Marathon Infinity was composed and produced by an external music group called 'Power of Seven'. (Similarly, Marathon 2: Durandal also has an achievement with the same name.)
  • In the original Marathon, the barrels all have a backwards 7 in the serial number.

117 Trivia

  • In Halo 3, the game won't let you input the I.D. tag "I (upper-case i)-17", "l (lower-case L)-17", or "T-17" saying that these numbers are already reserved by the UNSC.
  • In Halo: The Flood, Yayap tells 'Zamamee that Master Chief must go through corridor E-117.
  • The Halo: Reach Video Game Awards Trailer takes 117 MB of memory to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • It is likley that one reason Bungie chose 7 as their "number of obsession" is because 7 is often seen as a lucky number which coincides with the idea that Master Chief's (John's) defining trait is that he is lucky.


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  • The Septionary is a fan-created list every seven letter word in the english language.

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Date: 7 Imperial
Solomani: 4,530 A.D.
Vilani 3,088 VI
Zhodani: 2,981.3
Aslan: 4,517
K'kree: 6,793
Hiver: -807
Previous and Following Years
-100s 0s
-3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6
8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
10s 0s
See also: Date Conversion


  • Day 064-7 - Gan Torj of the IISS Strategic Planning Unit compiles a document titled "The Expansion Process", outlining contact procedures; its circulation is restricted to Scouts in active service.
  • Day 301-7 - The Sylean Daily Herald prints Shela Jeshop's article "Bomb Threat Linked to Terrans for Truth".



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Up to date as of February 05, 2010

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