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4,015 BBY

Sidereal Period

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Year 362[1] Before the Treaty of Coruscant (BTC)

Year 3,015[2] Before the Ruusan Reformation

Year 3,980[3] Before the Great ReSynchronization (BrS)

Facts and statistics

Great Droid Revolution[4]

The following events took place in 4,015 BBY.


The galaxy in 4,015

Notable events


Conflicts and battles



Notes and references

  1. Timeline 8: Jedi Civil War states that 3,956 BBY was 303 BTC. Using simple math, the date of 362 BTC was derived.
  2. The Ruusan Reformation occurred in 1,000 BBY following the Seventh Battle of Ruusan. Using simple math based upon other confirmed dates, the date of 3,015 was derived.
  3. This date is derived from simple math based upon the calculation of other dates from the Great ReSynchronization
  4. The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia
  5. "The Most Dangerous Foe" - Star Wars Adventure Journal 11: The story states that Vici Ramunee was 16 in 3,999 BBY, therefore 4,015 BBY is an approximate date for her birth, although no confirmation of this date is confirmed.

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