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Infernalqueen Archfiend
 English: Infernalqueen Archfiend
 Arabic: ملكة الأشرار المرعبة
 French: Reine Infernale - Archdémon
 Italian: Arcidemone Regina Infernale
 Portuguese: Archdemônio Rainha Infernal
 Japanese (Kanji): インフェルノクインデーモン
 Phonetic: Inferunokuin Dēmon
 Translated: Infernoqueen Demon
Attribute: FIRE
Types: Fiend/Effect
Level: Level 4 File:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.pngFile:Star.png
ATK/DEF: 900/1500
Number: 08581705
Card Effect Type(s): Continuous/Trigger
Card Description(s):
TCG Set(s):
OCG Set(s):
Video Game Set(s):
Card Appearance(s):
Card Search Categories:
Other Card Information:
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Present
TCG/OCG Statuses
OCG: Unlimited TCG Advanced: Unlimited TCG Traditional: Unlimited
Card/Deck/Starchip/DP Costs
Video Game Numbers
Video Game Statuses
WC6: Unlimited
Facts about Infernalqueen ArchfiendRDF feed
ATK 900  +
Actions Die Roll  +
Anti-Support No Entry  +
Arabic Name ملكة الأشرار المرعبة  +
Archetype Related No Entry  +
Archetypes Archfiends  +
Archetypes Support Archfiends  +
Attack No Entry  +
Attribute FIRE  +
Card Category Monster Cards  +
Card Image InfernalqueenArchfiendDCR-NA-R-1E.jpg  +
Card Number 08581705  +
Card Type Effect Monsters  +
Class 1 Official  +
Class 2 Anime  +
Class 4 VG  +
Counters No Entry  +
DEF 1,500  +
Effect type Continuous Monster Effects  +, and Trigger Monster Effects  +
English Name Infernalqueen Archfiend  +
French Name Reine Infernale - Archdémon  +
Fusion Material No Entry  +
Italian Name Arcidemone Regina Infernale  +
Japanese Name インフェルノクインデーモン  +
Level 4  +
Life Points Pays Life Points for cost  +
Lore The controller of this card [[Costs|pa The controller of this card pays 500 Life Points during each of his/her Standby Phases (this is not optional). When this card is targeted by the effect of a card controlled by your opponent, when resolving the effect, roll a six-sided die. If the result is 2 or 5, negate the effect and destroy the opponent's card. As long as this card remains on the field, during each Standby Phase increase the ATK of 1 Archfiend monster by 1000 points until the End Phase. er by 1000 points until the End Phase.
Medium OCG  +, TCG  +, Yu-Gi-Oh! GX  +, and WC6  +
Misc Female Card List  +
MonsterSpellTrap Negates effects of Effect Monsters  +, Negates effects of Spell Cards  +, Negates effects of Trap Cards  +, Destroys your opponent's Monster Cards  +, Destroys your opponent's Spell Cards  +, and Destroys your opponent's Trap Cards  +
OCG Status Unlimited  +
Phonetic Name Inferunokuin Dēmon  +
Portuguese Name Archdemônio Rainha Infernal  +
RFP No Entry  +
Stats Your monsters gain ATK  +
Summoning No Entry  +
Support No Entry  +
Synchro Material No Entry  +
TCG Advanced Format Status Unlimited  +
TCG Traditional Format Status Unlimited  +
Translated Name Infernoqueen Demon  +
Type Fiend  +
Types Fiend  +, and Effect  +
WC6 Status Unlimited  +

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