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300 Pieces of Silver

location: Megaton
end location: Megaton
given by: Silver or Moriarty
reward: Karma (good or bad)
Moriarty friendly
related: Following in His Footsteps

300 Pieces of Silver is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3.

If you tell Moriarty you don't have 100 caps to buy information on your father, he will give you a cap raising task. He wants you to find a woman called Silver and get his money back. You can find Silver northwest of Megaton at Springvale, inside a ranch house.


Solutions and rewards

You can go about this situation one of six ways:

  1. You can kill her and obtain 400 caps along with her equipment with NO karma change unless you start taking stuff from around the shack. She will attack you straight away if you say that you are there for the caps.
  2. With a successful Speech attempt you can convince her to give you 400 caps to tell Moriarty she's gone.
  3. You can convince her to give you 300 caps to tell Moriarty she's gone.
  4. You can ask for no money and tell him she's gone. This will result in positive karma, though you are still going to have to come up with 100 or 300 caps.
  5. You can simply say she's gone without working out a deal with her, though again, you will still have to come up with the money on your own.
  6. With the speech check you can make her give you 400 caps. You can then kill her to loot another 100 caps from her body. You'll lose karma if you kill her after she gives you the 400 caps though.


  • It is actually possible to get the money from her right after you exit the Vault, just go left from the vault and go to her Ranch. She will ask if you are coming for the money and after some dialog, you will be given the choice of getting the money and telling Moriarty that she has in fact run away. If you choose to tell Moriarty that she is dead she will still be around, and the quest will be ungainable, since you do in fact already have some money to pay him with.
  • It is also possible to get the three hundred caps, good karma and not pay Moriarty. You do this by asking him where your dad is and then go to see Silver. When you meet her tell her for some of the money you will tell Moriarty that she is gone. When you go back don't talk to him, then break into the back entrance and hack his computer, then look up James (your dad) and you will complete that quest. There is one bug that when you talk to him he will still go on about the price of info etc.

Behind the scenes

  • The quest's name is a reference to the biblical Judas Iscariot, who according to the Gospel of Matthew was paid 30 pieces of silver to identify Jesus to Roman soldiers.


  • Do not agree to tell Moriarty she is gone before talking to Moriarty, or he may spawn into an inaccessible area; see his own article for tips on fixing the problem on the PC version (console players cannot fix the problem).
  • Completing the Megaton part of Following in His Footsteps will also remove the possibility of completing this quest (even if you talk to Silver first about it).
  • If you talk to Madison Li about your dad before completing this quest, all quest dialogue with either Moriarty or Silver will disappear and Silver will offer only post-quest dialogue.
  • If you have the Cannibal perk, some reports state that there might be a crash after you devour her and exit, both from back door and front door. Right when you "activate" one of the doors. This bug has not been verified.
  • If the player has spoken to Moriarty at least once, but NOT touched on the subject of Silver, when finally speaking to Silver, the dialogue options act as if the player HAS touched on the subject with Moriarty and the player already knows the situation, even if it was never previously covered in dialogue or no part of the Following in His Footsteps quest was advanced beyond searching Megaton for answers.
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