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3-Some Caravan
founder(s): Giordano brothers
leader(s): Enzo Giordano
headquarters: Hoover Dam Rim
Guido Giordano
Vinnie Giordano
The following is based on Van Buren and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

3-Some Caravan is a Hoover Dam caravan company.



The Giordano triplets are tight knit brothers who are virtually inseparable. Originally from NCR proper, they served a small stint in the prison there for petty theft. After serving one year, they decided to use what money they had left over and open a caravan company, the 3-Some Caravan Company. Business did not take off all that well since word got around they were former inmates, but there was enough business to keep afloat. The Giordanos felt it was their lucky day when their company was recruited to accompany Joseph Dodge to Hoover Dam, carrying supplies to last the journey and set up shop. This was like a second chance for the triplets, a fresh start.

Business fared better for the 3-Some Caravan Company in Hoover Dam, particularly with the riff-raff who originally settled there. The Giordanos never did anything illegal, but the impression that they were part of a lower class carried over from NCR, mostly thanks to the suspicious nature of Joseph Dodge and Ailis McLafferty egging on his suspicions.

Enzo Giordano is the speaker of the company, and he is willing to deal with anyone as long as it does not involve hurting anyone else – much. Enzo is honorable and straight forward, and he always keeps his deals[1].

Interactions with the player character

Lately, he and the other brothers have been feeling the pinch since Crimson Caravan has been supplying arms and weapons to Dodge and his NCR troops. In addition, there are frequent caravan raids against 3-Some by Brotherhood of Steel soldiers using some kind of cloaking device to hide their approach. Ailis of Crimson said she has been attacked by the same BOS, but strangely it has not affected her shipments or frequency of caravan runs. Enzo is very anxious to find out what Ailis is up to and wants to hire the Prisoner to find out about it[1].

It's very difficult to tell a Crimson caravaner from a hired escort. All are armored and carry at least a decent firearm of some sort. At first glance, these caravaners could be mistaken for raiders. If asked, they will say because of the frequent attacks by Brotherhood of Steel, they must be heavily armed and always ready for battle. If the player wants to trade with them, and the player is on neutral to good terms with the 3-Some Caravan, then they will be happy to trade. If the player established a hostile reputation with the 3-Some Caravan, then the escorts and caravaners will attack the player on sight[1].


3-Some Caravan was going to appear in Van Buren, the canceled Fallout 3 by Black Isle Studios.


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