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Nº1 Coronation Street


Address: Nº1 Coronation Street Phone number: 0161 715 8827
Current owner: Ken Barlow

Actual location: Granada Studios outdoor set

Albert Tatlock Dec 60 - Dec 61, Feb 62 - June 68, July 69 - May 84
Albert moved into No1 in 1919 after returning from the First World War Valerie Tatlock Aug 61 - Oct 61, July 62 - Aug 62

David Barlow April 65 - Dec 65

Ted Bates Aug 65 - Sept 65

Effie Spicer Dec 68 - May 69

Alice Pickens May 69 - April 69, July 69 - Sept 69

Minnie Caldwell Dec 70 - Jan 71

Ken Barlow April 72 - Jan 74, May 76 - Dec 89

Janet Barlow Oct 73 - Jan 74

Peter Barlow Aug 78 - Oct 78

March 1980: Ena Sharples returns from Lytham St Anne's to find that the Community Centre renovations are still incomplete. She lodges at No1 temporarily, but after a week decides she has been messed around enough and returns to St Anne's to stay with her old friend Henry Foster. She is not seen on Coronation Street again.

June 1981: Albert Tatlock agrees to move down into the front parlour, which is turned into a bedsit for him, in preparation for Tracy Langton to move into his old bedroom. Ken and Deirdre take the opportunity to re-decorate the whole of No1.

August 1983: As well as patching up their marriage, the Barlows renovate the kitchen at No1.

Dierdre Barlow July 81 - Dec 94

Tracy Barlow July 81 - Dec 93

Susan Barlow Nov 85 - May 86

Samir Rachid July 94 - Dec 94

January 2000: Blanche Hunt announces that she is selling her flat in Kenilworth and manipulates Ken and Deirdre to allow her to stay permanently at No1.

December 2000: Out of the blue, Peter Barlow turns up in Coronation Street - out of the Navy and divorced. He stays with his father, sleeping on the couch at No1. He also brings emotional baggage with him and reveals that his sister Susan has a 12-year old son Adam - Mike Baldwin is his father! Within a month Peter's volitile temper gets the better of him and he moves out into the shop flat. Deirdre manages to let slip the secret of Susan's son and one the reprecussions is Susan's death. Adam comes to live at No1, but things are strained between Ken and Deirdre, and in March 2001 she eventually moves out into employer Dev Alahan's flat. Deirdre fawns over Dev and soon makes an unwelcome pass at him - Peter quits the shop flat and moves back into No1, soon followed by a reconciled Deirdre. However Mike Baldwin wins custody of Adam and he moves out into Mike's flat on Weatherfield Quays.

December 2002: Tracy Preston returns from London having left her husband Robert. Lives at Number 1, then moves in with Dev Alahan. Moves back home after end of that relationship. Moves into Number 7 with grandmother Blanche Hunt in 2004. Blanche, Tracy and Tracy's baby Amy move back into number 1 later in 2004.

2006: Tracy, now Barlow, moves out with Amy and in with builder Charlie Stubbs.

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