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Centuries: 18th century - 19th century - 20th century
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DC Comics

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19th Century includes material that took place in the DC Universe between the years 1800-1899.




Event Source Date
January 1st: Lord Shilling disguises himself as Tomahawk's friend, Stovepipe, and tries to trick Tomahawk into surrendering a mystic piece of amber that he acquired from Jason Blood. Tomahawk and Shilling fight in a bat cave in Gotham Town and Shilling's arm fuses itself to the amber. The detached arm later becomes known as the Claw of Aelkhünd. Swamp Thing v.2 #86 5.89
Tom Hawk and his Indian wife Moon Fawn give birth to a son named Hawk. Hawk will one day become the pacifist frontiersman known as Hawk, Son of Tomahawk. Note: Exact date of birth is unclear. Hawk was born either in late 1800 or early 1801. Swamp Thing v.2 #86 5.89


Event Source Date
The aging Tomahawk retires from adventuring at around this time. Who's Who #24 2.87



Event Source Date
Silas Kent marries Abigail Colier. Note: Source indicates that Silas and Abigail are married twenty years before he leaves Boston for Kansas. The Kents #1 8.97


Event Source Date
Silas and Abigail Kent give birth to their third son, Joel William. Note: Source indicates that Joel William is 12-yrs-old in 1854. The Kents #1 8.97


Event Source Date
Silas and Abigail Kent give birth to their fourth son, Owen. Note: Source indicates that Owen is 10-yrs-old in 1854. The Kents #1 8.97


Event Source Date
Jeremiah Newman is born. In 1870 he will be murdered by Cyrus Gold. Solomon Grundy #3 7.09


Event Source Date
Aleister Huston loses his family fortune and his wife Alicia and he are forced to abandon their home and settle in Sheffield. Alicia begins working in a textile mill. Her husband dies shortly after the birth of their second child. A fire burns down the row home where Alicia is staying. Alicia tries to rescue her children, but she catches fire and falls into the river. She emerges as the new plant elemental known as Lady Jane and becomes a member of the Parliament of Trees. Swamp Thing v.2 #120 6.92


Event Source Date
April 3rd: Silas, Nate and Jeb Kent help Harriet Tubman move freed slaves north into Canada. The Kents #1 8.97
April 24th: Silas Kent is invited to join the Emigrant Aid Society at the behest of Daniel Anthony. He sells his print-shop to neighbor David Bowes and prepares to leave for Kansas with his sons Nate and Jeb. The Kents #1 8.97
July 17th: The Kents take a steamer from Boston towards Missouri. The Kents #1 8.97
July 28th: The Kents arrive in Kansas City, Missouri where they encounter pro-slavery activist Luther Reid for the first time. The Kents #1 8.97
August 4th: The Kents befriend Charles L. Robinson, an abolitionist who helps them along their journey down the Santa Fe trail. The Kents #1 8.97
August 10th: The Kents reach the territory of Lawrence, Kansas and begin building a new home for themselves. The Kents #1 8.97
November 29th: The people of Lawrence, Kanas elect their territorial representative to congress. Missourian Luther Reid brings a bunch of brigands over from Missouri to stuff the ballots in favor of a pro-slavery representative. The Kents #1 8.97


Event Source Date
March 1st: Silas Kent meets political activist John Henry Lane. The Kents #1 8.97
November 11th: Silas Kent is shot in the back and killed after returning to his print shop from an evening at the territorial legislature. His sons, Nate and Jeb, believe that their rival Luther Reid is responsible for their father's death. The Kents #1 8.97
December 12th: Luther Reid and his pro-slavery Missourians prepare to lay siege to Lawrence, Kansas. The Kent brothers are ready to defend themselves should the need arise. The Kents #2 9.97


Event Source Date
March 7th: Abigail Kent passes away. Her son Nate travels to Boston to collect her remains so that she can be laid to rest next to her husband, Silas. The Kents #2 9.97
April 3rd: Nathaniel Kent meets Wild Bill Hickok. Wild Bill helps Nate to sneak past a group of Missouri border ruffians. The Kents #2 9.97
April 10th: Nathaniel Kent is asked to join the Free State legislature in Topeka. The Kents #2 9.97
April: Nathaniel Kent makes a case to President Franklin Pierce to admit Kansas into the union as a Free State. Pierce buckles under political pressure and refuses to support Kent's initiative. Kent takes his case to senator Charles Sumner. The Kents #2 9.97


Event Source Date
October: Caleb Driscoll leads a group of 400 settlers across the Pacific Northwest into Canada. The traveling is difficult and the settlers are encumbered by poor weather. Teen Titans v.2 Annual #1 9.97


Event Source Date
January: The settlers from the Driscoll expedition are snowed in and forced to set up a camp in Northern Canada. Completely isolated from civilization, they slowly begin to starve. Teen Titans v.2 Annual #1 9.97
April: The starving members of the Driscoll expedition turn to cannibalism. Their first victim is Caleb Driscoll. One of them is a witch named Polly who casts a spell that grants the survivors prolonged longevity so long as they continue to eat human flesh. Teen Titans v.2 Annual #1 9.97
April: The Driscoll settlement is incorporated and becomes known as Lost Junction. The cannibal settlers live in secret for more than a hundred years. Teen Titans v.2 Annual #1 9.97


Event Source Date
Possible birth date of Morris Burgess Brocklesby (later known as Roderick Burgess). One source cites his birth date as 1873. Sandman v.2 #1 1.89
May 2nd: Confederate cavalry soldier Jonah Hex mistakes General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson for an enemy soldier and shoots him. Jackson dies from his injuries eight days later. Jonah Hex v.1 #37; supplemented by historical record. 6.80


Event Source Date
Young Cyrus Gold witnesses the murder of his unscrupulous father at the hands of a rival mobster. His body is tossed into Gotham Harbor. Solomon Grundy #1 5.09


Event Source Date
Black Bison and his cult fight against the forces of Santa Ana, and pushes his army back into the Rio Grande. Swamp Thing v.2 #85 4.89


Event Source Date
Cyrus Gold murders Jeremiah Newman in order to get close to Newman's widow, Pearl. Solomon Grundy #3 7.09


Event Source Date
October 8: The Great Chicago Fire: Atom arrives in 1871 (via the Time Pool) in Chicago following resident Henry Norton, who had built a time machine to travel to the future (Atom's present) in order to steal newspapers to make himself rich (by betting on horseraces). Instead he learns he is destined to die in a fire that very day. He inadvertantly helps start the fire and perishes. Atom returns all stolen materials to the present. Detective Comics #432 10.08


Event Source Date
November (early): Jason Blood and Otto von Hammer hire German mercenaries to raid the home of Lazarus Lane in the hopes of seeing the power of the Claw of Aelkhünd. Swamp Thing v.2 #85 4.89
November 7th: Wise Owl uses a piece of amber containing the essence of the time-lost Swamp Thing to repel the forces of Jason Blood's mercenaries. He also uses it to trap Black Bison inside of a tree. He captures Johnny Thunder and tries to manipulate him into killing his nephew who is in possession of the Claw of Aelkhünd, the only thing that can free the Swamp Thing. Super-Chief, Madame .44, Bat Lash and Firehair join forces and use the Claw to defeat Wise Owl and free the Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing v.2 #85 4.89
Hawk sells the Claw of Aelkhünd to Otto von Hammer, where it will eventually be passed down to his son, Hans von Hammer. Swamp Thing v.2 #85 4.89
Hawk, Son of Tomahawk begins writing his memoirs. The book includes a photograph of his frontier friends including Swamp Thing. Swamp Thing v.2 #85 4.89


Event Source Date
Jeff Smith, Time Master, travels from 1990 to 1874 Oaxaca, Mexico to investigate the Illuminati. Jeff attempts to kill Illuminati member Porfiro Diaz but fails and is himself shot by Jonah Hex before escaping back to 1990. Time Masters #3 9.16


Event Source Date
Cyrus Gold murders a man named Dugan in Dugan's Alley on the South Side of Gotham City. Solomon Grundy #2 6.09


Event Source Date
Cyrus Gold murders his mother and dumps her into Slaughter Swamp. The souls of the dead rise from the swamp and haunt Gold. Solomon Grundy #3 7.09


Event Source Date
Sheriff Nathaniel Kent of Smallville Kansas appoints Henry Lee Jordan as his deputy. Legends of the DC Universe #20 9.99
Henry Lee Jordan leaves Kansas to become a federal Marshal. He travels to Arizona where he befriends the Green Lantern Abin Sur. Abin Sur and Henry Lee Jordan join forces to stop the alien threat of Devlos Ungol. Legends of the DC Universe #20-Legends of the DC Universe #21 9.99-10.99


Event Source Date
Jack the Ripper murders several women in the Whitechapel area of London. It is believe that the Ripper is possessed by a demon named Calibraxis. After the murder of Mary Kelly, The Ripper encounters the Phantom Stranger and falls into an open sewer to be covered in rats. Historical Record; Hellblazer #53; Madame Xanadu #8 5.92; 4.09


Event Source Date
Emery Zackro is born. He will one day develop Earth's first interstellar rocket. Note: Date of birth indicated on his tombstone. Secret Society of Super-Villains #2 8.76


Event Source Date
Ethel Cripps is born. She will one day become the mistress of Roderick Burgess and the mother of super-villain Doctor Destiny. Sandman v.2 #3 3.89
Gotham City Police Headquarters is constructed at the Five Points area on Gotham's lower East Side. Batman #321 3.80

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This article uses material from the "19th Century" article on the DC Comics wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

ST Expanded

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The 19th century, is defined in the calendar of Earth as being from 1800 until 1899.

The notation BCE ("Before Common Era") and CE ("Common Era") are alternative neutral notations for BC ("Before Christ") and AD ("anno Domini"), respectively.


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  • 1810s
  • 1820s
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Major Events

Dukat stated that the Cardassian system of government had been in place for more than 500 years.
  • The Suliban homeworld in Sector 3641 becomes uninhabitable, forcing the species to become nomadic. Many settle in the Tandar sector. (ENT: "Broken Bow", "Detained")
1860 CE
Abraham Lincoln wins the presidental election.
1860s CE
A group of Humans are abducted from Western North America by the Skagarans, an alien species, which wants to enslave its captives. The Humans are brought to a M-class planet inside the Delphic Expanse where they soon overwhelm their oppressors and start to rebuild their society by founding a Western-like colony. (ENT: "North Star")
The date of the Humans' abduction is given indirectly as "40 years before the first flight of the Wright brothers," placing it around 1863.
October 26, 1881 CE
The infamous gunfight at the OK Corral is fought in Tombstone, Arizona on Earth. The event would forever define the violence and lawlessness which has become associated with the Ancient West. (TOS: "Spectre of the Gun")
1888-1891 CE
The Redjac entity, incarnated as "Jack the Ripper" kills 17 women in London on Earth. (TOS: "Wolf in the Fold")
early 1890s CE
Guinan takes up residence on Earth. (TNG: "Time's Arrow, Part II")
August 13, 1893 CE
A group of shapeshifters from Devidia II arrive on Earth, using a cholera epidemic as cover to kill Humans in order to steal their neural energy. Crew members from the USS Enterprise-D follow the Devidians back in time from the 24th century to stop them. (TNG: "Time's Arrow, Part II")
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