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Sesame Street
Plot Mr. Hooper asks Big Bird to open Hooper's Store for him.
Air date February 10, 1971
Season Season 2 (1970-1971)
Sponsors L, O, 3
Syndication Sesame Street Unpaved

This episode guide is missing segments cut from Noggin's broadcast.
Picture Segment Description
Miguel shows the audience that the brownstone building is called 123 Sesame Street. He counts out 1, 2, 3.
Jazz #3
(First: Episode 0003)
Ernie tries to count his balloons. The balloons are arranged in a circle, so he continues counting around the circle, and counts some of them twice. Grover has a solution -- he pops each of the balloons as he counts them.
(EKA: Episode 0168)
Rocket countdown: The rocket falls over.
Carol Burnett: "Well, back to the ol' drawing board!"
(First: Episode 0057)
Mr. Hooper has to run an important errand, and he asks Big Bird to open Hooper's Store for him. Big Bird is nervous, but agrees to do it.
O limerick
Big Bird unlocks the store, but doesn't know how to turn the light on. He hears a scary noise in the dark, and panics. Mr. Hooper finds Big Bird alone in the dark, and turns the light on to reveal that the scary noise was just a telephone off its hook. Mr. Hooper reassures Big Bird -- but then Bob enters the store through the back door, startling them both.
A song about a rolling O
Animation by John and Faith Hubley
(First: Episode 0011)
O is for Open
(First: Episode 0014)
An O rolls over and over a horse. The horse eats the O.
Bob sings "The OP Family Song".
Basketball players demonstrate over, around and through.
Herbert Birdsfoot demonstrates "over" and "under" by having Grover lie over a mattress. Then Grover lies under the mattress, and Herbert drives the point home by adding more objects over Grover.
Kids hear an L poem.
Miguel shows a kid how to set a table, until Oscar intervenes.
"Where the Garbage Goes," a song film which explains what happens to garbage after it gets thrown away.
Music by Peter Schickele.
Mahna Mahna and two Anything Muppet girls sing "Mahna Mahna".
(First: Episode 0014)
Rocket countdown: The rocket blows up in a shower of soot.
Jazz #3 (repeat)
Bill Cosby tells his young friends a story that involves "over" and "under". He mixes the words up, and the kids correct him.
A black circle appears on a blue screen, and grows until it covers the whole screen.
A baby rescues a ball from on top of a column.
Artist: John and Faith Hubley
O limerick (repeat)

Gordon asks Ernie to put three balls and a balloon into four small boxes. When Ernie learns the trick, he tries to play the game with Cookie Monster.
(First: Episode 0008)
Rocket countdown: The announcer blasts off.
Bob finds a string hanging in midair. He pulls the string, and a shutter clangs down over the TV screen.
Little Bird plays an imagination game, closing his eyes and imagining he hears sounds. At the end of the game, he imagines that he hears a scary monster -- and when he opens his eyes, Herry Monster is there, growling at him.
Larry and Phyllis try to get Larry's galoshes on.
(EKA: Episode 0167)
Gordon tells the kids about how kids play marbles in Africa.
African kids play at various activities, including a game with stones.
Ernie and Bert: Ernie reads Bert a dramatic story that he's just written. The "story" is actually the alphabet, which Ernie reads in an overwrought manner.
(First: Episode 0009)
Checkerboard transition cartoon
L is for Lunchbox
(First: Episode 0031)
L is for Lips
Gordon and the kids say good-bye. Bob say good-bye too. Big Bird announces the sponsors. Then there is a blue background and a shutter closes.

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Team Template Team Template
The 198

Official Name
The 198

Team Identity


Former Members

A group of mutants retaining their powers after the results of M-Day.

First appearance

X-Men: The 198 #1
(March, 2006)




With few mutants left after M-Day, Cyclops opened the Xavier Institute to any mutant who needed refuge in the most difficult times for their kind. Sentinel Squad O*N*E was formally activated by the President. The squad was launched to the Xavier Institute to monitor the remaining mutants. They got into a brief quarrel with the X-Men but stopped after Emma Frost revealed the units were piloted. The two groups then joined forces when the mutant hating fanatical group known as the Sapien League attacked the Mansion. The squad remained stationed outside of the Xavier Institute for Higher Learning to monitor the status of the mutants living there.

The first few to arrive were Mammomax, Erg, Peepers, and Outlaw. Shortly, the group grew to include Toad, Lorelei Travis, Johnny Dee, Sack, Fever Pitch, Jazz, Karma, Skids, Arclight, Caliban and Leech, Collective Man, Diamond Lil, Beautiful Dreamer, and Empath, among many others.

They were forced to live in tents as most of the mansion was destroyed in the battles between the Sentinels and the Sapien League. Many, if not all residents, did not like the Sentinels guarding over them and the lack of direction. They soon decided to name themselves the '198', and raise a flag with that number on it, in reference to the supposed total amount of remaining mutants on the planet according to Cerebra.

Mr. M

When powerful mutant Mr. M arrived to the Institute, he took out a Sentinel because it had come close to stepping on a rare caterpillar. Mr. M displayed his amazing powers by regrowing out Lorelei's hair. The X-Men and the O*N*E* Squad were both uncomfortable with him but they didn't know how to approach the matter. When Erg attempted to leave the grounds, a battle ensued, only to be stopped by Mr. M.

Some feared that they would have to stay there a long time when Valerie Cooper revealed plans to build more permanent facilities. When some demanded to leave, Cooper didn't allow it, but instead allowed them to go around a nearby town, on the condition that they would wear elctronical tags. When Mammomax was made fun of by a human he tried to attack, but his tag shocked him. Meanwhile Jazz was trying to buy some drugs when Johnny Dee strangled his small Jazz doll, choking the real Jazz to death.

When the 198 learned of Jazz's death, they started a riot. The situation quickly grew out of control and Mr. M and Lorelei decided to leave and invite all 198 members to join them. As they left, the Sentinels could only watch. When the Sentinels and the X-Men followed them to a nearby island, Mr. M proved himself more than a threat to both of them. When Scalphunter threatened Beast, Lorelei tried to stop him, only for him to hit her. Then Mr. M lost it.

Meanwhile, General Lazer agreed to allow Johnny Dee to deal with the threat. Johnny Dee used his Leech doll to cancel Mr. M's power. When Mr. M was down, Dee used his Magma doll to incinerate Mr. M.

Later when Lorelei and Leech watched over Mr. M's coffin, he seemed to evolve, giving the 198 hope.


Apocalypse soon came and offered the 198 salvation and they were curious. When Famine attacked, making all of the hungry, Apocalypse claimed his elixir would heal them. Apocalypse took down the Sentinels as they drank his elixir. But when the elixir was destroyed during the battle, Apocalypse left. The 198 continued to live at the institute for a while more witnessing the attacks of William Stryker and the Children of the Vault.

Civil War

Soon another riot broke out, this time led by Caliban and Erg. It was discovered to be distraction for Domino and Shatterstar to free the 198. Roughly half escaped with Domino on an aircraft and went to an abondaned SHIELD base. Bishop was put in charge of finding the 198 and the X-Men realized that if the 198 were found, there could be fatalities.

The X-Men discovered where the base was, but Domino wouldn't let them in. Meanwhile, General Lazer gave Johnny Dee a sample of Cyclops' DNA, and with it they discovered where the X-Men and the 198 were located. Genreal Lazer forced Johnny Dee to make Cyclops attack Bishop to prove that mutants were dangerous. When the 198 tried to help, he forced some 198 members to attack. Johnny Dee reached his limit, however, as he could only control one doll at a time.

When Val Cooper learned of Lazer's plan, she arrested him. However, she was to late, and he set off some weapons that would go off soon in the SHIELD base. When she interrogated him, he realized too late that Johnny did make a doll of him, and Johnny killed him. With the help of Iron Man and Ms. Marvel, the X-Men managed to get in and rescue the 198 and the weapons exploded. Leech stopped Cyclops' power from going ballistic, Johnny Dee was arrested, and the 198 were given total amnesty, to come and go wherever they chose.


Many deaths of the group followed their release. Mammomax was captured by Kimura and killed by a Predator X. Peepers was soon killed by Predator X, and later, Caliban was shot and killed by a member of the Reavers. Beautiful Dreamer and Fever Pitch were both killed[1].

Arclight and Scalphunter soon rejoined the Marauders while Erg, Skids, Caliban, and Leech all returned to the Morlock tunnels[2]. Empath joinded the Hellfire Cult, while Oulaw rejoined Agent X. Magma and Karma went back back to the X-Men while Lorelei, Toad, and others were apprehended by the Dark X-Men. Johnny Dee remains locked up.


Equipment: None known.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: None known.


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  1. X-Force series
  2. Uncanny X-Men

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