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The 1907 Eastern Canada Amateur Hockey Association (ECAHA) season lasted from January 3 until March 10. Teams played a ten game schedule. The Montreal Wanderers won the league championship going undefeated, with their only loss of the season coming in a Stanley Cup challenge series with Kenora.


League business



  • Fred McRobie (President)
  • Thomas D'Arcy McGee, Ottawa (1st Vice-President)
  • Gordon Blair, Quebec (2nd Vice-President)
  • Emmett Quinn, Shamrocks (Secretary-Treasurer)

Nationals and Grand Trunk applied for franchises but did not get three-fourths approval.

Rule changes

  • Teams could have professionals as well as amateurs
  • After a puck strikes a goalie, the rebound could now be played by the defending team without it being called offside
  • A player injured in the first half can sit for ten minutes and the other team has to take off a player.

Regular season

Frank McGee of Ottawa retired to pursue his government career. Prior to the season, Ottawa travelled to Winnipeg for a series of exhibition games against Manitoba league teams including the Kenora Thistles, who then came east to play a challenge in Montreal.


A major battle took place for the game between the Senators and Wanderers on January 12. Stick work was the order of the day as Charles Spittal of Ottawa knocked Cecil Blachford in the head, Alf Smith hit Hod Stuart in the head and Harry Smith broke Ernie Johnson's nose. The Wanderers would still win, 4–2.

After the game, a special league meeting was called to hand out discipline, with Victorias and Wanderers wanting Spittal and Alf Smith suspended for the season. The players were not suspended, leading the league president Mr. McRobie to resign, leaving Darcy McGee to take over as president.

On the next visit of the Ottawa team to Montreal, to play the Victorias, the three Ottawa players were arrested by Montreal police. Eventually Alf Smith and Spittal were fined $20 for their actions and Harry Smith was found not guilty.

The scoring championship was close, with Ernie Russell of the Wanderers placing first with 42 goals in 9 games, and Russell Bowie scoring 38 in 10 games.

Final standings

Team Games Played Wins Losses Ties Goals For Goals Against
Montreal Wanderers
Ottawa Hockey Club
Montreal Victorias
Montreal Hockey Club
Quebec Hockey Club
Montreal Shamrocks


Month Day Visitor Score Home Score
Jan. 2 Wanderers 6 Victorias 5 (10' overtime)
5 Montreal 5 Shamrocks 3
5 Quebec 1 Ottawa 6
9 Wanderers 6 Montreal 3
12 Ottawa 2 Wanderers 4
12 Victorias 10 Quebec 1
16 Victorias 16 Shamrocks 3
19 Shamrocks 2 Ottawa 6
19 Quebec 8 Montreal 15
23 Victorias 12 Montreal 6
26 Ottawa 12 Victorias 10
26 Wanderers 11 Quebec 3
30 Shamrocks 5 Montreal 3
Feb. 2 Montreal 2 Ottawa 5
2 Quebec 8 Shamrocks 11
6 Wanderers 5 Victorias 2
9 Ottawa 5 Quebec 4 (2' overtime)
9 Montreal 3 Wanderers 16
13 Shamrocks 7 Victorias 19
16 Victorias 7 Ottawa 16
16 Quebec 5 Wanderers 13
19 Shamrocks 5 Wanderers 18
23 Ottawa 12 Shamrocks 6
23 Montreal 5 Quebec 9
27 Montreal 8 Victorias 13
Mar. 2 Wanderers 10 Ottawa 6
2 Quebec 6 Victorias 7
6 Shamrocks 5 Wanderers 16
9 Ottawa 6 Montreal 8
9 Shamrocks 5 Quebec 17

Goalkeeper averages

Name Club GP GA SO Avg.
Riley Hern Wanderers 10 39 3.9
Percy LeSueur Ottawa 10 54 5.4
Nathan Frye Victorias 10 70 7.0
Charles Doddridge Quebec 4 30 7.5
White Montreal 10 83 8.3
Paddy Moran Quebec 6 58 9.7
Currie Shamrocks 10 120 12.0

Leading scorers

Name Club GP G
Russell, Ernie Wanderers 9 42
Bowie, Russell Victorias 10 38
Russell, Blair Victorias 10 25
Smith, Harry Ottawa 9 21
Sargent, Grover Montreal 10 20
Hale, Chandler Victorias 7 18
Smith, Alf Ottawa 9 17
Shore, Hamby Ottawa 10 17
Johnson, Ernie Montreal 10 15
Constantine Quebec 7 15

Stanley Cup Challenges

The 1907 season had two Stanley Cup champions, Montreal Wanderers and Kenora Thistles.

Wanderers vs. New Glasgow

The Wanderers played one Stanley Cup challenge before the season, defeating the New Glasgow Cubs in a two-game series 10–3, 7–2, December 27–29, 1906. This was the first series in which professional players played for the Stanley Cup, as the Wanderers and other teams in the ECAHA were starting to mix amateurs with pros in their squads.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
December 27, 1906 Montreal Wanderers 10–3 New Glasgow Cubs Montreal Arena
December 29], 1906 Montreal Wanderers 7–2 New Glasgow Cubs
Montreal wins total goals series 17 goals to 5

Wanderers vs. Kenora at Montreal

The Wanderers played one Stanley Cup challenge during the season, losing to the Kenora Thistles 2–4, 6–8 on January 17–21. Aided by future Hockey Hall of Famers Tom Hooper, Tommy Phillips, and Art Ross, the Thistles came away with 4–2 and 8–6 victories for a combined score of 12–8 to win a two-game total goals series. A "ringer", Ross was a member of the Brandon Wheat Kings and was borrowed by Kenora for just the challenge games.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
January 17, 1907 Kenora Thistles 4–2 Montreal Wanderers Montreal Arena
January 21, 1907 Kenora Thistles 8–6 Montreal Wanderers
Kenora wins total goals series 12 goals to 8

Kenora vs. Brandon

Kenora would play and win the Manitoba Professional Hockey League(MPHL) playoffs against Brandon to successfully defend the Cup, winning a best-of-three series 2–0. Kenora added for this series Alf Smith and Rat Westwick of Ottawa, whose season with the ECAHA was already over. At the time of this series, the acting Stanley Cup trustee William Foran had already declared Smith and Westwick ineligible for the challenge series. After the series was over, the Manitoba League registered their disapproval over Mr. Foran's decision to exclude the players.

Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
March 16, 1907 Kenora Thistles 8–6 Brandon Wheat City Winnipeg Arena
March 18, 1907 Kenora Thistles 4–1 Brandon Wheat City
Kenora wins series 2–0

Wanderers vs. Kenora at Winnipeg

Kenora went ahead and added Alf Smith and Rat Westwick of Ottawa for the challenge, against the wishes of Mr. Foran. The series was supposed to start on March 21 in Kenora, but Montreal protested the use of Smith and Westwick and wanted to play in Winnipeg. Foran ruled that both players were ineligible. The clubs went ahead and started the series on March 23 in Winnipeg. Mr. Foran was notified by the press (inaccurately) that Montreal had dropped its protest and that the clubs intended to play anyway. Mr. Foran threatened to take the Cup back to Ottawa:

If the two clubs ignore the instructions of the cup trustees by mutually agreeing to play against Westwick and Smith when both were positively informed these men were ineligible to participate in the present cup matches, the series will be treated as void, and the cup will be taken charge of by the trustees. It will remain in their possession till the various hockey leagues can educate themselves up to a standard where decent sport will be the order of the day.”/blockquote> The teams went ahead and played the series. However, Mr. Foran changed his mind after the Wanderers won the Cup, stating that the Wanderers could keep the Cup, because they had not rescinded their protest.
Date Winning Team Score Losing Team Location
March 23, 1907 Montreal Wanderers 7–2 Kenora Thistles Winnipeg Arena
March 25, 1907 Kenora Thistles 6–5 Montreal Wanderers
Montreal wins total goals series 12 goals to 8

Kenora Thistles January 1907 Stanley Cup champions


  • Tom Hooper(also played Rover)
  • Art Ross(Point)††
  • Silas Griffis(Coverpoint)
  • Joe Hall(Coverpoint did not play)††
  • Eddie Giroux

  • Fred Hudson (Manager), James Link (Coach/Trainer)
  • J.F McGillvary (Secretary/Treasurer), Lowrey Johnson (President)&

  • † Not part of team when Kenora won the Stanley Cup in January 1907. However, Harry Westwick, Fred Whitcroft, and Alf Smith joined the team in March 1907 to play against the Brandon Wheat Kings in 2 playoff games.
  • †† Left the team after winning the Stanley Cup, Art Ross, Russell Phillips, and Joe Hall were not part of the team, when Kenora defeated Brandon in 2 game playoff for Manitoba League Title.
  • &-Missing from the team picture.

Stanley Cup engraving

Kenora engraved their name inside the bowl of the Stanley Cup. .

Montreal Wanderers March 1907 Stanley Cup champions

File:Pud Glass Stanley Cup Closeup.jpg
Close-up of bowl portion of Stanley Cup featuring Wanderers' names



  • James Strachan (President), Clarence McKerrow (Hon. President)
  • Dickie Boon (Manager), George Guile (Secretary/Treasurer)
  • Tom Hodges (Hon. Secretary), William Jennings (Vice President)
    • Robert Stephanson (Hon. Treasurer), Bob Ahern (Hon. Vice President)
  • Bert Strachan (Director), Paul Lefbvre (Trainer)†
  • Mr. Chipcase (unknown)††

Stanley Cup engraving

Wanderers engraved 20 members' names inside the bowl of the Stanley Cup. This is first time that winning members were engraved on the Stanley Cup officially.

  • †Paul Lefebvre (Trainer) was included on the team picture, but missing from the cup. After the season, the Stanley Cup was stolen from Montreal photographer Jimmy Rice's home after a team picture. When no one would pay a ransom for it, the Cup was left on Rice's doorstep, and his wife used it as a window-sill geranium planter until the fall.
  • †† Who was MR. Chipcase? He may have been William "Bill" Chipcase who won the Stanley Cup in 1910 with the Wanderers. He may be been his older brother Charlie Chipcase, or someone else.

MR Chipcase is only unknown name ever to be engraved on the Stanley Cup.

Two names, that of S. Van Sickle and H. L. Linall were ratched onto the Cup that season. .

Preceded by
Montreal Wanderers
March 1906
Kenora Thistles
Stanley Cup Champions

January 1907
Succeeded by
Montreal Wanderers
March 1907
Preceded by
Kenora Thistles
January 1907
Montreal Wanderers
Stanley Cup Champions

March 1907
Succeeded by
Montreal Wanderers
Preceded by
1906 ECAHA season
ECAHA seasons
Succeeded by
1907–08 ECAHA season

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