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This page covers events in the Doctor Who universe occuring after the development of modern humans, about 100,000 BC, to the end of the 1300s. Earlier events can be found on the page Distant past; later events can be found on the individual pages for the 15th century and subsequent eras.




3rd Millennium B.C.

2nd Millennium B.C.

9th century B.C.

  • Circa 800 B.C.: Azal seals himself up within the Devil's Hump, awaiting the day when he shall make his final judgment on humanity. (DW: The Dæmons)
  • Date unknown: three members of the Gorgon race are trapped on Earth and subsequently become the subject of ancient Greek legends, particularly Medusa, who would continue to live on earth for the next 3,000 years. (SJA: Eye of the Gorgon)

6th century B.C.

5th century B.C.

4th century B.C.

3rd century B.C.

1st century B.C.

1st century A.D.

  • Exact dates debated:
    • Lifetime of Earth religious leader Jesus of Nazareth, who is born at the begining of this century in a stable as the Doctor was staying in the last room at the inn. (DW: Voyage of the Damned) In the centuries after his execution by the Romans, it becomes standard practice among many Earth cultures to base their calendar upon the approximate year of his birth, with events before his birth said to occur in the BC or "Before Christ" era and those after taking place in the AD or anno domini era; in more recent years the use of BCE (Before Common Era) and CE (Common Era) have come to be used as a non-religious alternative, although their use has yet to become widespread.
    • Roman soldiers are taken from this time to fight the War Lords' war games. (DW: The War Games)
    • The Doctor claims to have been present at "the original" Easter, but it's unclear whether he literally meant the resurrection of Jesus following his crucifixion (the event which Easter commemorates), or the later establishment of the Easter celebration. (DW: Planet of the Dead)
  • Probably circa A.D. 1: A splinter of Scaroth of the Jagaroth lives among the Romans, and helps speed up the development of human culture. (DW: City of Death)
  • A.D. 27: John Hart and Jack Harkness arrive from 21st century Cardiff via the Cardiff rift. There, Jack is reunited with his long-lost brother Gray. On Gray's orders, John buries Jack alive. Jack will spend the next 1,874 years undergoing a cycle of death and resurrection until he is finally unburied in 1901. (TW: Exit Wounds)
  • A.D. 30: Poppaea is born.
  • A.D. 37: Nero is born.
  • A.D. 62: Pompeii is hit by an earthquake. This event wakes up a group of Pyroviles that have been sleeping underground for millions of years.
  • A.D. 64: The Doctor, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright and Vicki visit Byzantium and Rome, ultimately spending several weeks there. During this time, both Ian and Barbara are sold into slavery, and the Doctor and Vicki join the court of Nero, during which time the Doctor inadvertently inspires Nero to set the fire that destroys Rome. (ST: Romans Cutaway, PDA: Byzantium!, DW: The Romans)
  • A.D. 65: Poppaea dies.
  • A.D. 68: Nero commits suicide, assisted by his slave.
  • A.D. 73: The Doctor, Susan, Barbara, and Ian are present at the siege and fall of Masada. (ST: The Last Days)
  • A.D. 75: First settlement of the Cardiff area occurs with the construction of a Roman fort on the site. (historical accounts; TW: Exit Wounds)
  • A.D. 79: On 23rd August, the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble arive in Pompeii. The following day, the Doctor causes Mount Vesuvius to erupt in order to kill all the Pyroviles. The entire population is wiped out bar one family. (DW: The Fires of Pompeii) The Seventh Doctor and Mel are also present at Pompeii. (BFA: The Fires of Vulcan)

2nd century A.D.

3rd century A.D.

4th century A.D.

5th century A.D.

7th century A.D.

  • Time unknown, but sometime during the Islamic Caliphates: Ordered on pain of death to entertain the Caliph with a story, a young woman tells him the tale of an old man and his granddaughter living on another world, and the granddaughter's forbidden predictions of how her grandfather will develop a machine that can take them on journeys through time and space. (ST: The Longest Story in the World)

8th century A.D.

9th century A.D.

10th century A.D.

11th century A.D.

  • Unknown: The Pact of Chib is signed, stopped the creation of Gelem warrior. (NSA: Ghosts of India)
  • 1002: The Doctor, Susan, Ian and Barbara arrive in Greenland and meet Eric the Red, convincing him to take them to America to obtain the plutonic ore the Doctor needs to refuel the TARDIS's batteries. (DWM 184: "Who Discovered America?")
  • 1015: King Hardrada is born. (Known history)
  • 1022: Harold II of England is born. (Known history)
  • 1028: William the Conqueror is born. (Known history)
  • 1066:
  • 1087: William the Conqueror dies. (Known history)

12th century A.D.

13th century A.D.

14th century A.D.

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References and notes

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  2. TOS novel: The Entropy Effect

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