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10mm is an ammunition type in Fallout, Fallout 2 and Fallout 3. 10mm ammo is exceedingly common as the game progresses, and ranks as the most common Small Guns ammunition in all three games. In Fallout Tactics and the canceled Van Buren it was replaced by 9mm ammo.

Before the War, 10mm was the standard ammo for the Bureau of Alcohol, Drugs, Tobacco, Firearms and Lasers, while the military was more reliant on experimental energy weapons[1].


Fallout/Fallout 2

In Fallout and Fallout 2 there are two types of 10mm ammunition, 10mm AP and 10mm JHP.

Weapons using this ammunition

Fallout 3

10mm Round
used in: See below
weight: 0
value: 1
base id: 00004241

Weapons using this ammunition

In Fallout 3 there is simply one type of 10mm Round.


In Fallout 3, as the player exits Vault 101 with an 10mm pistol, 10mm bullets are likely to be in high demand from early on. The highly effective 10mm SMG and its unique variant Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG, will keep 10mm useful although the guns themselves are not as common as assault rifles, miniguns, and hunting rifles. With the Point Lookout (add-on) you will be introduced to the Lever-Action Rifle and its unique variant, the Backwater Rifle which will make the 10mm bullets deadly and accurate.


  • I picked 10mm since it wasn't popular, had been tested by the FBI at one point (and found lacking), but it was basically a gun nut (which I am one) kind of round. .45 might have made more sense, but I was looking for something with a little twist. - Chris Taylor


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