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102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret
Production information


Technical specifications
Magazine Size

3 rounds

Maximum Ammunition


Ammunition Type

102mm HEAT

Rate of Fire

1.2 Rockets/Second






Fuel Rod




The 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret is a mounted armament on a Warthog, seen on Halo PC and Halo Mac.



The 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret is basically a triple-barreled Rocket Launcher, commonly mounted on the M12A1 Warthog. It gives UNSC personnel a higher degree of anti-armor capacity. This weapon was available to Halo PC and Halo Mac users, only in multiplayer, and was not available on the Xbox version of Halo: Combat Evolved.

It fires rockets similar to those of the M19 SSM Rocket Launcher, although it can fire only three rockets before each reload cycle, has no scope, and cannot be carried.

Each reload cycle of the 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret consumes four seconds, which is vital in combat situations. Presumably, it has an automatic reload system as the gunner does not have to do anything during the reload cycle. Partial reloads, when only one or two rockets have been fired, are also available, but will still use up the entire reload cycle - there is no time difference between reloading an empty launcher or a launcher with one rocket left.

Its role as the primary anti-armor weapon mounted on UNSC LAAVs is usurped by the more flexible and faster firing Gauss Cannon in Halo 2, which uses similar technology to the Magnetic Accelerator Cannons and eliminates the need for a long reload cycle.


The 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret is painted black, with some sort of motion tracking systems facing the gunner. The 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret also resembles the M41 LAAG to some extent, but it is mounted with a triple-barreled rocket launcher, which seems loaded with a similar system to the M19 SSM. It can be fired faster depending on how fast you click. However, the faster you shoot, the less accurate the rockets are.


While the 102mm SC-HE Rocket Turret does great damage (an instant kill for a direct hit against anything), it is quite arduous to hit something when in motion. Constantly, the shots will go wide, thus making this worse than the LAAG. However, it is quite an effective killing machine if used on the defensive or remaining still. Then, the gunner can fire at masses of troops and/or heavy vehicles/air support, such as the Scorpion tank, or the Banshee. If attempting to hold enemy forces off for a time (ex. when covering someone else who is getting the flag), then it can simply create a barrage of missiles, coercing any counter forces to take cover. As with the LAAG, however, it is extremely susceptible to sniper fire; if the gunner sees a white streak, then he or she should immediately get out and try to spot the source of danger. Otherwise, the sniper will simply have a free kill, and your opponents will steal your ally's getaway.

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