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A HEAT Missile from The Art of Halo 3.
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The 102mm High-Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) shaped charge can be fired from M19 SSM Rocket Launcher[1] and M41 Rocket Launcher[2]. As the name reveals, they are primarily designed to penetrate Tank and other vehicle armor, such as warthogs.. The 102mm HEAT charges are large, almost as large as the 105-120mm shells that the 21st century tanks used to fire. When fired from the M19 Rocket Launcher, the charge will lock on the target and follow it until it is destroyed or out of sight. Instead, when fired from the M41 SSR MAV/AW Rocket Launcher, it seems to travel slower and it will not arc nor lock on the target.



The HEAT 102mm charge will kill and destroy the following:

It has been observed that:

  • It can be sniped out of the air.
  • If timed correctly, a Gravity hammer, explosion, or even a sniper rifle or battle rifle can cause it to spin out of control, and eventually explode. This method can also cause the rocket to flip backward at the person who fired it it the explosion is placed correctly, possibly killing them (Halo 3 only).
  • In Halo 3 has approximately the same speed as Halo: Combat Evolved, while in Halo 2 is slightly faster.


  • HEAT missiles were first developed in World War II for anti-tank usage by the Allied forces. They were used in their M9 Bazookas against Axis Panzers (tanks).



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