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For the Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics ammunition round, see 7.62mm.
.308 Caliber Round
used in: Sniper Rifle
Reservist's Rifle
Victory Rifle
weight: 0
value: 3
base id: 0006B53C

The .308 Caliber Round is a Small Guns ammunition found in the game. It is only used with the Sniper Rifle and its unique variants.


Weapons using this ammunition



The .308 Caliber Round, essentially the civilian version of the well-known 7.62x51mm NATO round, is the third rarest small guns ammunition found in the game, next to .44 Round, Magnum, and the BBs; very few enemies carry Sniper Rifles, and many are located in hard to reach places or have only a small number of rounds to be looted. A notable sniper is Arkansas in Minefield. The Hunting Rifle largely provides the same effect while using the much more common .32 Caliber Round, making the Sniper Rifle and variants limited in effectiveness until the player gathers a stockpile of ammunition.

  • Bethesda Ruins. There is a sniper perched in a window of a dilapidated office building. While the Sniper Rifle itself is in poor condition, there are at least 50 .308 caliber rounds (with the Scrounger perk) to be looted from ammunition boxes by the window and from the dead Raider's corpse.
  • There is also a Sniper Rifle in a Hollowed-Out Rock south-east behind Megaton with 10 .308 Caliber Rounds, some stimpaks, and a note.
  • Another set of .308 boxes can be found in Minefield near Arkansas.
  • 10 .308 are in an Ammunition Box at the sniper perch near a Wasteland Tent.
  • Point Lookout, In the Administration Office, Turtledove Detention Camp, there are at least 50 .308 Caliber Rounds in the room to the left.
  • Point Lookout, to the west of Calvert Mansion in a old green house about 5 .308 caliber rounds in an average locked ammo box.
  • West of Rockbreakers Last Gas in the Sniper Shack there are about 10 .308 caliber rounds inside an average locked ammo box, and the Victory Rifle in a locker that requires 100 lockpicking skill.
  • On the upper balconies of Rivet City, there will be several ammo crates spread around with roughly five .308 cartridges per box.

Operation Anchorage offers unlimited ammo. When you restock your ammo drop it and restock again, then drop your ammo again and so on. If you do it for about 15 min. you will have 5000-7000. Then use the Operation Anchorage glitch to get it out of the simulator.



  • If The Pitt has been downloaded, the Ammo Press can be utilized to make this ammunition out of scrap metal as long as the Free Labor quest has been completed.
  • There is a glitch in the Operation: Anchorage add-on that can be exploited to acquire the ammunition in large amounts. Please refer to Operation: Anchorage bugs for details.
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