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Cover Art - James Arnott
Series: Doctor Who -
Big Finish Audio Dramas
Release Number: 35
Doctor: Sixth Doctor
Companions: Peri Brown
Enemy: Words
Setting: Articulated Worlds, (An Unnamed University)
Writer: Phil Pascoe
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Music and Post Production: Neil Clappison
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Release Date: August 2002
Format: 4 Episodes on 2 CDs
Prod. Code: 6Z/B
ISBN: ISBN 1-903654-73-4
Previous Story: Spare Parts
Following Story: The Rapture


Publisher's Summary

A conference of lexicographers: bromides in tweed. But the leading expert in the field is found dead by her own hand -- and by her hologlyphic assistant. Is he responsible? Does the death fit any conventional definitions? Can the Doctor realise who wrote the suicide note and why, exactly, it was riddled with spelling errors?

Peri should help out, but there's a guy. Someone who loves language even more than the Doctor. Maybe, she realises, enough to kill for. Or perhaps just enough to ask her out to dinner. Unless, of course, he's already spoken for...

Is it madness? Seeking transcendence in the complete lexicon? Having the right words on the tip of your tongue but never quite knowing when to use them?

If so, how?



  • Book is a Hologlyph.
  • The Omniverbum is the longest word in the universe known to exist.
  • The Doctor says he can speak the language Delphon, it's a silent word.


to be added


  • Peri refers to her course and step father last seen in Planet of Fire.


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